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Activate your Beard Follicles

Beard Activator+ (Derma Roller)

₹409₹54925% off
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43K Units
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Select Your Beard Growth Concern (For Best Results)
💎 540 titanium alloy 0.5 mm micro needles for targeted stimulation
🌱 Boost beard growth and activate your dormant beard follicles
🌟 Enhance topical applicator absorption
🔥 Achieve the beard growth you've always dreamed of!

📌 How to use?

1. Start by ensuring your dermaroller is clean and sanitized.
2. Gently roll the dermaroller vertically, horizontally, and diagonally all over your beard area. Apply light to moderate pressure while rolling.
3. If you're using a topical solution, apply it immediately after rolling. The microchannels created by the dermaroller will enhance the absorption of the product into your beard
Use it once a week.
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