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Beardmax 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum- the best alternative for beard oil used for beard growth
The Best Science-based Solution for Patchy Beard

BeardMax 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum

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Give your beard development process a boost with BeardMax 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum. This Minoxidil 5% solution promotes denser beard growth with regular use. Being alcohol-free, it does this without causing irritation. BeardMax stimulates and nourishes inactive follicles to fill-in beard patches with new growth. It's the perfect science-based solution to help improve your beard. Use the included wooden beard comb to groom your beard as it grows.
What does the product do
After 3 weeks
Sheds weak beard hair
Minoxidil for beard works from the roots to promote beard growth. When applied, this 5% Minoxidil beard growth serum stimulates follicles and does away with weak hair. It makes beard in the telogen (non-growing) phase fall out and be replaced by hair in the anagen/growing phase.
After 4 months
Thicker beard growth
Minoxidil is a vasodilator, i.e. it opens up blood vessels. This leads to better blood circulation resulting in growth of a thicker beard thanks to improved nourishment to beard hair follicles.
After 6 months
Growth of new beard hair
This beard growth serum stimulates and activates beard follicles. This induces new beard hair in places where there is lesser growth, and fills up patchy beard. With continuous use, Minoxidil for beard helps in covering patches by improving the growth, density and thickness of beard hair.
Who is it for
This 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum is for you if:
You want to fill patches in your beard
You want improved beard growth
You want a science-based solution
You want a thick and dense beard
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How does it do it?
Minoxidil for beard stimulates beard hair follicles. Regular use of this beard serum boosts the beard development process, resulting in a less patchy, denser and thicker beard. Minoxidil solution acts as a vasodilator, i.e. it widens blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach the facial hair follicles, enhancing growth.
Easy to Use
Our 5% Minoxidil solution for beard is water-based and non-sticky. You can apply it on before you head to the office, or after a long day without any stickiness and it doesn't need to be washed out.
Alcohol Free
Alcohol-based products disturb the pH balance of your skin resulting in acne, itching and rashes. This alcohol-free Minoxidil for beard helps in beard growth without the worry of irritation.
Ratings & Reviews
13 Reviews
5 Use code 9394427087 off Rs 100 any Purchase
I used this product at least 1 Month . Very good results .. this is best Bread oil.now I\'m full happy because my Beard growing after use this product. Thanks man Matters. If you also want to buy then you can buy. Use my code 9394427087 You will get 100 rupees off
Thank you for your kind and positive words. So happy to know that we were able to satisfy you with our Product . Please don't hesitate to send us a whatsapp message on +91 7700900945, if you have any questions.
Nuramin Sheikh
1 1
5 Going to start with it
I’ve placed the order after watching so many vidios online or reading article ii’m gonna post my results very soon if you want to purchase use this referral code 8510888476 for saving extra 100 rs.
Shakeel Ahmad
0 0
5 Excellent product for beard
I dont give a review without using i have almost used all products its provides u nourishment in 2 months and excellent thickness in 3months and ur beard is full completely use my code 9676366566 to get 200 off on ur desired product
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5 Use 7619417262 for Rs 100 off on any purchase
This product stands out among all other beard oil products available online.Plus a beard comb for styling your beard aswell.
0 0
5 Best product for fixing patches
Minoxidil is the single best solution for improving patchy beards, and finally there\'s a product with minoxidil made for beard. The comb provided is of good quality
1 0
4 Beard growth
I used this serum.. I get good result.. u can try this.
Chithu Vt
0 0
5 Works fine and better than oils
Works fine and better than oils and you can see significant changes in a month
Rahul Ag
0 0
5 Need of the hour
There are so many products that claim to help improve beard development, but none that i've found have scientific research to back it up. I'm confident that using this will actually give improvement. can't wait
0 0
5 Just what I was looking for
I've tried everything for my patchy beard, without getting results. Finally there's a product that based on science that's just for the beard. Will update with results!
0 0
5 A product that actually works - finally
Thank you for this product, got to try it out via the trial panel. Having a thick beard was always something I wanted, but couldn't get. Minoxidil is the most effective ingredient there is for improving density, and it's great that this formula now allows minoxidil to be used for patchy beards.
Aakash D
0 0
5 True to its name :)
I got this product pre-launch as a tester and I have been impressed with the results it gave. My patchy beard looks a lot better now! I'm glad it's available for purchase as I can share this with my friends who have the same issue. I honestly didn't anything could be done for increasing the density of hair, but beardmax has really come through
0 0
5 Very effective for improving patchy beard
My beard had stopped developing after i turned 21 - it was a patchy mess, so I always kept my face clean-shaven. When I was contacted to be in the panel for this product, I thought I'd give it a try as there was nothing to lose. It's been very effective for me - places where there was only scanty growth, is now a lot denser. My moustache has connected to the beard as well. Pro tip - Instead of shaving, I started maintaining it with a short trim to avoid any irritation. This way I would also see the slow increase in density
Siddharth C
0 0
5 Give it a try, your beard will thank you
Until now I was using "beard growth oils" but never saw any result. Got to try this product as part of the trial panel. Initially I saw very little change, but after 5 months, my beard was visibly thicker. And now, the patchiness has reduced by a lot! It's amazing what science + consistency can do. Man Matters has made something really special for us men
0 0
Questions & Answers
Q. Is it safe?
Ajay Kumar Jain
0 0
Q. What time does beardmax minoxidil take to shownew hair
A. Hello Naman

