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Vegan & sugar free Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies- fat burners for men

Pure Apple Cider Vinegar

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Made using PURE Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV gummies are the most convenient way to get your daily dose of ACV. ACV’s acetic acid content improves digestion and metabolism, chicory inulin reduces your hunger pangs and fiber keeps you full.
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No Added Sugar

Plant Based

Gluten Free

Gelatin Free

No Added Flavors

100% Vegan


Apple cider vinegar

ACV helps you eat fewer calories by increasing the feeling of fullness. By naturally lowering blood sugar, with a healthy diet and exercise, it helps you burn visceral fat.

Chicory Inulin

A soluble fiber found in plants and a powerful pre-biotic that enables your body to better absorb nutrients from the food you eat. It promotes digestive health, improves intestine functioning, and regulates appetite.


By keeping you full, fibre can curb appetite and prevent you from overeating. With low calories, 8 calories per gummy, you will have less room for junk food!
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115 Reviews
5 Tasty And Nice
Tried this at my friends place and it tasted so good that I immediately ordered mine. I bought a subscription plan as everyone in my family uses it. Proves to be cheaper and economcical My entire family takes a shot of ACV everyday and the taste was making it difficult to keep up the routine. But now thanks to man matters acv Gummies, we will not have to change our routine and the young members also love taking it. Same benefits as ACV but with a better taste. what more could you ask for
Aarif Naik
1 1
5 Good Stuff
Well the ACV in general has good benifits to our health! I used to have ACV in liquid form for almost 2months and i can really feel the difference in mostly digestion and less acid reflux! It may veries from person to person! Though i dont like the taste of the liquid form! And since I come to know about ACV in the form of kind of gummy it made so much easy to take ACV. Subscribe to save more on this gummies
Parveen Khatri
0 0
5 8978257939
Nice product. Works well. Use my coupon code "8978257939" to get 100rs instantly into your wallet.
Phanindra Pydi
0 0
5 Weight lost
Great product
3 3
5 Seriously a weight loss magic
I ahve tried each and everything to reduce my weight but after taking these like I can feel that I'm overall mass has reduced and now I can able to wear all the clothes which I thought I couldn't wear. Buy the subscription to maximise your savings. Very economical
Vignesh Kumar
8 2
5 Very Happy
Already lost 2 kgs and can feel the difference in my digestive system
Arvind Persad
1 3
5 Keeps my stomach light and feel energetic all day long
I have been using these gummies for past 1 month and the instant effect which I felt that kept my stomach light and makes me feel energetic whole day due to which I could I could follow my exercise routine!
Shashank Mudgil
0 0
4 Satisfied
Felt good for the first, will be ordering more. Could actually see results
Shoaib Ilyas
3 2
5 Amazing
I can really feel the difference after 15-20 days.
Atul Singh
1 1
5 Amazing product
The product works wonders you should try it for sure !! Happy customer
Ali Raza Shirazi
0 1
5 Healthy gummies
Great stuff ... ebay easy to get your shot of Acv without opening a bottle of vinegar. Recommend you have them at bedtime.
Paresh Hede
1 2
5 Great product! Great quality
Great product!
Dhruv Mehra
0 3
5 Tasty And Nice
Tried this at my friends place and it tasted so good that I immediately ordered mine. I bought a subscription plan as everyone in my family uses it. Proves to be cheaper and economcical My entire family takes a shot of ACV everyday and the taste was making it difficult to keep up the routine. But now thanks to man matters acv Gummies, we will not have to change our routine and the young members also love taking it. Same benefits as ACV but with a better taste. what more could you ask for
Aarif Naik
1 1
5 Good Stuff
Good product using that product from last 2 month.
Aarif Purohit
0 1
5 Brilliant
Amazing taste with the benefits of ACV.
Azhar Das
1 1
4 Good product
Nice and innovative
Mohammed Naved
0 1
5 Good taste, healthy
Good taste, healthy
Mainak Roy
0 1
5 Showing Results
Delicious gummies
Abdul Bhagat
0 1
5 Review
Did like the product I ordered for. Good stuff.
Shvet Doshi
0 1
1 Not effective
It's not at all effective I had purchased combo pack green tea and lean gums and took for 30days without a break I dint find any results I am not happy with the product and this is my opinion
Manu Gowda
0 1
5 Nice Gummies!!
Taste is amazing
Dhanush Kumar Chad
0 1
5 Quality matters.
Both taste & quality of product satisfactory. Will place repeat cash on delivery order provided I get the 25 % discount as per offer received on my mobile asking me to use CODE R25 to avail it.
Simon Lall
0 0
Questions & Answers
Q. How many gummies should be consumed in a day
A. Hi,

Thanks for your enquiry. Our Apple Cider Vinegar gummy is recommended to be consumed in the morning. Eat one gummy everyday with an empty stomach atleast 30 mins before your breakfast. In case you’ve any doubts, then you can always book a free consultation with our expert skin doctor https://mattrs.co/zxm6s, who will answer all queries & guide you further on this.

