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What Is Killing Your Sex Drive?

Low testosterone is a major cause of loss of libido and low sex drive in men. Learn more about other reasons for low sex drive.

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What Is Killing Your Sex Drive?

Too tired for it lately? You might just be missing out on the real reason.

Sex is often seen as a way to add to the bliss in a lovers’ paradise. However, when your libidos start to become incompatible, that’s when the trouble starts to brew. Men, as a rule, take their performance in bed quite seriously. It is less about one’s ego and more about one’s capabilities. Often, when you are unable to satisfy your partner, you tend to get tensed and thus begins the vicious cycle that can affect your libido negatively

Libido is essentially just another  word for your sex drive and here are a few things that you must know about it –

  • Experiencing a low sex drive is quite common among men
  • Low or absent sexual desire should not always be chalked up to physiological reasons
  • Your psychological make-up, routine, hormonal influences, and food choices tend to have an impact on your sex drive
  • Once you find out the root cause of your problems, they can most definitely be reversed!

Here are a few reasons that could be killing your sex drive


Munching on that all-wheat bread will help you with carbo-loading, but it may cause other issues. Processed foods are generally items that don’t have much nutritional value. Zinc is a mineral that is barely present in all-purpose wheat that bread is made of. Incidentally, this mineral is responsible for men’s reproductive health. So, it’s time you give such foods a boot and choose healthier alternatives.


Missed a deadline in the office? Fought with a colleague while giving an important presentation? Feel like you are drowning in work? All of these are triggers for the entry of stress into your life, which can lead to a spike in your cortisol levels. Think of cortisol as a hitman which focusses on killing your testosterone levels. The result? An easily irritable, always angry version of you. These dark feelings ensure that nothing appeals to you which in turn causes problems in bed. Take steps to reduce stress and tension for a happy love life.


If you are experiencing even the slightest signs of depression, it may have an effect on all the other areas of your life. Do you find yourself dragging on with the day’s activities? Does going out not excite you anymore? These could be subtle hints that your mental state is imbalanced. Such strong feelings then diminish your sexual desires. It’s best to identify such issues and reach out for help right away.


Your body is a machine and it needs to be oiled on a daily basis for smooth functioning. The oil, in this case, is exercise. Only when you are able to stretch your muscles and get your blood pumping, do you feel energetic and active. Similarly, when all you do is sit in one place, indulge in fattening food and don’t exercise at all, your sex drive begins to suffer. Working out on a daily basis keeps the testosterone levels high and result in a happy you.

Did these reasons echo with you? It is about time that you take the necessary steps to become healthier and happier. Here’s why expressing your emotions about such things is important. Solve these issues and enjoy an enriched love life!