Intimate Lube (100ml) + Delay Condoms (10 pieces)

Delay Kit - Chocolate

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Introduction Want to have fun in bed without any problem? This kit eliminates both 'major' issues - protection and friction! These 3-in-1 condoms are dotted, ribbed, and delayed—a long time with your partner. Need a little moisture 'down there' or during your solo time? Man Matters Intimate Lube is your partner. Done having too much fun? This lube can be used as a massaging gel too.
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Net Quantity
Each pack contains: 1 x Intimate Lube (100 ml) 1 x Delay Condom (Pack of 1 with 10 Condoms)
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CONVEX LATEX PRIVATE LIMITED, Survery No. 228, Hissa No. 1 & 2, Phase I, Hinjewadi, Tal. Mulshi, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411057.
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Mosaic Wellness Private Limited, 701, 7th floor, Skyline Icon, Andheri Kurla Road, Chimatpada, Marol, Andheri East · Mumbai - 400059. FSSAI Lic No.: 10020022011657
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12 x 7
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3 years

Delay Kit - Chocolate




100% Electronically Tested


Not tested for safety


Full Coverage


Might not give complete coverage


No side effects


Might cause rashes

How does it do it

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4.5% Benzocaine
These condoms contain Benzocaine - a topical local anaesthetic that helps enhance performance by temporarily de-sensitizing the male partner and delaying ejaculation
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Natural Rubber Latex
Compared to its non-latex components, natural rubber latex is exceptionally stretchy without causing any breakage or slippage
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Cellulose Polymers
Our lube is made to create a wonderful experience for you

Full list of ingredients

How to use

What does the product do

Extra lubricationStep 1

Extra lubrication

In the same way lack of oil makes a car jerk, your fun act without enough moisture might create an unpleasant feeling. Man Matters Intimate Lube and Delay Condoms gives you the 'right' kind of moisturiser that makes sliding in and out easier. With this jelly by your side, you can win an award for Best Performing Actor - Male!
Better and long-lasting performanceStep 2

Better and long-lasting performance

The biggest complaint we heard the partners have during intercourse was that they didn't feel it and that it was done too soon! This 3-in-1 condom protects, delays and pleasures simultaneously. Man Matters Ribbed & Dotted Delay Condoms have two different textures. Each condom is uniquely positioned to have 384 dots and ribbed to make it feel like the 'real thing' while lengthening the process!
100% Electronically testedStep 3

100% Electronically tested

Each condom in this pack goes through rigorous testing. We've ensured it is strong enough to avoid any tears and holes.
Full coverageStep 4

Full coverage

Each condom is contoured, making it easy to put on for a more comfortable and easy experience.
Tango of two made relaxing
Step 5

Tango of two made relaxing

After a long performance, you need some time to relax. Man Matters Intimate Lube is perfect for massaging each other up. This gel doubles up as a relaxing massaging jelly. Let your hands and our lube do some magic together!
Improves solo time
Step 6

Improves solo time

Throw away that lotion you were sneaking in and make Man Matters Intimate Lube your BFF. When you perform solo with anything other than a jelly, it has the chance to cause irritation. So roll up your sleeves to enjoy a friction-free stress-relieving act, whenever you want.

Got Questions ?

Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.

Does this kit provide a permanent solution?

How many times a week should I use this kit?

Can I use lubricants and other toys with these Man Matters Ribbed & Dotted Delay Condoms?

Does this lubricant cause irritation?

What is spermicide?

Wouldn't having spermicide provide better protection?

I stay with family. Will the delivery be discreet?

Will Man Matters Ribbed & Dotted Delay Condoms provide 100% protection?

What is a water-based lube and how is it different from silicone-based?

Can one use Man Matters Intimate Lube when trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy?

What if my skin reacts to this?

What it works best with?


100% consent

You can get ultimate pleasure only when both of you say yes!


What it won't do

Provide 100% contraception

While no means of contraception can provide 100% protection, we've made sure Man Matters Delay Condoms go through rigorous testing. Each condom is 100% electronically tested to ensure it can survive every action without tears. However, this cannot guarantee that it is 100% safe as there is always a chance that the condom might break due to an un-measurable amount of friction, wrong usage, or unsafe practices (like using two condoms in one go).

Doesn't Replace Your Doctor

While we do help you enhance your pleasure, it's best to go to a doctor for a full-fledged treatment.

How to use

Step 2: Pinch the tip of the Ribbed & Dotted Delay Condom and place it on top of your penis. Ensure the roll side is out.
After Activity: Wipe your intimate area with SWIPE Cleansing Wipes or any damp cloth to remove any residue
Step 3: Once done, roll it off and dispose of it responsibly.
Post care: Once done using the condom, wash yourself off with water and Man Matters SWASH Intimate Wash.
Want to use the lube with a condom?
Smooth the jelly over the condom.
Want to use it for a massage?
Just pour it on the areas and gently massage

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