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White Spot on Eye: Causes & Treatment - Man Matters

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White Spot on Eye: Causes & Treatment - Man Matters

Do you notice a white spot on your eye that wasn't there before? What causes it? Should you be worried about it?

If any of the questions tick your mind, read on below to know more about White spot on the eye, its causes and treatment.

White Spot in the Eye

Spots of any color can develop on the eye, not the eyelid or the skin around the eye. They can appear in white, brown, or red. White spots can occur for a variety of reasons, including corneal ulcers and retinoblastoma. Let's look at each in more detail.

Causes of White Spot on Eye

1. Corneal ulcer

The cornea is your eye's transparent, outermost layer. It protects your eye from harmful particles and aids in focusing your vision. A corneal ulcer is an open sore occurring on your cornea. A white spot appears on the cornea as a result of it. A number of conditions can cause a corneal ulcer to form, including:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Severe dry eyes
  • Viral infections due to HSV, varicella-zoster
  • Fungal infections like those caused by fungi like Candida and Aspergillus
  • Acanthamoeba infection, caused by a parasite found in fresh water and soil
  • Injury or trauma

2. Cataracts

In cataracts, the lens of your eye becomes cloudy, thus preventing light from reaching your retina. Cataracts usually progress slowly over time, but eventually, they can begin to affect your vision. As it worsens, you may notice that the lens of your eye changes to a cloudy whitish or yellowish colour.

Cataracts are caused by various factors, including age, eye conditions, and underlying medical conditions. It is also possible to be born with cataracts.

3. Retinoblastoma

Genetic mutations in the retina cause retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer that starts on your retina. You can inherit these mutations from your parents.

Children are more frequently affected by retinoblastoma, which can affect one or both eyes. People with this condition may notice a white line in their pupils when they are illuminated.

4. Coats disease

During Coats disease, the blood vessels of the retina do not develop normally. A white mass can be seen in the pupil, particularly when exposed to light.

Treatment For White Spot on Eye

1. Eye drops

A lubricating eye drop can help relieve irritation or the feel like something is stuck in your eyes. Some eye drops contain steroids that help with inflammation. These drops can also be used to treat corneal ulcers and dystrophies.

2. Cryotherapy

Cold therapy is often used to treat autoimmune diseases, cancers, and abnormal blood vessels. It may be used to treat cancer in retinoblastoma and SCC or to get rid of abnormal blood vessels in Coats disease.

3. Laser therapy

The laser can treat retinoblastoma by attacking the blood vessels supplying tumours. They can also treat Coats disease by shrinking or destroying abnormal blood vessels.

4. Antimicrobial medications

As with corneal ulcers, these medications work by fighting microbe-caused infections. The treatment you're prescribed will depend on the microbe causing the infection. These include:

  • antivirals (for viral infections)
  • antifungal agents (for fungal infections)
  • antibiotics (for bacterial infections)

Are White Spots on Eyes Harmful?

If you notice any changes in your eyes, such as the appearance of a white spot, you must consult with your eye doctor. Even if they cause minimal symptoms, eye conditions can sometimes lead to problems with your vision.

When you experience such symptoms as pain or changes in vision, see an eye doctor as soon as possible.