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6 Yoga Asanas to Reduce Double Chin | Know More to Get a Chiseled Face

Yoga exercises can help you reduce your double chin and get that perfect jawline you always wanted. Practice these simple yoga exercises to reduce face fat.

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6 Yoga Asanas to Reduce Double Chin | Know More to Get a Chiseled Face

It is no secret that men with chiseled faces and prominent jawlines are considered good-looking. Take Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt, and Robert Pattinson, for example. As the world of cosmetology advances, minimizing the appearance of your double chin is easily achievable. What about if you don’t have time and money, though?

Not every man can afford or has the time to undergo aesthetic procedures, even though they may want to get rid of excess fat around the chin. If you find yourself in this fix, too, this blog is for you. And what’s more? The solution is entirely natural! Specific Yoga exercises help reduce your double chin forming that jawline that you always desired. But how to reduce double chin by yoga? Have you ever heard of face yoga for double chin?

Vitamins for glowing skin are not the only way to make it supple. You can achieve skin goals in terms of vitality and suppleness by practicing these simple yoga asanas to get rid of a double chin. How do they help? By facilitating healthy blood circulation and enhancing muscle power. Let’s take a look at exercises to attain an envious jawline without further ado!

Asana 1 for a Chiseled Face: Neck Stretches

Neck stretches are fundamental for the face, jawline, and neck. It stimulates the tired muscles and gets the blood flowing.

Helps- Prevent a droopy neck and double chin.

How to do neck stretches?

  • Inhale
  • Move your chin towards your left shoulder.
  • Slowly bend backward and move towards the right shoulder.
  • Exhale and complete the cycle.

Frequency for neck stretches- Perform this thrice clockwise and thrice anti-clockwise.

Pro tip- Your neck region is delicate. Avoid jerky movements and stick to slow ones.

Asana 2 for a Chiseled Face: The Pout Pose

How can you perform this? By pulling your cheeks in to form a pout, stretching your mouth muscles.

Helps- Stretch your cheek muscles and neck, improving blood circulation.

How to do the pout pose?

  • Gently press your lips together and try to make the corners of your mouth meet.
  • Make sure to widen your eyes as you feel the stretch.

Frequency for the pout pose- Perform this thrice and hold each repetition for at least 10 seconds.

Pro tip- Once you have practice, increase it up to 30 seconds for better results.

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Asana 3 for a Chiseled Face: The Tongue Lock (Jivha Bandha)

Jivha means ‘Tongue,’ and this exercise involves stretching it.

Helps- Stretch the tongue and neck simultaneously. What does this do? It reduces fat accumulation around your face.

How to do the tongue lock?

  • Touch the tongue to the roof of your mouth, creating a vacuum.
  • Slowly open your mouth, keep the tongue where it is, and tilt your head upwards.
  • Release your tongue and close your mouth to break out of the pose.

Frequency of the tongue lock- Perform this thrice and hold for 20 seconds.

Pro tip- Sit in Vajrasana or upright on a chair to effectively feel this stretch.

Asana 4 for a Chiseled Face: The Lion Pose (Simha Mudra)

Simha Mudra is also known as Lion’s breath.

Helps- Erase fine lines and wrinkles by facilitating facial blood circulation and that of the brain.

How to do the lion pose?

  • Open your mouth wide.
  • Eyes wide open and chin closer to the chest.
  • Pull out your tongue while making a roaring sound.
  • Inhale while closing your mouth to break out of the pose.

Frequency for the lion pose-- Perform this thrice and hold the pose for 15-20 seconds.

Pro tip- Stretch out your fingers and rest on your knees when you roar. Doing so will enhance the mudra’s effect.

Asana 5: The Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

This asana is a part of the famous Suryanamaskar or sun salutation. It’s an excellent way to practice yoga to get rid of a double chin.

Helps- Not only does it stretch your neck muscles, but it also improves overall blood circulation all over your body.

How to do the cobra pose-

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Inhale
  • Slide your upper body forward like a cobra rising.
  • Take the support of palms faced down near your chest.
  • Make sure your abdominal and pelvic regions are touching the ground.

Frequency for the cobra pose- Perform this twice and hold the position for 30 seconds.

Pro tip- Push your shoulders back slightly. Looking upwards will help you feel the stretch in the neck and back.

Asana 6: The Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

If you want a full-body stretch along with a chiseled jawline, opt for this asana. Slow and effective neck movements will help strengthen your neck and chin muscles.

Helps- Make neck and skin flexible, preventing a saggy double chin. Use Papaya for your face to assist your journey to clear skin.

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How to do the camel pose-

  • Kneel on the floor with thighs perpendicular to your calf.
  • Place your hands on your back.
  • Breathe out and slowly bend backward to touch your heels with both hands.

Frequency for the camel pose- Perform this twice and old for 30 seconds and 1 minute, respectively.

These yoga asanas help in reducing double chin and helps the skin glow.  To know more about how to add glow to your face, explore natural methods like a Tomato face pack for your skin or Multani Mitti for oily and dry skin.


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