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ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel

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ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel is India's only non-burning delay gel, designed to help you reduce sensitivity and improve experience. It does that by slightly desensitizing your intimate area.
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ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel
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It is a local anaesthetic that works by altering the sensitivity to the applied area without overly numbing. When paired, these ingredients work better than their individual properties.
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Basil T.
India India
Love the gel form of endure

I knew there were many options available to keep me last longer but I didn't want that as it is harmful for health. I came across this cream which is good to use and does what it says. Me and my partner love it! It doesn't cause any burns or doesn't cause her any harm. Only fun!

Heethesh V.
India India
Very Good Product many thanks

I have looking for ways to make intimate time pleasureable for me and my partner. I came across this and I love it. I love that it is as easy as applying a cream and comes off easily without causing any side effects. Use my referral code 9702764716 to get Rs 100 off

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Why Endure Delay Gel?
Delay gels usually harden over time and contain ingredients that can cause skin irritation. ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel ensures none of this happens, making it easy to apply and keeps your skin smooth.
Doesn't cause burns or irritation
Many stay long gels are harsh on sensitive skin. Endure Delay Gel is completely safe to use and doesn't give any kind of unpleasant sensation.
Quick action time
This gel has fast-absorbing combination molecules which give you results in 10-15 minutes.
Zero Transference
Lidocaine gel is absorbed by the skin, allowing for maximum efficacy without any transference to your partner.
Easy to carry
This lidocaine gel is easy to carry and fits in your pocket and night stand.
Increases Sensitivity Threshold
No unwanted sensations
Endure Gel increases the sensitivity threshold thus enhancing your overall wellbeing. It gets easily absorbed to give you maximum efficacy and result.
This lidocaine gel is completely safe to be used on sensitive skin. Once applied, this lidocaine gel doesn't burn or cause irritation.
How to use Long Lasting Gel
Step 1:
Apply the endure gel to the underside of the head and shaft of your organ 10 to 15 minutes before the activity.
Step 2:
Rub the delay gel in a circle-shaped pattern until it is absorbed at the area.
Recommended Usage: Do not apply the delay gel more than pea sized quantity. Please wipe this gel off after 10-15 minutes.
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Here's What Endure doesn't do
Doesn't replace your doctor
While we do help you enhance your pleasure, it's best to go to a doctor for a full fledged treatment.
Doesn't act as a smoothener
The lidocaine and prilocaine gel might give a little smooth effect but doesn't replace the need of smoothener for a comfortable experience.
Doesn't cause any side effects
If used as instructed, this lidocaine gel does not give unwarranted effects like burning, itching, transference or extended numbness.
Doesn't decrease sensitivity for a long time
While this ENDURE gel is meant to decrease sensitivity it doesn't ensure extra hours.
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel
Lidocaine and prilocaine are one of the world’s most common, thoroughly tested anaesthetics. Overall, it’s safe and well tolerated by the vast majority of people.
When used at a normal dose, lidocaine drug's side effects are non-existent. However, if an excessive amount of lidocaine and prilocaine gel is used, it’s possible to experience some side effects. The most common are:
- Temporary loss of sensitivity

- Skin irritation and/or a burning sensation

- Excessive numbness due to overuse of the delay gel

To mitigate the side effects, it is advised to start by using a small dose of the last longer gel at first, before gradually increasing the dose based on your experience and results.
Lidocaine and prilocaine drug has not been proven safe for use during pregnancy. However, it’s best to avoid using lidocaine gel or use condoms or wash properly before activity if your partner is pregnant.
Most of the time, you'll notice the numbing effects of gel for about one hour after applying it to your intimate part. The effects of Endure Delay Gel can last for up to three hours.
You can apply ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel while your intimate area is flaccid. Make sure to apply this delay gel to the head and shaft, as these areas are the most sensitive.
It takes 10 mins for this last longer gel to work. However, it does take less time for some people and little more for some. With frequent use, you'd come up with a balance on your own.
Our Endure Lidocaine Delay Gel is completely safe to use with smootheners and wearable way of contraception. Make sure to wait for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure this stay long gel is effective. Also, make sure you wash/wipe off any remaining residual before the activity.
It’s uncommon to have any effect on your partner’s level of sensitivity during the activity, provided you wait for 10 to 15 minutes before the act. Also, make sure you wash/wipe away any excess residual of the gel to reduce the risk of transferring the desensitizing effect to your partner.
No. These products have the same function as this gel. We would recommend using only single product at one time, on the basis your preference.
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ENDURE Lidocaine Delay Gel
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