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Top Charcoal Soap Benefits & Uses that You Need to Know

Activated charcoal is very good for your face and skin. Read the article to know all about the benefits of charcoal soap.

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Top Charcoal Soap Benefits & Uses that You Need to Know

At first, charcoal in soap might sound bizarre to many people. However, charcoal soap has some amazing skin benefits that you ought to know about.

What is the buzz around charcoal soap all about?

Charcoal is not a new addition in the world of beauty and medical science. It has been used for over a thousand years by civilisations all around the world.

Ancient Egyptians used it for treating wounds, ancient Indians used it for purifying water, and the millennials use it now for getting healthy and beautiful skin.

This jet black soap that can be easily spotted on any beauty aisle in a store has a number of skin benefits ranging from treating acne and exfoliating to fighting premature ageing.

What makes charcoal soap the perfect addition to your skincare routine?

Charcoal soap is very different from regular charcoal that is used for fuels and barbeques. A bar of charcoal soap is also called activated charcoal soap. Activated charcoal is obtained by heating regular charcoal over extremely high temperatures that change its structure to fit beauty and medicinal uses.

Activated charcoal is usually made up of wood, peat, regular coal and coconut husk. It has a huge surface area and can effectively absorb all toxins from its environment. This property is responsible for most of the activated charcoal skin benefits.

Why is charcoal soap a holy grail for men too?

Good quality charcoal soap acts as a magnet for all the bacteria causing breakouts, harmful pollutants and dead skin cells. It will absorb all these harmful pollutants and cleanse your skin.

Charcoal soap benefits for skin are well-known. Activated charcoal is said to have anti- premature ageing, wrinkle-reducing and acne-fighting properties, among many others.

By using activated charcoal soap bars, you can change your face and skin for the better.

Activated charcoal soap benefits

There are a number of charcoal soap benefits on face and skin that should prompt you to add it to your skincare routine. Here are some of them:

Activated charcoal soap Fights acne gently

Using charcoal soap for acne treatment is nothing new because of its acne-fighting properties. They remove skin impurities and toxins effortlessly.

Activated charcoal soap Removes oil

Many people are tired of trying out so many things to deal with an oily face. Charcoal soap can remove sebum along with all the dirt from the face and can give you that oil-free look you want.

Activated charcoal soap Keeps premature ageing at bay

Charcoal soap benefits the face by preventing premature ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Activated charcoal soap Treats Psoriasis

Charcoal soaps are known to be successful in treating psoriasis and eczema by absorbing skin impurities and other toxins.

Activated charcoal soap Clears skin blemishes

Blemishes are very common, especially for millennials. Being excellent at exfoliation, charcoal bath soaps can deal with blemishes effectively.

Activated charcoal soap Suitable for all skin types

Activated charcoal for skin is considered very safe for almost everyone and all skin types. They are available as face wash, cleansers, and peels. One can use it once or twice a week.

Activated charcoal soap Reduces dandruff

You can get rid of dandruff by using activated charcoal in the form of a shampoo and soap.

Activated charcoal soap Prevents skin from loosening

Charcoal soap benefits for face include making your skin tighter and firmer and can give you that ‘forever young’ look.

Activated charcoal soap Decreases the size of pores

One of the uses of charcoal soap is to clear clogged pores and reduce their size by absorbing all dirt, grime and other skin impurities.

Activated charcoal soap Cleanses the skin

Using the best charcoal soap can cleanse your skin thoroughly and make it look refreshing. Activated charcoal soap uses its large surface area to naturally absorb all impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh!


Use of charcoal soap can make your skin glow from inside out by removing all impurities. Although it is safe to use and has no harmful effects, it is always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional before using it to avoid any side effects in case of an allergy.


Can you use charcoal soap every day?

It is usually safe to use activated charcoal soap every day. However, if you have particularly dry skin or sensitive skin, use it less frequently or consult your doctor to determine how often you should use it.

Does charcoal soap lighten skin?

Many brands claim that you should use charcoal soap for skin whitening. Although there is no solid evidence of charcoal soap lightening the colour of your skin. It is known that charcoal soap can bring out the natural colour of your skin by removing all impurities, dead skin cells and dirt.

Is charcoal soap bad for you?

Charcoal soap side effects on skin are close to none. It is considered to be safe for every skin type. But, you should consult your doctor before using it to get to know about any allergies that you might have towards activated charcoal.