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No side effects | Co-created with Doctors

Stage 4 Hair Regrowth Kit for Scalp Health

₹1499₹249639% off
MRP Inclusive of all Taxes
415K Units sold
1.5K Reviewed
Step 1: Select Your Stage of Hair Fall
Step 2: Select your age
Step 3: Experiencing hair fall since
Step 4: Select your booster
Stage 4 Hair Regrowth Kit: Specifically formulated for men of age 18-23 experiencing receding hairlines and visible bald spots around the crown.
This kit targets key factors contributing to hair loss 🌱

Nutrition: Biotin Hair Gummies contain biotin, zinc, and vitamins to address deficiencies and promote healthy hair growth. 🍎

DHT: Minoxidil + Finasteride inhibits excess DHT production, preventing further hair thinning and promoting regrowth. 💊

Gut Health: Daily Health Booster supports gut health and nutrient absorption with Ayurvedic ingredients. 🌿

Stress and Lifestyle: Biotin Hair Gummies and Daily Health Booster alleviate stress and inflammation, promoting overall well-being and healthier hair. 💆‍♂️💪

►Complete 6 month routine to see visible results
  • No Side EffectsNo Side Effects
  • Clinically TestedClinically Tested
  • No Added SugarNo Added Sugar
  • 6 Month Routine6 Month Routine
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