Quit Smoking in 90 days

Man Matters Quit Smoking Plan

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Man Matters Quit Smoking plan is a Comprehensive behavioural change program designed to support your individual journey to quitting smoking.
Upon enrolling, you will be assigned a care team.
Care team = Your personal quit coach + Counsellor + Cessation specialist. Care team will work with you and replace existing habits with healthier behaviours resulting in better sleep, lower stress and lower cravings
Note: This is a virtual product. Upon signing up, your quit coach will reach out to you to setup your first call with a de-addiction specialist!

Ratings & Reviews

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Smoke free in 10 weeks!Man Matters really helped me change how I approached quitting smoking. I went from 20 cigarettes a day to 5 in a few weeks and was smoke free in 10 weeks.


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Fantastic experienceGot a great touch from Man Matters. Never expected to be able to quit but I did and I feel so great!


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Question & Answers

Q. What is the duration of consultation?

A. There is no limit for consultations, on an average a normal consultation takes around 30-45 mins and happens on Google Meet. Your quit coach will schedule your call with the de-addiction specialist, counsellor as per schedule as well as whenever needed.

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Q. When and where will I receive the quit plan?

A. After completing the consultation, you will receive the quit plan in the next 24 hrs on email and Whatsapp. Your care team will then ensure that you're able to follow the plan and make tweaks to the plan as necessary based on your response.

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Easiest way to quit smoking with Man Matters

Expert led

Expert led

No Guilt

No Guilt

No vapes

No vapes

No Lifestyle Change

No Lifestyle Change

How we compare

Man Matters

Nicotine Replacement


Doctor led, personalised treatment plans


Generic, ill-suited to most people


Combination therapy combining behavioural techniques, NRT, medications


Only Nicotine replacement


Monitoring, mentorship, guidance


No guidance, support


24x7 support on Whatsapp, assisting you through withdrawal and beyond


No support for withdrawal

Key features

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Eliminating triggers
We help you understand your triggers, working on minimising their impact and supporting their removal.
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CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), administered via care team, helps change thoughts and behaviours around quitting smoking.
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Minimum withdrawal
Program is designed to help you reduce cigarette count gradually, minimising withdrawal and making you feel good about the process!

The quit smoking journey

Reduced tobacco useStep 1

Reduced tobacco use

Meet your addiction specialist and health coach online. Review your treatment plan. Gradually bring down tobacco use. Set a quit date.
Stop smokingStep 2

Stop smoking

Work with your health coach and counsellor. Build better habits. Stop smoking completely.
Quit Smoking completely!Step 3

Quit Smoking completely!

Continue with treatment plan. Learn to live without nicotine. Continue engaging with your care team until you are ready to discontinue treatment

Got Questions ?

Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.

What does the program consist of?

I have used Nicotine gum/NRT, how is the program different?

Does the program include medications?

How does the program help with withdrawal?

I am ready to sign up but the program cost is too high, are there any discounts?

Why quit?


Heart disease

Smoking increases heard disease risk by 400%


Smoking causes 12 types of cancer, increases lung cancer risk 25x


Smoking causes impotence, erectile dysfunction, reduces sperm count by 25%

Hair loss

Smoking causes hair loss, makes you look older


What the program won't do

Fast Results

All good things take time, so does quitting. Don't expect to quit immediately. Follow the program and be rest assured - you will become a non-smoker in 90 days!

Solve The Problem Equally For All

Each person is different, and the way our solution works on everyone is different - which is why our plans are personalised to you and your lifestyle.

Not take effort

Quitting is a time-taking process. While our program will help with cravings, withdrawals, we want you to stay with us till the end.

Why choose Man Matters?


De-addiction specialist led

Our De-addiction specialist will design a treatment plan customised to your schedule, smoking history, pattern. Everyone's journey with quitting is personal, we do not believe in One-size-fits-all.

We Get You

The health coach will keep you motivated and energised, ensuring that you hit your no-smoking targets everyday!

Expert Backed Solutions

The techniques shared in the program will be your companion for life. You will learn to look at your life and surroundings with a new lens, a lens that says No Smoking for life.

Extended Care & Follow-Ups

The program ends only when you feel comfortable living life smoke-free. We will be with you until you become a non-smoker!