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When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean - Answered by a Sexologist

You had a sexual experience with your partner but that didn't last long and made you wonder “when a guy finishes fast what does it mean?” Well, Find out here!

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When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean - Answered by a Sexologist

Do you wonder what it means when a guy comes too quickly?

Are you looking for solutions to help him last longer?

Could it be that something is happening outside of your relationship that is causing this to happen?

In either case, this is the right guide for you. Here are the 7 most common reasons why men finish early in bed.

When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean?

1. He Hasn't Had Sex for a Long Time

If you've been dating for a while but haven't made it to the bedroom yet. You may find that he needs to build up some stamina when it comes to bedroom antics if he hasn't been dating after getting out of a long-term relationship.

This is not something to be worried about, as it shows that he has chosen not to sleep around and that he is committed to you. There is a good chance that you have already discussed past partners and relationships, so he may have implied at that time that he hasn't been intimate with a woman for a while.

Afterwards, he may apologize for how quickly he finished and say that it has been a while. The more sex you both have, the more stamina he will develop, and the more likely he will start lasting longer before you know it.

2. It's an Indication of How Attracted He Is to You

When our men finish too quickly, we obsess over the idea of "what does it mean when a guy comes too fast?" when it may just mean that he likes what he's doing. Have you imagined him lying in bed with you and what it would be like? He's definitely been thinking about getting you into bed.

Because of this, when it does happen, he can easily get overexcited, resulting in him finishing too early. However, this only happened because he's so into you and thinks you're gorgeous. Therefore, you should always take premature ejaculation as a compliment before you take it personally. He's just really smitten with you!

However, this problem shouldn't last too long. After the first few times, you're together, you should be able to see him improving. If he doesn’t, it might signify that there are other problems involved.

3. It Could Be Caused by a Medical Condition

Men can experience premature ejaculation at any time, but when it frequently occurs during sex, it becomes a condition that might require medical attention. Slow things down and see if that helps if he is ejaculating during sex to see if it is chronic. It's more likely he'll need to see a doctor if it doesn't.

Often, if there is a condition, men won't make it until intercourse. Instead, he will most likely orgasm before you get through the kissing and gentle foreplay session. If he can make it past that, and the main issue is that he doesn't last long enough inside you, he probably has a mental issue.

4. You Might Be Pleasuring Him Too Much

Many people assume that when a man finishes fast in bed, it must mean he is doing something wrong, but it might actually mean he is too good. If men are finishing too quickly, it might just mean that you need to slow down, whether it's foreplay or oral sex.

When a man orgasms, he is completely losing control. If you want him to stay focused and make your sex last longer, take your hand off the ignition and slow it down. It won't take long before you feel satisfied again, and things will last longer.

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5. He Could Just Be A Selfish Lover

When men finish early, it's easy to think it's a problem. However, you might be surprised to learn that sometimes finishing fast doesn't have anything to do with physical or mental limitations. It often comes down to men who are selfish lovers.

You can tell if men are selfish in bed by watching what happens during sex. Does he skip foreplay and go right to the main event without checking to make sure you're ready? Worse yet, he may just pound away at you until he reaches orgasm, without even thinking about returning the favour.

It's possible your man doesn't have a problem - he's just selfish when it comes to sex. If that's the case, you could do so much better!

6. He’s Just Not That Experienced

Experience doesn't always matter when it comes to sex. Men, on the other hand, can benefit from the experience to make them last longer. During sex, they'll find ways to distract themselves and slow everything down. For instance, you've probably heard about some men who multiply sums in their heads so as not to finish too fast. Without this experience, many men will find themselves getting overly excited and losing control. That's why you often see movies and TV shows showing virgin men lasting less than a minute.

Despite his inexperience, your man can improve. It is okay to take your time with him and tell him everything you like about the bedroom. It won't take long for him to learn everything you like and last far longer than he did in the past. You may even turn him into the perfect lover!

7. You’re Not Changing Sex Positions Enough

Changes in sex positions are a fun way for women to shake things up and receive more pleasure, but for men, this is a necessary change to ensure they last. It gives them a chance to calm down and keep going when they change positions.

Just think, when you're with your guy, does he go in fast in one position and finish fast? Let's face it, if you want to stop this, then wait until you think he is close, and then move to a new position. In fact, you might even think about putting yourself on top, as this would allow you to be in control and set the pace.

Your guy will last longer if you switch positions a lot and make sex even more exciting for both of you. You could even make a game out of it, introducing new and wild positions to your bedroom antics.


There is nothing wrong with feeling annoyed and dissatisfied with your sex life if your guy finishes too fast, whether he is doing so after one or two minutes or if he is just too quick to reach orgasm. Sometimes your guy can just feel pressured or too excited by you and what you do.

Give him some chances and see if it's just a case of early nerves. No doubt, he'll soon last longer than he did initially. However, if his premature ejaculations continue, he may need some medication or therapy. Thankfully, this condition is treatable - you just need a little patience. Your guy will be back to being a sex machine in no time!