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What is Kama Sutra? Top Kama Sutra Positions to Make it Worth While

Do you also want to try different sexual positions? This article gives you an overview of the best Kama Sutra sex positions with some images.

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What is Kama Sutra? Top Kama Sutra Positions to Make it Worth While

What is Kama Sutra?

Kama Sutra originated from an ancient Hindu book, which talks about the erotic art of lovemaking. This book was translated into English by Richard Burton, a British Polymath. The book received people's attention due to the explanation of different Kama Sutra positions. However, what the Kama Sutra book is about is limited to sexual desires and marriage, romantic love, and living styles, which were overlooked with time.

Kama Sutra History

Vatsyayana Mallnaga wrote this book in the third century. Its composition's place and the details about its author are still unknown.

Kama Sutra positions

This book explains intercourse as a divine act of union. Its subject attracts the readers and awakens their sexual desires. This book explains 64 sexual positions for you and your partner to enjoy in bed.

We have listed some of the best Kama Sutra positions to spice up your lovemaking.

1. Tripadam Position in Kama Sutra

Having a busy schedule and not making up enough time for lovemaking? This position got you sorted

Tripadam Kama Sutra Steps:

  • Both the partners have to stand facing each other.
  • The male cups his hand under one of the female partner's knees and raises her legs until it rests on the male's torso.
Why This Kama Sutra Position?

These sex positions allow you to have short, easy, and quick penetration.

2. Cowgirl Position in Kama Sutra

Numerous men thoroughly enjoy this position. If you want to charge your female partner and let her feel like a queen, this position would be the most flattering one.

Cowgirl Kama Sutra Steps:

  • Lie down and let your partner mount on you
  • Adjust your hips and insert your penis from an upright position
  • Let your partner ride your penis like a cowgirl
Why This Kama Sutra Position?

This position allows your partner to control her sexual experience and many women love that. It also delays premature ejaculation and helps you last longer. So it's a win-win!

3. Spooning Form in Kama Sutra

This position is for couples with a significant height difference and like soft lovemaking.

Spooning Kama Sutra Steps:

  • Both the partners have to lie down on their sides, the male facing the female's back like a spooning cuddle position.
  • Let your female partner separate her legs a little and find the vaginal opening.
  • Insert your penis in her vaginal opening from the back, and enjoy!
Why This Kama Sutra Position?

This position also can delay your premature ejaculation and gives you shorter strokes and more pleasure. The spooning position is excellent for people with lower back pain.

4. The Yab-yum Position in Kama Sutra

Do you also like making your partner sit on your lap? It's quite romantic and awakens sexual pleasures.

Yab-yum Kama Sutra Steps:

  • The male sits on the bed or the floor with folded legs.
  • The female sits on the male's lap facing him and wraps her legs over his body.
  • The female straddles the male's hips and penetrates from the front.
Why This Kama Sutra Position?

This position is the amalgamation of yoga, meditation, and sex. It can help you calm your mind and body. It enables you to attain great sexual pleasure and build sexual intimacy.

5. Doggy Style Position in Kama Sutra

When you are in a mood to experiment in bed, this position is best among all Kama Sutra styles.

Doggy Style Position Steps:

  • The female partner has to bend on her knees, with her back in arch position.
  • The male has to stand on his knees and enter through the rear.
Why this Kama Sutra Position?

This position is excellent to straighten your back and strengthen your core.

6. Lunges Position in Kama Sutra

Since out of all Kama Sutra position names, lunges are the only position named after an exercise; it is bound to have health benefits.

Lunges Kama Sutra positions Steps:

  • The female partner has to sit on top of the male partner.
  • One leg of the female partner is planted in the front, while the other leg is extended behind.
Why This Kama Sutra Position?

This sex position is great for your hamstring and butt muscle. This an excellent workout sex position. It even improves your body flexibility.

7. Missionary Position in Kama Sutra

The most common Kama Sutra style out of all is the missionary. This a holy grail position for any couple, as it is easy and quite intimate.

Missionary Kama Sutra Steps:

The receiving partner has to lie down, while the male partner has to be on his knees. The female partner can wrap her legs over the male's body for comfortable penetration.

Why This Kama Sutra Position?

A missionary position is great for core muscles. This position can make good workout sex if done correctly.

8.  Kama Sutra 69 Position

This position gives equal pleasure to both individuals.

Kama Sutra 69 Position Steps:

Lie on your back and have your partner face your genitals while you orally pleasure their genitals.

Why this Kama Sutra Position?

Kama Sutra 69 position is excellent if your female partner experiences penetration pain. This position gives you time to discover each other and experience ultimate pleasure.

Why Should You Try the KAMA SUTRA Positions?

  • Kama Sutra positions redefine the intercourse with various positions and make you feel the dynamics of love. If you want to revamp your love life, then trying the best sex positions of Kama Sutra can surely help you do that.
  • All Kama Sutra positions are designed for every body type and shape. It increases body confidence among people.
  • All Kama Sutra positions involve flexibility and body strength. It can be an excellent workout for your body to strengthen your muscles. According to studies, average intercourse burns up to 3.6 calories a minute.

Some Myths and Facts Around Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is just a sex manual - This is a common myth among everyone.

Kama Sutra is not a sex manual. Only 20% of its part explains sexual positions.

People pay attention only to this 20% and overlook the rest 80%. Kama Sutra, with sexual positions by Vatsyayan also explains how to live a virtuous life.

This book was initially composed to focus on three goals of life mainly, that is, "Dharma" the moral living, "Artha" or the material opulence, and "Kama" or sensual body pleasures. This is the meaning of the Kama Sutra, according to the book. The writer intended to explain the sexual positions in an art form.

Pro Tips or Precautions While Performing Kama Sutra Positions

  • Make sure you know the range of flexibility of your body. If your sexual position requires more muscle flexibility than you think you have, it's best to change the position.
  • No matter what position you might try, if it's penetrative sex, the chances of unwanted pregnancies and STDs increase. Always use a condom to minimize any risk.


We hope that this article gave you a comprehensive overview of the Kama Sutra and the different sex positions with its benefits. Sex is not only about pleasure. It brings a spark to your relationship and helps you lead a healthy, stress-free life. Try out the steps mentioned above, and you would see a positive change in your relationship.