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Best Dietitians and Nutritionists in India

Dr. Farha Aslam Jawre
BHMS, PGDDPN CFN Lifestyle coach.
12 yrs
Dr Farha Aslam jawre BHMS, PGDDPN CFN Lifestyle coach.I have 12 years of experience in Hospitals and Fitness centres as Nutritionist , Health and lifestyle coach
Priyanka shetty in Food, Nutrition And Dietitics
Priyanka shetty is a certified dietician, educating the clients about the long term health benefits of healthy eating lifestyle. Her main motive is to assess the client's nutritional needs, provide them with the nutritional counselling and implement the dietary care plans to them.
Mrinal Bhoir
PG.diploma in dietetics and applied nutrition
9 yrs
Mrinal Bhoir is a Dietician. She has worked with Talwalkars gym, Burn it wellness center and Abbott nutrition in the past. She takes keen interest in educating people about healthy lifestyle changes.
BHSc in Food Science and Nutrition
10 yrs
With a strong background of working with a Start ups and big players such as Goqii, Food darzee, Healthify Me, Pepsico & Jubilant Foods, I am on a mission to help people achieve long term health and well-being. To support the mission, I have been practicing alternative medicine and healing like reiki & acupressure.

Dieticians & Nutritionists Near Me

Dietitians and Nutritionists are the health experts who guide us on how to stay healthy and well by bringing some changes in our diet and nutrition style. They consult you on what to eat regularly to lead a healthy lifestyle. A Nutrition doctor will help you with diabetes, food allergies, gut health, IBS syndrome, eating disorders, weight loss and gain, malnutrition, chronic fatigue, among many other health and wellness associated concerns.
Patients from all across the globe can conveniently seek the expertise of our top Dieticians and Nutritionists in , with the help of a Free Online Consultation. You can even easily visit them for any requisite medical advice or treatment.

Some of the responsibilities of the best dieticians and nutritionists include-
To assess your health and wellness needs.
To consult you on nutrition intake and healthy eating habits
To educate about healthy foods, ingredients, lifestyle habits associated with various health concerns
To help you improve your health issue with consistent sessions on diet, food, nutrition

Discuss and find out the right solutions for your physical and mental health problems with some of our best Dieticians and Nutritionists in India today- they are all near you because they are just one free online consultation away! Book now; it's hassle-free and convenient too!
Ratings & Reviews
Did Online Consultation For Obesity
Did Online consultation for my obesity. The doctor was very friendly and explained me what i was doing wrong and gave me a full proof plan on good eating and exercise habits.
Rahul Anand
Verified Buyer
The Diet Plan That Doctor Gave Me Worked
I am writing this review after 35 days because i am really happy with my results the diet plan that doctor gave me was simply fabulous and I have lost 4kg. Will definitely recomend this to other.
Keyur Acharya
Verified Buyer
Consulted For Weight Loss Treat
Fantastic experience!.
Pratik Karkera
Verified Buyer
Had A Great Experience
Consulted for weight loss
Tanmay Shah
Verified Buyer
Consulted For Weight Loss
The doctor was very supportive and listened carefully to everything that I said
Tarun Bakshi
Verified Buyer
Chest Pain
Consulted doctor for chest pain he was extremly professional and gave me some home remedies overcome the pain
Kapil Kumar
Verified Buyer
Diet Therapy
During our call doctor gave a customized diet plan according to my preference after listening to every thing I said
Rohit Apte
Verified Buyer

When To Consult a Dietitians and Nutritionists Near Me?

A Dietician and Nutritionist can help treat all diet and nutrition related concerns. So, wondering- when should I consult a dietician or nutritionist near me? Here are few signs when you should consult one on the pronto-

Your stomach feels uneasy and twisty when you consume dairy-products
You cannot lose weight despite trying every diet out there
You are following proper lifestyle habits still can't shake off extra weight
You want to lose weight in general
You have high cholesterol
You have regular acidity issues
Your bowel irregular bowel movements
You face sudden increase or decrease in hunger levels
You overeat or binge when you feel emotional (anxious, stressed, sad, happy, angry)
You want babies

Physical vs. Online Doctor Consultation with Doctors Near Me: Which one is Better?

As the entire human paradigm is gradually shifting online, doctors worldwide are constantly coming up with better ways to be more available to their patients. Connect with some of the best doctors available in the country while looking for doctors near you now! With the freedom to choose and schedule appointments with a medical expert, online doctor consultations are better. Here are few reasons why you should start considering online consultation over physical doctor visits

Consultation with Trusted & Renowned Doctors in the Country

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Online doctor consultations are not restricted by geography. You can seek expert medical advice today, from some of the best doctors in the country, from the comforts of your home. Digital health clinics ensure that you get a proper medical diagnosis without having to spend a fortune to travel and locate to seek a trusted medical expert's advice. We at Man matters strive to bridge this gap between Doctors and you with our free online consultations.

Ask & Talk without Hesitation

At times you hesitate to ask or discuss your health queries and concerns in person due to their delicate nature. Online portals make it relatively easier to voice out any concerns without hesitation. Moreover, these consultations offer complete anonymity to you!

Online Doctor Consultations are Affordable

Unlike physical doctor visits, online doctor consultations through digital health clinics are cheaper and more affordable. Online doctor consultations minimise the unnecessary travel cost, doctor fees, among other things. You can now get the best consultation for your health and wellness problems at a very minimal expense. Take your medical satisfaction up by several notches with us!

There's No Waiting Time

Unlike physical doctor visits, where there's a long queue to make appointments/ wait for one- online doctor consultation diminishes this concept. Schedule with a doctor about your medical concern online now, and consult without any waiting time!

FAQs on Dieticians & Nutritionists and Common Health Problems

Should I consult a dietician near me for weight loss?

Yes, you should consult with a good dietician for weight loss. There are multiple ways of losing weight fast, and people try all sorts of crazy, unscientific practices which have no supporting evidence behind them. It's advisable to consult with a professional dietician or nutritionist to understand your needs, body and accordingly set realistic and achievable weight loss goals. Your dietician will apprise you on how many calories to eat daily for weight loss.

Looking for a nutritionist or dietician near you for weight loss? Take a free online doctor consultation with one of our top nutritionists and dieticians.

Are nutritionists and dietitians the same thing?

Dieticians educate you about food and lifestyle habits, nutrition intake, and health and wellness. They work in similar settings as nutritionists, including hospitals, care facilities, schools, and digital health clinics. A nutritionist that gets CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration) registered after qualifying for a national level exam may legally declare themselves as a dietician / registered dietician (RD)

How Much Fee Does A Nutritionist or Dietician In Charge?

This may vary from doctors to doctors. However you can get on a free online doctor consultation with one of our top Dietician/Nutritionist in India today, from anywhere across the globe, conveniently. Book your appointment now, and get the right treatment from the comforts of your home.

How do I fix irregular bowel movements?

If you cannot poop as easily or regularly as you had like, ensure to eat 4-5 litres of water regularly, add more fibre-rich foods to your diet, eat more fruits, take laxatives, and exercise periodically among other things. The best practice here would be to reach out to a nutritionist or dietician. An expert dietician will help tailor a dietary solution based on what your body needs.

Is consulting with a dietician or nutritionist worth it?

Consulting with a dietician or nutritionist help you determine what your diet/lifestyle habits may be lacking. These health experts are trained to identify nutrient deficiencies, allergies, dietary restrictions and help you to treat various health concerns with a personalized treatment. So, yes, consulting with an expert dietician or nutritionist is worth it.