Team Man Matters 🙂
Niladri Bhusan Harichandan
0 0
Q. ACV is usually recommended in liquid form. So is it safe to chew does it effects the enamel?
A. Hi Abdullah,

Yes it's completely safe to consume & doesn't effect the enamel. To understand more about this please book a free consultation with our expert dietician by visiting https://mattrs.co/zxm6s.

Team Man Matters 🙂
Abdullah Khan
0 0
Q. Acv gummies gains weight or loss weight
A. Hi Rithwik,

Our ACV gummies acts as a weight loss supplement. The weight loss happens when you are in a calorie deficit. With consistent exercise, good nutrition & right supplements you'll be able to loose weight. The ingredients used in our ACV gummy works as a fat burner & leaves you feeling fuller for longer, preventing you from overeating. It improves metabolism & control excess appetite, reducing weight which in turn helps you to loose weight & manage gut health. To understand more about this please book a free consultation with our expert dietician by visiting https://mattrs.co/zxm6s.

Team Man Matters 🙂
Rithwik Thotamsetty
0 0
Q. Acv gummies can use after meal or before meal
Vasim Akram
0 0
Q. Should i chew it or swallow it?
A. Hello Ankit,

You need to chew the gummies.

Please also feel free to book a consultation with our nutritionist at https://mattrs.co/d34ba2. The consultation will happen on call or video. The nutritionist will spend time with you understanding your lifestyle and drawing up a customized plan for you.

Man Matters
Ankit Kumar Pattanayak
0 0
Q. I want to gain my weight,what I can do pls suggest?
A. Hello Rajat

To gain weight in a healthy manner, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle of exercise (strength training) and good nutrition (on a slight tcalorie surplus - eating more than you expend).

Our nutritionist can design a good plan for you. Please book a consultation with our nutritionist at https://mattrs.co/d34ba2. The consultation will happen on call or video. The nutritionist will spend time with you understanding your lifestyle and drawing up a customized plan for you

Man Matters
Rajat Jain
0 0
A. Hello Parth

You can consume it in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. Can we use this gummies along with hair gummies and skin gummies?
A. Hello Mahesh

Yes, these can be taken together

Man Matters
Mahesh B
0 0
Q. Can I have acv gummies morning empty stomach and biotin gummies in afternoon with the meal are there Gona be any side effects?
A. Hello Mayson

Yes, you can consume as you have suggested. There are no side effects.

Man Matters
Mayson Pereira
0 0
Q. I have taken lean gummy and hair gummy both.... can I use them daily at a time? if so mention the timings.... because yesterday afternoon I took both at a time...I suffered from lose motions.... please mention and reply
A. Hello Rajendra

Yes, you can take them on the same day. Ideally have the ACV gummy in the morning on an empty stomach and hair gummy post a meal. If you continue to face issues please book a free consultation with our doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s. They will spend time with you on call or video and suggest the best way forward.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. Is it suitable for women
A. Hello Sameesh

This has been designed keeping men's needs in mind. However women can also take it.

Man Matters
Sameesh K
0 0
Q. My weight is 85 kg... in how many days I can lose it... 85 to 65??
A. Hello Anshudhar

Healthy weight loss is a long-term process. The ACV gummies will only help if you follow a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and good nutrition in a caloric deficit (consuming lesser calories than what is expended). Our nutritionist can help formulate a nutrition plan for you. Please fill your details here and book a free consultation - https://manmatters.com/weight-form/#Weight

Man Matters
0 0
Q. How many days it take to wight loss
A. Hello Macha

ACV gummies by itself will not promote weight loss. You need to follow a healthy regiment of exercising/moving daily, good nutrition (eat lesser calories than you expend), good sleep etc. To understand how to have a healthy lifestyle please consult our nutritionist at https://manmatters.com/weight-form/.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. How many gummies to take in single day ?
A. "We recommend taking only one gummy a day most preferably after Breakfast. Chew the gummy and swallow.
Along with this, please ensure you eat a balanced diet, include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Exercise for at least 30 mins daily and get 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep."
Animesh Singh
0 0
Q. How long do I have to take this? And what are the effects I can see?
A. Thank you for writing to us. Make this part of your daily regiment
0 0

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Why do people love this product?

No added sugar

Reduces sugar and calorie intake to manage weight.

Refreshing Taste

ACV’s health benefits with a green apple flavour.

Designed for the hustle

Healthy & convenient way to keep you energetic through the day.

Aid to weight management

The best way to get your daily dose of ACV to manage your weight.


Weight loss made fun and easy for you
We believe that being healthy shouldn’t be so tough, certainly shouldn’t be boring. So we decided to bring a fun, easy and tasty way to start staying healthy.
Our Gummies
Good Taste
Smells Great
Easy To Consume
Added Vitamins¹
Safe For Teeth
ACV Shots
Pungent Taste
Bad Smell
Hard To Consume
No Vitamins
Corrodes Enamel
No Artificial Flavours
Now all it takes is a chew to stay healthy
We have replaced the yuck with a yum with these tasty gummies, power packed with the ACV goodness punch. One gummy is all it takes.


