Endure Spray (20g) + Tostero Capsules (60N)

Complete Endurance Kit| 1x Endure Spray + 1x Tostero Capsules

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IAre you looking to increase your vigour in a non-invasive and natural way? This performance enhancing duo is here to help! It's clinically tested and proven to give you the desired results without causing any side effects. Apart from that, it helps reduce stress, improve overall strength and vitality. All this to give you a better time, every time!
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Shilajit is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine sourced from the higher altitudes of the Himalayan mountains
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Safed Musli
Safed Musli is better known as 'divya aushadhi' or white gold
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Gokshura is an effective testosterone booster for men

How to use

How it's used ?

What does the kit do

Reduced stressStep 1

Reduced stress

Ashwagandha in these TOSTERO Shilajit Capsules helps calm stressed nerves. You will start feeling less stressed (and proud of yourself for taking matters into your own hands)
Improving metabolism and immunityStep 2

Improving metabolism and immunity

Over time, Shilajit and Ashwagandha in these testosterone boosting capsules for men will help increase your metabolism, along with positive effects on prostate health. This would lead to a boost in the quality of your life.
Improved energy levelsStep 3

Improved energy levels

Gokshura and Safed Musli in these capsules help in boosting testosterone levels. Thus, consuming these Shilajit tablets regularly will help you will feel more energetic and less prone to tiredness.
Increases sensitivity thresholdStep 4

Increases sensitivity threshold

Endure Lidocaine Spray increases the sensitivity threshold to bring slow and lasting control, thus enhancing the level of satisfaction and helps you enjoy a intimate relationship. It gets easily absorbed to give you maximum efficacy and result.
Got Questions ?

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For how long do I use this kit to see a difference?

Does this kit provide a permanent solution?

Does this kit help with PE and ED?

Are these shilajit tablets similar to steroid supplements?

Can you use this spray if your partner is pregnant?

How long does the effect of this spray last?

Is Endure Lidocaine Spray safe for oral activity?



What our products can't do

Doesn't Replace Your Doctor

While we do help you enhance your pleasure, it's best to go to a doctor for a full fledged treatment.

Doesn't Act As A Lubricant

The spray might give a little liquid effect but doesn't replace the need of lubricant for a comfortable experience.

Won't make you powerful in a day

Strength building with the help of Ayurvedic ingredients take time. Don't expect these shilajit tablets to help you turn into a superhero from day one.

how to use

Before Activity: Apply this spray 10-15 minutes prior to activity on top of the organ for maximum absorbtion when it's erect.
After Activity: Wipe your intimate area with SWIPE Cleansing Wipes or any damp cloth to remove any residue
Have 2 TOSTERO capsules daily with milk or water.

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