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What is Libido? How to Increase Libido Naturally?

Want to spice up your sex life but have a low sex drive? Wondering how to increase sex drive? Here are some natural and effective ways to increase low libido.

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What is Libido? How to Increase Libido Naturally?

Are you struggling in bed and not able to communicate the same to your partner? Not in the mood for sex as often as you’d like to be? You might have low libido.

What is Libido?

Libido meaning sexual desire is the mental and emotional energy related to sex. It is known by various names across countries and languages.

Libido meaning in Hindi is Kamechchha, libido meaning in Tamil is Kamamwhile, libido meaning in Telugu is Kameccha, while libido meaning in Malayalam, is Lymgika Thrushna. Various internal and external factors result in low or high libido.

From the medication that you use to your hormone levels and sleeping habits, everything affects libido.

Low libido in men is a result of various factors.

What is Libido in Men?

Around four out of ten males aged 45 produce low testosterone resulting in low libido.

Having a low libido is not necessarily problematic, but it might take a significant toll on how individuals see themselves. Before we get into how to increase sex drive in men, let’s understand the causes.

What causes low libido?

Both physical and psychological factors are responsible for low libido in individuals.

From stress, anxiety, lack of physical activity, hormonal imbalance to high medication, everything can affect sex drive and decreased libido.  

Low libido in men is a result of numerous factors. Some of them are biological factors like lack of testosterone, premature ejaculation, social factors like relationship difficulties, and psychological factors like stress levels. Loss of libido also results from old age. See the natural ways in which you can boost the testosterone levels & cure premature ejaculation.

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How To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive Naturally and Effectively?

Are you wondering how to increase libido? Here are a few natural and effective ways using which every man can increase their sex drive.

1. Consume Chocolate Every Day To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Did you know that chocolate can promote the release of vital hormones like serotonin and phenethylamine in your body? Not only do they help with mood upliftment but also produce aphrodisiac effects. It is a great food to increase libido in men.

Tip: Have a limited portion of dark chocolate after lunch or dinner.

2. Work On Your Self-Confidence To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Improved self-confidence can be an effective sex booster for men. Moreover, it’s a well-established fact that the way you feel about your body is directly related to how you perceive sex and yourself. So, try to change your mindset and focus on positive attributes.

Tip: Make a list of things that you’d like to improve about yourself and take action. Boosted self-confidence goes a long way.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Intake To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Consuming too much alcohol every day can lead to loss of libido. Moreover, it can also result in erectile dysfunction and hinder your ability to orgasm. That is why it's vital to not go overboard with drinks. Also, for those who want to use viagra to boost their sex drive, avoid viagra after consuming alcohol.

Tip: Try sipping your drink slowly by putting your glass down after every mouthful. It will help reduce the consumption of alcohol.

4. Don’t Compromise On Your Sleep Inorder To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive  

Wondering how to increase your interest in sex? A great way to boost your sexual desire is by getting plenty of sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of deep sleep will boost your energy levels and is a great libido enhancer.

Tip: Try incorporating power naps into your daily routine as they’ll keep your energy levels high throughout the day and reduce stress.

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5. Give Time To Your Relationship To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

A potent reason for problems in sexual relationships is unresolved issues. If you’re wondering how to increase your sex drive, focus on building trust. It’d also improve communication and prevent resentments in your relationships.

Tip: Be open with your partner about your feelings and communicate everything. Plan date night or go for outdoor activities.

6. Meditate Daily To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Stress is a vital factor for decreased libido. So if you’re looking to relieve stress, try making meditation a ritual. Not only would it calm you but also boost your energy levels. That, in turn, will increase your sex drive.

Tip: Start with 5-10 minutes sessions and increase as you progress.

7. Don’t Miss Out On The Essential Herbs To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Looking for foods that increase libido? Adding a little Garlic and Basil to your dishes can do wonders. As garlic is rich in Allicin, it can increase your blood flow tremendously and is one of the best sex drive foods for males.

Basil’s fragrance can stimulate the senses. Moreover, these herbs can also help with erectile dysfunction in men.

Tip: Prepare fresh pesto at home using basil. It goes well with everyday dishes like salads and sandwiches.

8. Consume Aphrodisiac Fruits To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Aphrodisiac fruits are fruits that are known to increase sexual desire, arouse sexual instinct, and can act as foods that boost libido instantly.

Although there is little evidence to support their effectiveness, there’s no harm in trying. Some of these include bananas, figs, and avocados. These are some of the best sex drive foods for males.

Tip: You can have aphrodisiac fruits as evening snacks.

9. Give Importance To Foreplay To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Are you still wondering how to increase male libido? Focusing more on foreplay might enhance your sexual experience. That is why it’s essential to give it due importance.

Tip: To spice things up, try experimenting with sex toys.

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10. Quit smoking To Increase Low Libido/Sex Drive

Good sexual functioning results from good heart health. Cigarettes negatively impact the cardiovascular system of individuals. That is why quitting smoking can act as a libido booster for men. Also, one reason for a low sex drive is erectile dysfunction which is also caused by smoking

Tip: If you’re a regular smoker, consider nicotine replacement therapy.


Low libido for men can be troubling. However, it can be increased naturally. The approaches mentioned in this article are some of the most natural and effective ways of treating loss of libido.

However, there’s no one best libido booster for men. Every individual’s body and needs are different.

That is why it’s essential to experiment to understand what works best for your body. The sooner you realise what works for you, the better it’d be for your health.