100% Natural Antifungal SHIELD Helmet Spray
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Antibacterial Helmet Spray to Clean Helmet
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SHIELD Helmet Spray (100 ml)

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A bacteriostat spray that disinfects and sterilizes your helmet & prevents it from becoming a hotspot for germs.
Combining Science and Natural Ingredeints
A natural antiseptic with strong antibacterial effects, turmeric inhibits the growth of bacteria & fungi in your helmet & scalp.
A natural disinfectant, lemon has antifungal properties that will kill mold, fungi and germs in your helmet & will leave it smelling refreshed.
A cooling agent, menthol wilI curb the scalp from sweating excessively. This will prevent harmful bacteria from growing and thriving in your helmet and scalp.
Anti Fungal
Anti Bacterial
Zero Chemicals
Removes Odor
100% Natural
Deep Cleanses
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Ratings & Reviews
8 Reviews
5 Good product
It feels good
Hi Tarun, We're really glad to know that you've liked our product. Please continue using it regularly. Do tell your family & friends about your experience as this will encourage them to try our products. Thanks for your wonderful rating & review. You inspire us to be better. Cheers, Team Man Matters 🙂
0 0
1 Asshole Product
Order still not delivered which was ordered
Ajaykumar V
0 0
5 Great product!
Great product! Refreshes, cleans, and removes odour from the helmet. Has a refreshing aroma as well. Use my code 9964081314 to get ₹100 off on your order.
Sufiyan Sufyan
0 4
2 One canister empty
The product is okay. No complaint there. But out of the three canisters, one canister had leaked and there was nothing in it. The package was obviously drenched in the leaked liquid, but dried up. But marks were visible.
Really really sorry to know that this product didn't work for you. Our customer happiness executive will call you to understand a bit more about the issue and suggest the right solution.
Unnikrishnan Arikkath
0 0
5 Good product
Loved the product,it has good smell keeps the helmet fresh.
Thank you for your kind and positive words. So happy to know that we were able to solve your problem. Please don't hesitate to send us a mail on support@manmatters.com, if you have any questions.
Amrit Pal
1 0
3 Gud
Over all gud have experience with it recommend who wear healmt for almost 4hrs in a day
Kunal Kumar
0 0
5 Ultimate solution for helmet odour
It's absolutely awesome. Instant relief from the bad odour of helmet and keeps it fresh for more than 7 days. My scalp sweats a lot. I drive for 1 and half hour every day. Still one spray lasts for more than 7 days. Last but not the least the fregrence is delightful.
Kakali Chattopadhyay
0 0
5 Good product
It feels good and smells good as well
Sudhansu Mohanty
0 0
Questions & Answers
Q. Which body part here is referred as helmet
A. Hi Aman,

Thanks for your enquiry. This spray is used to disinfect & sterilize the helmet that's used while driving a bike. In case you've any concerns, then you can always book a free consultation with our expert doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6 who will understand your doubts in detail & guide you further on this.

Team Man Matters 🙂
0 0
Q. Can we use this spray for hats?.
A. Hi Vinodh,

Thanks for your enquiry. Our Shield Helmet spray is formulated for the purpose of disinfecting and sterilizing your bike helmet only & prevents it from becoming a hotspot for germs. This way you wear a clean helmet every time & keeps your hair infection free. We would not recommend to be applied it on cap or elsewhere except helmet. In case you've any concerns, then you can book a free consultation with our expert hair doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s.

Team Man Matters 🙂
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Q. Can we use it to clean the exterior of the helmet
A. Hi Yujit,

Thank you for your enquiry. Our SHIELD helmet spray is an antibacterial spray recommended to be applied inside of helmet which disinfects and sterilizes the helmet & prevent it from becoming a hotspot for germs. Applying on exterior of the helmet won't have any benefit.

Team Man Matters 🙂
0 0
Q. Which helmet you people are talking about, What happens if it used to direct head..
A. Hello Karthy

This is typically used to spray in the inside of helmets - motorcycle or similar helmets. This should ideally be applied directly on the head.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. Will my hair will get effected by the spray ?
A. Hello Adil

No, your hair will not get affected. Please apply the spray to the inside of the helmet.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. How to use shilde helmate spery
A. Hello Sandeep

Step1: Hold helmet upside down
Step 2: Spray the inside of the helmet lining from a distance of 10 inches
Step 3: Put your sanitised helmet on & you're all set to rock your ride!

Man Matters
Sandeep Kumar
0 0
Q. Is it works on ring warm???
A. Hello Sunil

I presume you have ringworms on scalp. This spray, unfortunately, does not help with that. I suggest consulting with a doctor.

Man Matters
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Is this for me?
Bacteria can survive at upto -20 degrees Celsius & at upto 10% humidity so you better keep that helmet spray handy even in the cold.
Bacteria & other microbes can survive in your helmet for years so don't assume your helmet is clean just because it is not used often.
Bacteria & fungal infections can thrive on all kinds of scalps irrespective of how dry or oily they are.
What Life would look like without a Helmet Spray
What's the Next Best Thing to a Helmet Spray?
Cumbersome & Unhygienic
You would clean your helmet with a damp cloth making it appear clean but it is still festered with bacteria.
Uncomfortable & Unhygienic
You would wear a handkerchief under your helmet but bacteria from the helmet would creep into your hair anyway.
The most basic hygiene check for your hair is a helmet spray
The most basic hygiene check for your hair is a helmet spray
Sweat & Germs
Helmets accumulate sweat, dust & germs. As a result, they are full of bacteria, fungus & bad odour.
Dirt & Bacterias
Helmets might appear harmless but they have 2.2X more bacteria than toilets! Putting it simply, helmets are more than twice as dirty as toilets!
Scalp Damage
The germs from your helmet seep into your hair and scalp leading to a whole host of problems - dandruff, hair fall, bad smelling hair & fungal infections.
Reduced hairfall & dandruff
Hair fall & dandruff is often a result of bacterial buildup on the scalp which the helmet spray will prevent.
Fresher smelling hair
Bad odour in a helmet usually transfers to the hair.
Reduced sweating in the scalp
Excessive sweating in the scalp will be regulated through the cooling properties of menthol.
How To Use it?
This is an instant spray
Step1: Hold helmet upside down.
Step 2: Spray the inside of the helmet lining from a distance of 10 inches.
Step 3: Put your sanitised helmet on & you're all set to rock your ride!
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Here's What Our Helmet Spray Can't Do
Replace Your Hair Wash Rituals
Your helmet won't get your hair dirty anymore, but won't magically clean it either.
Turn Your Helmet Into A Soup Bowl
Your helmet is the right place for your head, not your food.
Cool Your Temper
Menthol has cooling properties but only for your scalp, not for your temper:)
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
SHIELD Helmet Spray (100 ml)
No. It is completely safe and in fact, 100% natural & 100% chemical free. It's main ingredients are turmeric, lemon & menthol. It is designed to keep your helmet, scalp & hair clean.
Yes just spray it evenly on your helmet lining & you are good to go.
Spray the product evenly on the helmet lining. Wait for a few minutes for the disinfecting action to complete & then wipe off all the dust with a cloth.
Yes. We recommend you to use the spray every time you put on your helmet.
Not at all. The spray is effective yet gentle & will not harm your helmet in any way.
Try not to. Otherwise rush to the bathroom & splash your eyes with lots of water.
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Disinfect your helmet
SHIELD Helmet Spray (100 ml)
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