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Why Does It Hurt My Wife When We Make Love & How Can I Prevent It?

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Why Does It Hurt My Wife When We Make Love & How Can I Prevent It?

For a consensual sexual relationship, it is important to ensure both you and your partner are comfortable. So, it is important to understand if there is any potential cause behind your wife being uncomfortable or in pain during intercourse. This is not an uncommon complaint about the female partner feeling slight discomfort or pain during sex and there is more than one reason behind this.

Why Does it Hurt My Wife When We Make Love?

Let us understand the common reasons that can cause discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse and different ways to prevent it in the future-

1) Stress

One common reason that a lot of women go through is a high level of stress that directly impacts the body’s willingness to open up the stressed-out muscles in the lower body. This lack of relaxation of muscles then leads up to a sort of pain for the female during sex.

2) Muscle Spasm or Infections

A muscle spasm is another common reason that can cause too much discomfort or pain during intercourse. Along with this, even on announced infections down there can be severely painful. Luckily, in a case of infection, the other symptoms can confirm the same, in which case consulting a doctor is the right solution.

3) Mood Swings

It is not mandatory to always be in the mood and it is common for both men and women. In such situations, women who try to be in the mood just for their partner and his pleasure alone can in turn be harming their body, causing pain and discomfort.

4) Wrong Positions

One more potential reason behind why it hurts your wife during intercourse is the position you participate in. Not all positions suit everybody and so experimenting out of your comfort zone can be a prime factor that is causing discomfort or pain to your wife.

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Pro Tips To Prevent Pain From Ruining Your Sex Life

Given the above possible reasons behind why it might be painful for your wife to participate in sex, there are some important pro tips to prevent pain from ruining your sex life and they are as follows.

  • The first and the most important thing to remember when you wish to have intercourse is to talk to your wife and ensure she is on the same level or in the same mood. Additionally, always slowly build up to the climax instead of rushing in as sudden penetration can have adverse effects on the body as well as the mind of your wife.
  • Another common reason other than the ones mentioned above is vaginal dryness that can cause discomfort and pain during sex. To avoid the same to have a better sex life, investing in lubricants is the smartest decision. There is never enough lube, no matter how prepared your wife is for sex and so ensure there is no shortage ever.
  • Another trick that can work in your favour is to be open-minded and experiment with a variety of positions to see which one is comfortable for you and your partner which one is not. Communication is key so always participate and make it easy for you and your wife.
  • One very important pro tip is to focus on foreplay prior to jumping into the main climax to allow both your wife’s body and your body to slowly build up tension instead of rushing in.
  • Lastly, ask your wife what she likes in order to help her feel more at ease and comfortable during sex, making the experience full of pleasure for both you and her.