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Types of Fish for Your Diet

Seafood like fish is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Fishes have multiple health benefits. Check out different types of fishes and its health benefits.

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Types of Fish for Your Diet

According to a Harvard study, eating 8 ounces of seafood each week reduces the risk of dying from heart diseases by 36%. Fish boasts of nutrients such as protein and Vitamin D. Consuming fish can also play a role in cognitive development and raising IQ at an early stage.

If you are facing any deficiency of Omega3 fatty acid then you should definitely consider incorporating fish in your diet.

What are the Additional Benefits that Fish or Seafood Provide?

Benefits of Seafood

Fish are packed of nutritions that can help your brain, heart, mind, and overall body. It is filled with essential nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, iodine and minerals that keep your body lean and your muscles strong. Let’s study different types of fish with an insightful nutritional chart-

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Tol Fish

Kelanga Fish

Kelanga Fish, also known as ladyfish, has many other names in South Indian Kitchen. It is also known as Kilangan and Kilachi in Tamil; Poozhan, Noongal and Cudeerah in Malayalam.

It looks like large-size anchovies that are low in saturated fats and are a good source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. The nutritional value of fish is broken down into - 9% fat, 59% carbs, 32% protein in 60gms of Kelanga fish..

Ladyfish Benefits

·         Rejuvenates the body

·         Improves your nervous system function

·         Reduces the risk of developing arthritis

·         Improves the eyesight

Therachi Fish

Therachi Fish is also known as Thirukkai or Stingray or Thirandi Fish. It is especially used in fish curries as its bone is edible too.


·         It boosts the brain health

·         It helps prevent and treat depression

·         A good dietary source of Vitamin D

Lepo Fish

Sole fish fry or Lepo fish is popularly available in Goa. It is used to make curry or fry recipes. It contains essential nutrients like Selenium, Zinc, Potassium, Iodine, and Vitamin A that keep eyes bright and healthy.

Breaking the nutritional facts, there are 26 calories in 1 ounce of boneless Sole (Fish) and comes with 12% fat, 0% carbs, 88% protein.


·         Good for glowing skin

·         Reduces the risk of heart disease

·         Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that lower the cholesterol in your blood

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Karapodi Fish

Karapodi Fish is also known as Silver Belly Big fish and Pony Fish. The fish is locally known by different names; Surgutta, Katali and Titaka in Hindi, Kaara in Telugu, thaali mulen, nalla mullen and karal in Malayalam.

This is one of the most popular south Indian dishes that not only boosts the memory but also boosts up the immunity power.


·         Extremely good for calcium deficiency

·         Helps in building and repairing tissues

·         Prevents rheumatoid arthritis

Wam Fish

Wam fish, found majorly on the Eastern Coast of North America, is known as Eel fish. Wam fish is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Isoleucine, Lysine, and Tryptophan.


·         Helps in the Formation of DNA

·         Helps in the regeneration of cells and tissues

·         Improves the skin’s health

·         Assist in the digestion process

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Sheela Fish

Sheela Fish is known as Barracuda, Sea Pike, Neduva, Koduva, Cheela, Sheelavu and Thinda in Malayalam. In Tamil, it is commonly called Sheela, Ooli fish, Meen, Pilinjan, Cheela, Goli, Gola, and Oozha.

This seafood is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for recovery from many health issues. It is one of the most flavoured varieties of fish in India.

Sheela Fish Benefits

·         Prevents the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

·         Protects your skin from UV damage

·         Improves heart problem

·         Prevents depression

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Konam Fish

Konam Fish is also known as Vanjaram fish, Spanish mackerel fish and anjal fish in English. The mackerel nutrition or seer fish nutrition are as follows-

1 slice serving of Seer fish fry contains 47% fat, 0% carbs, 53% protein and has 217 calories.

Seer fish benefits or Mackerel benefits includes:

·         It has omega-3 fatty acids that help in regulating inflammation

·         Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

·         Supports the structure and function of cells

.     Good for weight loss since it has zeo carbs

Pomfret Fish

Pomfret Fish is found globally in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

A common question for this popular find Indian region fish is- Is pomfret fish good for health? Yes, Pomfret benefits are innumerable. It is a good source of calcium and vital vitamins like Vitamin A, B, and D, inclusive of B12 that improves the overall health of an individual.

Pomfret fish benefits are:

·         Very healthy for skin and prevents hair loss

·         Ideal for eyesight improvement

·         Helps the nervous system by reducing stress

Kane Fish

Kane Fish also called Lady Fish and Silver Whiting Fish is found mainly in the South Indian kitchen. Having low saturated fats, it is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. It is quite healthy in nature and gives a delicious taste by deep frying it with a mix of rice flour.

84gm of Kane fish contains 76 calories, 0gm carbs, 1gm fat, and 16gm protein.


·         Lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes

·         Boost the brain health

·         Reduce inflammation throughout the body

.     Helps in muscle growth

Seelavathi Fish

Seelavathi Fish is called Rohu Fish and Carpo fish enriched with proteins and is low in fat. It is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B, and C. You can have Seelavathi Fish at least once a week.


·         Keeps diseases like cold and cough at bay

·         Serves as a brain booster

·         Helpful in fighting cancer

What is the Difference between rohu and Katla fish?

In rohu vs Katla, Katla has a good ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 and a moderate level of mercury while Rohu is a freshwater fish and has very few bones.


As a natural source of vitamin and protein, different types of fish nurture your body, improve your health, and increase the longevity of an individual. Thus, add it to your diet plan and see the magic it does to your body.