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Shower Sex 101: Best Shower Sex Positions That You'll Love

7 best shower sex positions to spice up your love life and make your partner happy. Read on to know all about it.

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Shower Sex 101: Best Shower Sex Positions That You'll Love

Just thinking about couple shower sex can bring a tingling sensation to the body. Shower sex is one hell of an adventure, an absolute delight, and a sensation that adds spice to your sexual life. According to a survey, more than 50% of Americans believe that shower sex can spice up their love life.

Shower sex is thrilling, but it involves a bunch of twists. You have to manage the slippery surface while maintaining posture & balance in the confined cubicle space.

To get dirty while enjoying hot shower sex with your partner, you might need to know some of the best shower sex positions to keep it safe yet tantalizing and steamy.

We've listed down some of the top shower sex positions that you can enjoy while the water trickles down the skin of your love. No more you will have these questions on "how to have shower sex", this will get it all sorted for you.

Standing Doggy Position

Standing doggy is the comfortable position when you plan for sex under the shower. Standing positions are a go-to choice for romantic shower sex.

You have to place your palm right on the wall and let your partner bend towards the wall, allowing you to penetrate. The best thing is that it's safe; you have wall support to stop you from slipping on the floor.

The Bridge

The bridge again is a safe position to try in the shower. This is when your partner is in a bridge position, and the man will be kneeling tall. It allows for easy mobility for the man to penetrate, but it may get difficult for your partner to retain the position if the penetration gets too intense.

This might sound a bit complicated, but again there's no fear of slipping on the floor.

The Caboose

Make it a hot shower sex scene; set the mood by sitting on the floor and letting your partner sit on top of you. Your partner will have to do all the work here with some nice circular grinding. This is way too hot to handle and anything but risque.

Face the showerhead at your partner's right spots for some extra stimulation. This position is made for shower bath sex. With water dripping all over your skin and your partner right above you, isn't this the great shower sex time shared?

Precaution: Do not indulge in hard thrusting in this position, as it can hurt the testicles.

Girl On Top

Let your partner take charge & make your shower sex steamy than ever. Sit on the WC or a stool, and your partner will do the rest. Lift your hips and pull them towards you.

This one doesn't take a lot of space and makes it an ideal shower sex position.

Get A Leg Up

'Get a leg up,' or the three-legged dog shower sex position can be mastered by leaning against the wall and putting a leg over the hip of your partner. This is incredibly hot since you're at another level of intimacy.


This position is also called the Chairman. Allow your partner to straddle you with their back facing your front while you sit on the shower seat. Be at a proximity that your bodies grind, and you get to enjoy maximum penetration. This is a great shower sex position if you are looking for sitting positions. Hold on to your partner's love handles for stability in movement.

Hang In There

This one will be a little bit tricky, but of course, it's all worth it. This shower sex position will be a steamy affair and worth all the challenges.

Pick your partner up and make love mid-air. Let them wrap their legs around your waist and "hang in there" while you enjoy the deep penetration. Let your hands do their thing and get intimate while the water drips through you and your partner's skin.

Waterproof toys or silicone lubes make your shower sex even more enjoyable while you keep trying different positions. Some of the shower sex positions might be a little bit challenging, but once you can master it, it's all worth it.

Also, the shower is a great place for oral sex; make it a sexy scene while you take your hands and tongues on every inch of your body.

Tips & Precautions:

  • Always use a non-slippery mat to avoid tripping.
  • If you are doing it in the hot tub, take care of the water temperature. Do not overheat it.
  • Remove all the unnecessary things from the bathroom.
  • Add sensual feels with aromatic candles.
  • Avoid using any oils to stop slipping.
  • Use silicone lubes to restrain from dryness.
  • Always use condoms for safety.
  • Do not have shower sex in case you or your partner are intoxicated or tired.
  • You can experiment with waterproof sex toys.
  • Never use soaps; it will just make the sex complicated.