Hygiene Care Kit

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Combination of a refreshing cleansing hygiene wash and on-the-go solutions of cleansing wipes for the modern man.
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Thoughtfully chosen ingredients to give you the best invigorating feel and cleanse
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Aloe Vera
A one-plant-army for sensitive skin
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Cucumber Softens and refreshes your skin, giving it some cool vibes!
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Tea Tree
Reduces rashes and itching
How to use


Instantly removes pollutants from the skin.
How does it fit my lifestyle?
While sweating it out in the gym
SWIPE and SWASH lower the risk of fungal infections. 99% of germs are spread through hands. Be it at a health club, private gym, tennis club or while playing. SWIPE reduce the risk of skin infections.
When you're on the road
SWIPE features thick, soft and gentle pre-moistened wipes to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the skin thus making them the perfect companion for camping, backpacking, hiking, travelling, bike riding, and all other outdoor activities.

What’s in the Kit?

SWASH - Intimate Wash for Men
This hygiene wash for men kills the harmful bacteria and keeps your intimate area fresh all day long. It relieves the genital area from skin inflammation, and its sensitive foam cleanses thoroughly. It is a pH balancing foaming soap for your private part that makes it more comfortable and easier for you to go through your day.
THINGS TO NOTEHere's what our kit doesn't do
Become a One time solution
Intimate hygiene can be improved if made into a habit and used regularly, just like bathing
Replace your shower
It is important to still keep yourself clean with a regular shower
Find true love
We can only make you feel more fresh and confident throughout the day. Use that power wisely.
Make you very popular
People who truly matter wont care about how you look. They will care about how you smell though, so maybe a little popular


While having a bath
Take a few dabs of the rich foam onto the palm. Apply on the intimate area and massage gently. Leave on for 25-35 seconds. Then rinse it off and you’re done.
Anytime of the day
Gently wipe the area you want to cleanse from left to right/top to bottom Use a fresh SWIPE every time you wipe After use, dispose without worry. They are eco-friendly!
Why choose Man Matters?
Free Doctor Consultation
The wellness ecosystem is broken and we intend to fix that. We believe that expert doctor advice and consult shouldn't be so hard, our expert dermatologists are always there to help you and give their advice.
We Get You
Talking about personal health is hard. Often embarrassing. We get that. So we took ‘matters’ into our own hands; and created a place for all matters of man. Hair, skin, weight, sleep, performance and much more. We get you, and we get what matters to you.
Expert Backed Solutions
With so many unreliable sources and searches, it's hard to decide whom to trust. Our solutions are trusted by experts, and are backed by science. We believe that wellness has a science behind it and we want to make it more accessible.
Extended Care & Follow-Ups
Wellness is an actively pursued goal of being in a state of good health. We believe that compliance and discipline matter if you want to move towards wellbeing, and we get that it's not easy. We are here to handhold you and help you on this journey.