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Slate Pencil Eating Benefits, Side Effects & More

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Slate Pencil Eating Benefits, Side Effects & More

Are you specifically fond of chalk or slate pencils? Do the colourful slate pencils attract you? Above all, do you like to have a bite of these pencils? Here is a blog for you all chalk lovers who are unsure of the benefits and side effects of eating slate pencils.

What Is A Slate Pencil Made of?

Slate pencils, occasionally wrapped in paper, are made of chunks of soapstone or slate rock.

These are made in India, to be more precise in Southern India, from a sedimentary rock called shale. This rock is made of mud, a mixture of clay minerals (Kaolinite, Illite, and Montmorillonite) and small amounts of other minerals, including Calcite and Quartz.

The proportion of clay to other minerals as mentioned determines the colour of the rock. Slate pencils are typically crafted from shale, which is light grey in colour.

Slate Pencil Eating Benefits

Edible slate pencils have recently been produced for this purpose, although they are harmful to one’s health. Their advantages have yet to be verified. Before ingesting chalk pencils, always consult your doctor.

In the first place, slate pencils are not clinically approved edible products. Therefore, there is no benefit of eating slate pencils. In recent times, edible slate pencils have been introduced to the Indian market for this purpose. However, their advantages are yet to be verified. Eating slate pencils is not among the healthy habits and thus consider consulting a doctor before ingesting chalks.

If you wish to know some benefits of eating slate pencil, the following could be considered:

  • Slate pencils contain calcium, which strengthens bones. It also removes the enamel coating from teeth.
  • Consuming edible slate pencils could be a good option for those who suffer from calcium deficiency (seeking medical consultation prior to that is highly recommended).
  • Magnesium, found in edible slate pencils, participates in the body’s phosphorus metabolism.
  • Slate pencils contain calcium carbonate, which can relieve heartburn.

Slate Pencil Eating Side Effects

If you are deliberating on whether we can eat slate pencils during pregnancy or otherwise, here are some of the harmful effects which you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Deflation of Haemoglobin Levels - During pregnancy, you are required to maintain high levels of haemoglobin. Eating slate pencils during pregnancy is harmful because they reduce your haemoglobin levels drastically.
  • Incessant Abdominal Pain and vomiting - Although this is a regular occurrence during pregnancy, the toxic compounds in slate pencils can also cause discomfort. You may get affected by the harmful components of the slate pencils and end up with a metabolic or intestinal disorder.
  • Damage in the Inner Lining of the Mouth or Canker Sores - Side effects of eating slate pencils involve the mouth as well. Slate pencils are entirely insoluble in water, and chewing them damages the inner lining of your mouth. It also has a negative impact on the taste buds, tongue, and entire mouth cavity. As a consequence, you cannot consume spicy, hot or sour meals and hot beverages.

You can also experience loss of appetite, digestive disorders, constipation and obstruction in the bowel movements, tooth damage and lead poisoning as a result of eating chalks.

How to Make a Slate Pencil at Home?

The items required to make slate pencils at home are:

  • Thick Cardboard Sheet
  • Cello tape
  • Lime Powder
  • Water

Process of Making a Slate Pencil at Home

Step 1: Take one thick cardboard sheet and make a wrap of size 15x6x2 cm (LxBxH).

Step 2: Mix the lime powder and water in a bowl and pour it inside the wrap.

Step 3: Let the mixture stay as is overnight.

Step 4: After the components are ultimately settled and dried, remove the wrap to get the slate pencil.

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How to Stop Eating Slate Pencil?

The habit of eating anything inedible and non-nutritious like a slate pencil is known as Pica which has no specific treatment.

First of all, identify the cause of eating slate pencils - whether it is a nutritional deficiency (calcium or magnesium), boredom, random craving, or a result of unmanaged psychological issues.

To understand how to refrain from eating slate pencils, follow these steps:

  • Make a conscious effort to prevent the urge of eating chalks
  • Keep yourself occupied during those times when the desire kicks in
  • Distract yourself by munching nuts and seeds and keep yourself occupied
  • Consult a physician to get rid of this wretched habit

Summing Up What Happens if We Eat Slate Pencils?

Eating slate pencils has become a trend these days, especially with the advent of edible slate pencils in the market. People get addicted to this obsessive habit of eating chalks like chocolates. In fact, eating slate pencils is not the only bad habit of eating inedible substances. One may get habituated to eating raw rice, fuller’s earth etc. which are definitely harmful to health. Although slate pencils offer health benefits like strengthening bones, aiding in the body’s phosphorus metabolism and calcium percentage, you must make sure not to overdo it.


Which Brand Offers Edible Slate Pencils?

3-Rocks White Natural Slate Pencils is a good choice. You can check it out online on various platforms.

What Is the Taste of Slate Pencil?

Slate pencils taste earthy; they are gritty in texture and bereft of any flavour.

What Would Happen If You Eat a Chalk?

Eating chalk consistently may cause tooth damage or cavities, digestive disorders, constipation or obstructions in the bowel movements.