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Yoga For Immunity

Certain yoga positions can help support, balance and boost the immune system. Read on to learn more about the yoga poses that are sure to help you.

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Yoga For Immunity
Medically Reviewed by Nt. Priyal H Sheth, BHSc in Food Science and Nutrition, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Quarantine – many may have associated this word with fiction in the past. Buckle up, because it’s fast becoming the reality of the times, we live in.

According to the latest coronavirus update, our government is leaving no stone unturned to curb the highly transmissible disease. A national appeal of quarantine has become the crux of social distancing measures implemented across the country. Health and wellbeing have taken prime importance because a healthy body and a sound mind can help us become stronger, together. Many have taken to practising Yoga as a way to strengthen their ability to fight sickness.

Did you know that the Harvard Medical School has also given its stamp of approval to Yoga as the go-to method for anyone who wishes to keep themselves calm, fit and healthy?

Taking a page from the ancient art of health, here’s 5 Yoga poses to boost your immunity

Sphinx Pose

Talk about nerve control anybody? This is a perfect pose for anyone who’s been feeling a little down in their guts, lately. Also known as Salamba Bhujangasana, here you can lie down on your stomach, extend your arms and raise your upper body to mirror that of an Egyptian Sphynx. Keep your breath even throughout the pose and voila! No more frayed nerves.

Eagle Pose

A quick boost of immunity, coming right up! Well known as Garudasana, this pose involves standing on one foot while wrapping the other foot around it. Raise your forearms with elbows above your shoulders and intertwine them. Hold this pose for a while and get your blood pumping.

Triangle Pose

Stretching it for the win! Trikonasana is all about allowing yourself to have a release. Stretch your feet making a triangle with the ground. Take one hand, try to touch one foot, while stretching the other hand in the opposite direction. Feel the stretch and melt the tension away from your hips.

Happy Baby Pose

Acting like a baby was never this healthy! Have you seen how a happy baby holds their feet high in the air with their arms? That’s exactly how you do Ananda

Balasana. Keep your breathing in check and begin rocking to help detoxify yourself while stimulating your kidneys and gut.

Plank Pose

Plank your way to immunity! Kumbhakasana is the easiest of the lot as it is all about balance. Lie down with your feet apart from each other. Raise your body with the help of your palms and balance it on your toes to mirror a plank. Hold the pose as you breathe and drive up your metabolism.

It’s time we all make Yoga our best friend in our journey to beat the spread of coronavirus. Boosting your immunity and adding to your health and wellbeing is your best bet for coronavirus prevention. There’s more advantages of this ancient practice, find them out here.