You should ideally take this for 3-6 months to start seeing results.

Man Matters
Naman Khanna
0 0
Q. Why don\'t you guys offer a trial product which comes cheaper?
A. Hi Vivek,

We understand your point. Please note that we've recently launched all our Beard care products. Our team is working on formulating trial/sampler kits for Beard products. We assure you that soon it'll be launched on our website.

Team Man Matters 🙂
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Q. It\'s perfect gives results
Abdul Rahman
0 0
Ingredients list
Minoxidil IP, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Aqueous Base Q.S.
Safe and Effective

Alcohol Free

Australian Made Safe Certified

Safe for All Skin Types

Clinical Proof
Lab tests and certifications
Made Safe
View Certificate
How to use
Wash your face with water or a gentle face wash and pat dry
Take 1 ml of Minoxidil for beard growth in dropper and apply all over the beard area
Gently massage this beard growth serum into the skin
Once done, cleanse your hands
Note: Apply daily. Minoxidil for beard works best when used on slightly damp skin. Your face should not to be dripping with water, but it should not be completely dry either.
What it works best with?
Using a derma roller on your beard before applying this Minoxidil solution would help improve its effectiveness. Derma roller for beard growth creates tiny punctures in your facial skin, resulting in enhanced absorption of this Minoxidil 5% solution for beard. Doing this process once a week would help promote denser growth.
Good diet
Nothing replaces nutritional food intake. Ensure you have good dietary foods rich in Biotin and Iron such as eggs, spinach and other green leafy vegetables to help boost your beard health.
Boosting testosterone levels
One of the major reasons for scanty beard growth is a lack of adequate testosterone levels. You can improve this by maintaining an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise, and also by taking natural supplements like Shilajit and Ashwagandha in your diet.
What it won't do
Fast Results
All good things take time, so does growing healthy beard hair with this beard growth serum.
Solve The Problem Equally For All
Each person is different, and the way our Minoxidil for beard growth solution works on everyone is different too. Therefore, the results may vary.
Alcohol Free
Made Safe Certified
Proven Ingredients
Doctor Recommended
Cruelty Free
Might have Alcohol
Contains Toxins
Not Clinically Tested
Not Recommended by Experts
Tested on Animals
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Beard Development Kit
Minoxidil is clinically proven to activate dormant hair follicles for improving growth and filling patches. Beard growth oil does not do this, and tends to be heavier on beard, making it look shiny and sometimes greasy. Thus, they aren't comparable. This Minoxidil solution for beard growth is lightweight in nature making it ideal for all-day use!
The Minoxidil solution for men may initially lead to some shedding but it's part of the treatment. The treatment synchronizes the beard growth cycle which results in the phasing out of extremely weak hair, thus the shedding.
You can apply the Minoxidil 5% solution right after dermarolling. It's advised to use a roller with 0.5mm needles.
This Minoxidil 5% solution is an alcohol-free formula, which means you won't experience acne, itching or irritation. Regular use of minoxidil may cause dryness of the skin or facial hair, but this varies. A face moisturiser can be applied after a gap of 2 hours from applying the serum.
Yes, this Minoxidil 5 for men is a water-based solution. This makes it light and non-sticky. You'll barely notice it once you have it on.
This is a water-based solution which seeps into your beard and doesn't leave any residue behind. Minoxidil 5% solution works on your beard without looking greasy. You won't have to wash your face after applying it. Thus, you can continue following your existing cleansing regimen.
Minoxidil 5% solution is oil-free so, it will not make your beard and skin greasy. Applying it onto skin that's damp is recommended with this solution, for improved efficacy.
We'd recommend that it be applied daily, for 6 months. The serum is designed to be used every day. Please schedule a doctor consultation for discussing any changes to your regimen while using Minoxidil.
This Minoxidil 5% solution may change colour over time. However, it doesn't impact product efficacy or quality.
No, this is a common myth that is not grounded in reality. Shaving doesn't have any tangible impact on improving beard density. Excessive shaving can even be irritating for the skin, slowing down beard development.
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The Best Science-based Solution for Patchy Beard
BeardMax 5% Minoxidil Beard Growth Serum
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