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CALM yourself to a good night’s sleep
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CALM Herbal Infusion
Co-created with Doctors
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CALM Sleep Tea

Late nights at work, too much screen time, or even seemingly harmless cups of coffee can affect your ability to wind down. But don’t worry, keep CALM – a tea that alleviates these stressful effects over time & prevents problems in powering off (unless you’re sleepless because of love – no cure for that yet)
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Contains an antioxidant called Apigenin which helps induce a state of rest
Soothes the mind & decreases excitability. After all, a CALM mind is a sleepy mind.
Valerian Root
Reduces tension caused by anxiety, striking at the root of your problem.
Stabilizes mood & gastrointestinal distress for a relaxing night in bed.
Our unique pyramid tea bag shape allows these ingredients to unfurl and expand. This action enables the whole leaf to be utilized, and it completely releases all its flavors and benefits into your cup.
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Suraj P.
I recommend this product
Amazing Bedtime Tea from Manmatters

I have been using CALM Sleep Tea close to a month now and I have seen great results. Notable thing was my Blood Pressure have reduced and my anxiety also in control after using this product. Sleep Quality have also improved and getting uneinterupted sleep.

India India
I recommend this product
Aromatic Tea with calming properties

In general I find it difficult falling asleep. So I tried man matters sleep tea. The packaging is top notch and the tea has helped me calm down and fall asleep. Would recommend to everyone facing similar issues to try it out

Man Matters CALM Sleep Tea Review
The right way to CALM down
Getting proper rest depends on many things - your daily schedule, your state of mind, but most importantly your pre-sleep ritual:
Avoid looking at any screen 60 minutes before bed.
(Blue light from devices can disrupt your sleep cycle.)
Take a warm shower. It will lower your body temperature and help it relax.
Read a book/listen to relaxing music to start winding down.
30 minutes before you lay down, have a fresh cup of CALM herbal infusion.
Available in Tiramisu flavor. We’ve based the taste on a coffee-flavored Italian dessert, so you can end your day with a treat! Go CALM! It’s a friendly, no-strings-attached beverage, that you can make in minutes, and have every day.
It’s all about the quality of rest. Instead of increasing the hours of bedtime, we’re focusing on how you feel after waking up. Our team of doctors has formulated this tea to make your sleep deeper and more fulfilling, so you don’t end up destroying the snooze button!
If you think iced tea is nice tea, go ahead!
*The temperature won’t change its effectiveness.
Brew a normal cup of tea (mentioned above)
Cool it off in the fridge & put some ice.
You can also add a slice of lime, for some zest in your rest.
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Brew It Yourself:
The secret to a good brew... is no longer a secret:
Add hot water (75oC - 80 oC) to your favorite cup (200 ml).
Dip the tea bag slowly.
Let it steep for at least 3 minutes.
When we’re choosing ingredients, research matters:
Sarpagandha shortens the time taken to fall asleep and reduces chances of waking up in the middle of the night.
Read more
Lavender enhances the quality of rest across various age groups, from students to the middle-aged.
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What the infusion can’t do:
Cure insomnia
CALM isn’t meant for sleep disorders. If you’re concerned about insomnia, take a quick assessment here.
Work in one sip
Adjusting the biological clock takes time. Have the tea consistently for best results in the long term.
Replace a healthy lifestyle
This tea will help prep for better sleep, but following the pre-sleep ritual is crucial for good rest.
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Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
CALM Sleep Tea
If you spend your nights counting sheep, have trouble relaxing OR if anxiety is keeping you up, this brew is just for you.
Yes. But technically, it’s having a cup every night.
With daily usage, the time you take to fall asleep will reduce, and the quality of your rest will improve.
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