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Energy Booster Effervescent Tab

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PERFORM Energy Booster is the best performance supplement tailored with a blend of performance boosting ingredients like L-Arginine which has the potential effect to increase vasodilation and improve performance, energy and stamina.
Each glass of PERFORM contains:
Increases endurance & helps the blood vessels relax, so you can remain in the flow of the moment!
An amino acid that burns fat & makes you more energetic over time. (So it’s true. Making love does burn calories.)
Is an antioxidant that helps maintain prostate health. It also makes tomatoes red. Maybe it can make your partner blush red too!
No Sugar Added
No Side Effects
Lactose Free
Quick Absorption
Fast Action
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Why choose PERFORM?
True love ‘lasts’. But that’s easier said than done. A hectic lifestyle can leave you too tired to perform in bed. We get it! That’s why PERFORM effervescent tablets are designed to revitalize mind & body one tablet at a time. It’s a little push, towards a more fulfilling bond with your partner.
This is an effervescent tablet! Means it’s not a hard pill to swallow.
Unlike traditional pills, this one doesn't irritate intestinal linings. It’s fully compatible with your digestive system.
PERFORM comes in a delicious orange flavor. Because we believe, taste shouldn't be a trade-off.
The tablets are small & portable. You can easily fit a week’s supply in your luggage, or even in your pocket.
Is this for me?
Everyone needs a little help in bed
You're not alone!
Almost 30% men experience loss of drive due to exhaustion at work.
And this tablet helps you deal with it!
How does PERFORM work?
It’s not a short-term relationship. We're in this for the long haul. Our ingredients enhance your overall well-being in the long run! Here’s how:
Research suggests L-Arginine can be utilized in therapeutic regimens for performance problems.
According to a study, oral administration of L-Carnitine improves quality of seed.
Lycopene has been proven to lower risk of prostate cancer.
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Slip one into a glass of water
Watch it dissolve
Drink up!
This drink is quickly absorbed by the body, and is designed as an efficient delivery system for effective nutrient absorption.
*Research has shown that effervescent tablets enhance the absorption of active ingredients compared to conventional formulations.
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“Sounds great! Is there anything this tablet can't do?”
Bring your ex back
If you can't do that, neither can we. The best option is to move on to healthier choices in life.
Make problems disappear
This is no miracle quick-fix. Commitment to a healthier lifestyle, regular exercise and a balanced diet will ensure a positive, lasting impact.
Find true love
We can only make you feel more confident in bed. Use that power wisely.
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Perform Energy Booster | 60 Effervescent Tablets
Have a tablet 20-30 minutes before intimacy.
It’s not fun that way... and not advisable either. Dissolve it in a glass of water so that the ingredients get absorbed effectively.
None at all. The tablet is stomach friendly & works effectively to improve your performance with time.
This tablet will improve your energy levels, but your experience also depends on other factors. Like chemistry & comfort between you & your partner.
(Psst! Mood lighting also helps)
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Your very own supercharged fuel
Energy Booster Effervescent Tab
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