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Work From Home In The Time of Coronavirus

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Work From Home In The Time of Coronavirus

Work From Home In  The Time of Corona

Two months ago, if you were asked by a fellow employee about your work routine, what would your answer be?


Based on how friendly your work relation, you would tell them about how you would have wanted to break the alarm for rudely disturbing your sleep or how the train journey to your office offers the same thrill of a rollercoaster ride, with the unwelcome addition of sweat.

Fast forward to today, let us guess what your routine is like. You wake up even before the alarm clock’s annoying tone and bam! You are right in front of your work system, ready to begin your day. The reason for this drastic change? The advent of coronavirus in India.

The World Health Organisation declared Corona Virus as a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, and urged affected countries to practise social distancing. Many employers are adopting work from policies to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees. 


The benefits of working from home abound by way of zero distractions (those pesky watercooler discussions), no transit time (yes to no sweat, always) and most importantly, you are free to be at your comfortable best in your own house.

However, there are some challenges as well in this mix. From being failing to maintain productivity to opening up your work discussions to one’s family members, Indian professionals such as you are yet to feel at home, while working (quite literally).

Here are three ways to ease your WFH experience –


Think of yourself no longer as an office employee, but an army general and your workstation as your battlefield. Find a corner with relatively fewer distractions add to it your weapons (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.) and charge!



Replicate your work routine at home as well. If you happen to be living in a joint family household, ensure that everyone is informed about your work timings. Drawing up physical as well as virtual boundaries will help you eliminate distractions and get your work done on time.


In order to ensure a work-life balance, devise a role-playing strategy. You can start your workday in formal attire or reaching out to your headsets and having your essential tools around. And, when the workday ends, shut down your systems and go away from the general work area. Don’t forget to take frequent but timed breaks between your 9-5 routine to destress.

Us Indians are creatures of routine and we need the four walls of the house to help us feel like we are a contributing part of the workforce. This approach has undergone a revolutionary change that we are all a part of, while staying indoors. And, all of us are surely grateful for this novel, precautionary step.

Giving yourself the time to be productive as well as connect with your loved ones, will help you tackle WFH with great ease. Remember that communication is the key here and you can use these tips to help express your emotions.

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