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The Complete Guide To Choosing Sunscreen For Men In 2021

Sunscreen for men is a must-have. Check out the article to know the best type of sunscreen for men of all skin types., and find the best one for you.

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The Complete Guide To Choosing Sunscreen For Men In 2021

Sun is a vital source of Vitamin-D, and we are aware of how humans metabolize sunlight. However, the relationship between exposure to the sun and health is more complex than we expect.

The skin types are also the crucial factor of how sunlight affects our skin.  

The timing and duration of sun exposure drastically affects your skin. Long hours of exposure to the sun consequently increase your exposure to the harmful UVA rays.

UVA rays can penetrate into your skin. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause skin cancer. About 90% of cases of skin cancer are associated with exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

That’s not all! UVA and UVB rays could penetrate into the skin causing sunburn, tanning, ageing, wrinkles and leathery skin.

Thankfully, we have sunscreens that act as a protective layer on our skin.

Whether you are on an expedition or moving out in scorching heat, the sunscreen comes as a primitive first aid against sun-burns. However, a common misconception is that sun cream is only limited to females.

That is definitely not the case here. Sunscreen is not just to provide any moisturization, but to protect against the sun's scorching heat. Hence, it is essential irrespective of gender.

Why should men use sunscreen?

Sunscreen for men is equally important as women. Even though men have thicker skin, they experience prolonged exposure to the sun and are more vulnerable to damage caused by UV rays.

Most dermatologists recommend sunscreen for men with SPF 30 or higher. SPF means Sun Protection Factor and refers to the protection it provides against sun’s UV rays.

Hence, men’s cream with SPF 30 or 50 will take 30 or 50 times longer to burn than without sunscreen.

Are there any other benefits of using sun protection cream for men? Well, you might be astonished to read them.

Benefits of Using Sunscreen Cream For Men?

Undoubtedly, sunscreen is a protective gear for skin’s health and appearance against the sun’s rays. There are still various benefits of using the sunscreen lotion for men.

Sunscreen Keeps Complexion Even

Tanning is one of the major concerns among men going out. Using sunscreen cream for men's face reduces the complexion unevenness and tan lines from the skin.

Sunscreen Reduces Signs of Aging

Prolonged exposure of skin in the sun can increase tan lines and cause premature ageing. Sunscreen lotion provides protection against harmful skin ageing.

Sunscreen Provides Hydration

Sunscreen creams add a layer to your skin that retains the moisture in your skin and protects your skin keratin that provides smoothness to the skin.

Sunscreen Reduces Risk of Cancer

For men in their 20s, melanoma can be extremely aggressive. Applying the sunscreen on the exposed parts of the skin can provide cumulative protection over days and months.

However, the sunscreen lotion for men might depend on the skin type viz. oily, sensitive, dry, and combination creams for men.

Different Types of Sunscreen Lotions For Men:

Sunscreen for Men with Oily Skin

Most men deal with oily skin because of overactive sebaceous glands. Oily skin for men has to deal with pimples, acne and other skin issues.

The best sunscreens for men with oily skin are the ones that consist of oil-absorbing ingredients. These sunscreens with moisturizer provide a matty appearance to the face that is even better for the acne-prone skin.

Sunscreen for men’s facing oil, dirt and acne issues consist of zinc oxide and octinoxate with retinoids to treat wrinkles and other problems.

Sunscreen Lotions For Dry Skin:

For most men with dry skin, sunscreen lotions combined with proactive moisturizing and hydrating properties can do the wonders.

Sun protection cream for men's face with dry and coarse appearance contains hyaluronic acid (a humectant that draws water to the skin).

Furthermore, the best sunscreen lotion for men with dry skin has oil-free, noncomedogenic properties and consists of colloidal oatmeal that helps in skin hydration.

Sunscreen Cream For Sensitive Skin:

Sensitive skins are most hard to deal with, and it's a catch-22 choosing the right type of sunscreen cream for face.

Sun protection cream for men with sensitive skin should have certain minerals along with aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe skin and reduce irritation.

Sunscreen lotion for men's SPF 50 or higher could result in skin irritation, bumps, itching, etc. and must be avoided by sensitive skin types.

Sunscreen For Combination Skin:

A combination skin could be a blend of two types. The most common characteristic of combination skin is visible pores, blackheads, oily T-zone and dry cheeks.

People with combination skin have wide flexibility to choose the sunscreen cream. They can choose a sunscreen that is moderately hydrating and should not contain highly nourishing ingredients.

How To Find The Best Sunscreen For Men?

Whether you are on a hunt to find the best sunscreen lotion for men or best sun cream for men, you should consider some factors before coming to the conclusion:

Look for the broad spectrum Sunscreen

Sunscreen cream with SPF 30 or higher can protect your skin from skin ageing and burn that could cause skin cancer.

Choose water resistant cream

Most skin experts advice water-resistant skin cream even if you are not going for a swim. That’s because excessive sweating can wash away the sunscreen cream from your face.

Choose lotions over cream

Sunscreen lotions over cream are more effective and provide layering to the skin. Moreover, lotions can easily be applied to any part of the exposed skin.

When choosing the right sunscreen for men, you must consider the above points and then decide one considering the skin type.


If you are lazy and the act of blending or rubbing doesn’t appeal to you much, you can try the sunscreen sprays on your face.

Moreover, sunscreens can be applied daily while you are going out. We have this blog that helps you make the right choice for your sunscreen so that you are ready to glow out in the sun.


Which Sunscreen Is Best For Male?

Sunscreens combined with moisturiser for men with SPF 30 or higher are the best sunscreen for men’s oily skin.

Should guys wear sunscreen?

Yes, guys face longer exposure to the sun and are at higher risk of skin cancer. Hence, the best face sunscreen for men should have SPF 30 or more.