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Bread Growth Tonic- A better and more effective alternative to Beard Growth Oils
An Effective Beard Tonic for a Thicker Beard

BeardGro Beard Growth Tonic

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Want to get a denser beard? This beard growth tonic has a 15.5% concentration of scientifically proven actives like Aminexil and Tripeptides that promote beard growth by stimulating facial hair follicles and boosting DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It nourishes beard follicles, giving you a denser-looking beard.
Thanks to its Alcohol-Free formula, it does all of this without causing irritation or rashes. It's the perfect solution for enhancing your beard!
What does the product do
After 3 weeks
Stimulates beard follicles
This beard tonic has 1.5% Aminexil - a proven vasodilator. It works by widening blood vessels and providing better nourishment to the follicles. At first, it would cause some weak hair to shed while it strengthens the follicles - to begin promoting beard growth.
After 4 months
Thicker beard growth
This beard tonic also has tri-peptides which nourishes the follicles by releasing amino acids at the site of the hair follicle to strengthen the hair strands. This essential nutrient leads to denser growth. The improved nutrition thanks to vasodilation and the high concentration of growth actives also help improve growth.
After 6 months
Growth of new beard hair
Gokshura in this beard tonic has the ability to boost the hormone most crucial for beard growth - DHT, leading to development of new follicles. Gokshura, along with Red Clover and Moringa helps in boosting hair follicle density leading to denser beard growth. Continued use will significantly improve your beard!
Who is it for
This Beard Tonic is for you if:
You want denser beard growth
You want a fuller looking beard
You want a science-based solution
You want to nourish beard follicles
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How does it do it?
1.5% Aminexil
Aminexil stimulates beard hair follicles. Regular use of this beard serum boosts the beard development process, resulting in denser and thicker beard. Aminexil acts as a vasodilator, i.e. it widens blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen, blood and nutrients to reach the facial hair follicles, enhancing growth.
2% LashLD
Lash LD in this beard serum is a mix of Tripeptides and Vitamin B5. Tripeptides release glycine (an amino acid) at the hair follicle site that is required for hair strand creation. It also includes Vitamin B5 - which nourished the follicles to boost hair growth.
4% Moringa
Moringa in this beard tonic moisturises and nourishes follicles. This softens and conditions the beard while smoothening unruly hair. All this to give you full and luscious mane with lustre and shine.
4% Red Clover
A flower extract - Red Clover, holds many vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium. Regular use of this beard serum makes follicles stronger, and curbs fall. It also softens the hair and promotes beard growth and density.
4% Gokshura
Gokshura in this beard tonic is known to boost testosterone levels which in turn promotes beard growth. It also helps nourish, promote and maintain beard health.
Ratings & Reviews
3 Reviews
5 Potent dose of hair growth ingredients
1 of the most potent list of ingredients in the market have gone into this product. Hard to find an effective beard growth formulation like this in Indian market and that too with Aminexil. It is completely non greasy with zero side effects so you can leave it on all day long without feeling like you have applied anything. Absorbs very quickly. Best part is it doesn\'t stink like other beard products and it has a very soothing smell. Use code- 8698885969 if you wish to receive an instant 100rs discount on your order. Will definitely be ordering more
Siddharth A
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5 Excellent, effective product
I\'ve been a long time user of many products that make tall claims about promoting beard growth, but this is the first time I\'ve seen product that has a high concentration of ingredients that have actual scientific backing. Happy to have tried it through the trial panel, will definitely continue using this to improve my beard
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5 Just what my beard needed
After I turned 21 suddenly my beard started growing, but even after a year from then, I wasn\'t happy with the thickness of my beard. Got to try this product for a long period as a part of a trial panel, and I must say, it did exactly what I wanted it to! After regular use for some months, my beard was noticeably denser, and much better looking :)
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Questions & Answers
Q. What serum or medicine to take as my beard is turning white and grey very rapidly.My age is just 29 .Around 40 % beard got white .Tensed to see Kindly suggest .
Siddharth Raj Singh
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Ingredients list
Aqua, Propanediol, Moringa Extract, Red Clover Extract, Glycerine (and) Aqua (and) Panthenol (and) Trehalose (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin (and) Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 [LashLD], Diaminopyrimidine Oxide [Aminexil], Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance, Sodium Gluconate
Safe and Effective

Alcohol Free

Paraben Free

Artificial Preservatives Free

Artificial Color Free

Clinically Tested

Safe for All Skins

How to use
On a cleansed face, take 1 ml of this beard serum and apply all over the skin of your beard area.
Gently massage the beard serum until absorbed.
Once done, cleanse your hands.
For best results: Apply once a day, daily.
What it works best with?
Using a derma roller on your beard before applying this BeardGro Tonic would help improve its effectiveness. Derma roller for beard growth creates tiny punctures in your facial skin, resulting in enhanced absorption of this tonic. Doing this process once a week would help promote denser growth.
Good diet
Nothing replaces nutritional food intake. Ensure you have good dietary foods rich in Biotin and Iron such as eggs, spinach and other green leafy vegetables to help boost your beard health.
Boosting testosterone levels
One of the major reasons for scanty beard growth is a lack of adequate testosterone levels. You can improve this by maintaining an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise, and also by taking natural supplements like Shilajit and Ashwagandha in your diet.
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What it won't do
Fast Results
All good things take time, so does growing healthy beard hair with this beard growth serum.
Solve The Problem Equally For All
Each person is different, and the way our tonic works on everyone is different too. Therefore, the results may vary.
Alcohol Free
Paraben Free
Artificial Preservatives Free
Artificial Color Free
Clinically Tested
Safe for All Skin Types
Might have Alcohol
Contains Paraben
Has Artificial Preservatives
Artificial Colour
Not Clinically Tested
Not Recommended by Experts
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Aminexil is clinically proven to activate dormant hair follicles for improving growth and filling patches. Beard oils or serums do not do this, and tends to be heavier on beard, making it look shiny and sometimes greasy. Thus, they aren't comparable. This beard growth tonic is lightweight in nature making it ideal for all-day use!
Using this beard hair tonic may initially lead to some shedding but it's part of the treatment. The treatment synchronizes the beard growth cycle which results in the phasing out of extremely weak hair, thus the shedding.
You can apply this beard serum right after dermarolling. It's advised to use a roller with 0.5mm needles.
This beard tonic is an alcohol-free formula, which means you won't experience acne, itching or irritation. Regular use may cause dryness of the skin or facial hair, but this varies. A face moisturiser can be applied after a gap of 2 hours from applying the serum.
Yes, beard growth serum is a water-based solution. This makes it light and non-sticky. You'll barely notice it once you have it on.
This is a water-based beard serum which seeps into the skin of your beard area and doesn't leave any residue behind. It works on your beard without looking greasy. You won't have to wash your face after applying it. Thus, you can continue following your existing cleansing regimen.
This beard tonic is oil-free so, it will not make your beard and skin greasy. Applying it onto skin that's damp is recommended with this solution, for improved efficacy.
We'd recommend that it be applied daily, for at least 6 months. The beard hair serum is designed to be used every day. Please schedule a doctor consultation for discussing any changes to your regimen.
No, this is a common myth that is not grounded in reality. Shaving doesn't have any tangible impact on improving beard density. Excessive shaving can even be irritating for the skin, slowing down beard development.
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An Effective Beard Tonic for a Thicker Beard
BeardGro Beard Growth Tonic
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