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Women, Men Need Your Help...When it comes to ED

Women, the first thing you can do is sit next to your partner, give him a warm hug and gently broach the subject of his sexual health.

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Women, Men Need Your Help...When it comes to ED
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Veena Ganesh Shinde, MD, DGO, PG & ART, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Women, Men Need Your Help…When it comes to ED

Your partner will be entirely comfortable talking to you about his favourite football team, his first crush, his most embarrassing moment, even the number of times he changes his underwear in a week. The one thing he is most certainly not comfortable talking about, even to his own doctor, is about erectile dysfunction (ED). Matters related to sexual wellness are often swept under the carpet, much to the detriment of your partner’s own health, and to your relationship as well.

But, Wait…Stress Matters Too

The lights are dimmed to a romantic mood, the bed sprayed with flower petals, and the air is rich with love. As you and your partner get naughty with each other, you can feel his ‘love’ grow on you. But just as you and your partner are ready to dance the final tango, you feel his love soften.This can have a crushing effect on the man, where he feels he is incapable of performing his manly duties. It may, however, just be stress or performance anxiety. A simple test to say with some conviction whether your partner is suffering from ED or not is to check if his ‘love’ for you grows hard in the first place. If it does not, here’s what you can do.

You Matter

When it comes to men discussing their sexual health matters with their doctor, the women become the cheese in the sandwich – the interconnecting link. Because of the taboo that surrounds the topic, you may find yourself discussing the issue with the doctor on your partner’s behalf. Quite often, this only leads to more confusion and more anxiety. Rather than be the cheese in the sandwich, here’s what you can do:

Communication matters

The first thing you can do is sit next to your partner, give him a warm hug and gently broach the subject of his sexual health. The fact that you are ready and willing to share his anxiety will give him the confidence to take the next step.

Professional help matters

The next step is seeking professional help. ED can only be treated with proper medication and professional medical guidance. Not matter how much alluring the ‘Baba Bengali’ ads on public transport may seem, a doctor will prescribe the proper cure for ED.

General health matters

Along with the proper medication, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can certainly boost your partner’s performance in the bedroom: a bit like going from a Maruti to a Ferrari. The healthier your partner, the better the blood circulation in his body, which leads to a more energetic male organ.

Counselling matters

Quite often, in the rush to diagnose and treat ED, it is easy to forget the mental side of the issue. You need to make your partner realise that he does not carry his burden alone; that there are safe spaces in which he can discuss issues that affect his mental state, which in turn affect his erection. These safe spaces come in the form of psychologists and counsellors.

Women, Men Need Your Help

For a very long time, ED and impotence were treated like top-secret, classified documents that only the men could and should read. Not anymore. You play an important role in your partner’s sexual health. And you can certainly help by gently guiding your partner towards medical supervision when he suffers from ED and performance anxiety.