1 Gummy


1 Shot of ACV

How many gummies a day?

Chew 1 gummy a day.

When should I have it?

Either first thing in the morning or in between your meals.

How long should I have it for?

Every day for 90 days.

How do I get the best results?

Eat healthy and exercise every day.
Detailed Instructions
As a dietary supplement, chew 1 gummy per day with or without meal. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. Take it any time of the day, or when you are feeling hungry between meals. Ideally taken after breakfast. Read more about how this amazing gummy fits in your diet and regime. Follow all directions on the product package. Do not take more than the recommended dosage.

Just chew one everyday to stay healthy

Keto Diet
One of the biggest benefits of a ketogenic diet is that it regulates blood sugar levels. Taking the gummy can actually help balance the blood sugar response when taken around meal time. Our gummies can improve stomach acid and gallbladder function to help with the digestion of fats.
Vegan Diet
Our gummies are 100% vegetarian and hence become a good addition to you Vegan diet. Being rich in fibre, the gummy makes digesting and breaking down carbohydrates easy for the body while maintaining good gut health.
Our gummies help to support healthy blood sugar and digestion, thereby enhancing the effects of your intermittent fasting plan.
Fitness Regime
If you are trying to maintain a fitness regime, add our gummies to your daily diet to ensure healthy blood sugar, proper digestion and gut health. It's satiating properties help you control your calorie intake.


After 1 month

Improved digestion

After 2 months

Reduction in hunger pangs and Increased metabolism

After 3 months

With healthy habits like clean eating and exercising, ACV Gummies is an aid to weight management.

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Here’s what our gummies can’t do

Replace your diet

Intake of healthy nutiritional food is crucial for weight loss.

Help you avoid the treadmill

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health.

Find you true love

We can only keep you healthier, so you go out there, more often!

Make you popular

People who truly matter won't care about how you look.

Happy Customers!


Got Questions?

Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
ACV Gummies
Yes absolutely 100% gluten free. Gluten provides no essential nutrients and hence has no space for in our gummies and hence your lifestyle too.
Yes absolutely, you already know the benefits of this.
We have natural flavors of green apple and chicory root fibre in the gummy.
Unlike other gummies, there are no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no fructose corn syrup. We wanted to create a gummy that gives you a perfect balance of apple cider vinegar and a delicious taste!
Yes absolutely, in order to make the gummy vegan, healthy and for everyone, we have made our gummies with Pectin unlike other gummies that use gelatin.
Yes absolutely, Our Gummy doesn’t contain any gelatin or animal derivative ingredients, making them vegan! Unlike most gummies which contain gelatin, our Gummy is made with Pectin, derived from plants.
Yes, you can find the study and its findings below :

In this trial, 175 individuals who were overweight were randomized to one of three groups –
1500mg daily of ACV
750mg daily of AC
No ACV – i.e. placebo.

The intervention phase lasted 12 weeks. There were significantly BETTER outcomes in both ACV groups compared to the placebo (no ACV) group in weight, waist circumference, and body mass index (BMI) at 12 weeks.

IMPORTANT FINDING: The groups taking a daily dose of ACV had significantly greater weight loss than the no ACV group.

IMPORTANT FINDING: 4 weeks after the intervention was discontinued body weight, BMI and waist circumference returned to baseline (i.e. back to what it was before the intervention). This finding led the researchers to state ‘continuous administration of vinegar is necessary to maintain the positive effects found’.

NOTE: There has been some criticism of this study’s findings in the non-scientific literature regarding the amount of weight loss reported for the ACV group compared to the placebo group.

We point out to the reader that the weight loss was over and above that found in the control group; and, was not explained by differences in dietary intake between the groups.
Prebiotics and probiotics are generally considered to be important for gut health.
ACV is considered a prebiotic
(Roberfroid et al, 2010)

Tap here to read research

ACV contains pectin and polyphenols which together have been linked to improvements in digestive health and to better fat metabolism.
(Laparra et al, 2010)

Tap here to read research

ACV also contains acetic acid that has been used to manage digestive issues.Research evidence is also available showing the effectiveness of citric acid and magnesium (both found in ACV) in reducing constipation.
(Roberfroid et al, 2010)

Tap here to read research

In this randomized trial (Khezri et al, 2018) individuals who were overweight were randomized to one of two groups: 39 completed the full protocol.

The experimental group received 30ml/d of ACV and a restricted diet while the control group received a restricted diet only. After 12 weeks there was a significant decrease in appetite (as assessed using a standardized assessment) in the ACV group as compared to the control group.

IMPORTANT FINDING: Given that both groups were placed on a calorie restricted diet this finding suggests that the use of ACV is helpful for individuals who, when dieting or restricting calorie intake, are looking for a way to curb their appetite and feel less hungry.

Tap here to read research

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