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Tea for Weight Loss with Green Tea. It's a fat burning tea for men

LEAN Weight Tea

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15 Pyramid Tea Bags

Cause it’s not just about shedding kilos. Losing weight in the wrong way can have adverse effects on your wellness.
This is where LEAN comes in - a brew that helps improve metabolism, and gives your body time to adapt. It’s a cup of holistic care that helps you burn calories in the right way. We want you to lose weight, not health.

Pyramid tea bag

Natural Ingredients

No Dust & Broken Leaves

No preservatives

No added color

No artificial flavors


Available in a
fruit-tea taste
We know plain green tea can
get a bit boring
But this isn’t an ordinary beverage.
We’ve mixed it up a bit, combining mango, strawberry & apple for a refreshing taste you can relish every day.

Green Tea

Breaks down excess fat & stimulates metabolism. Weight loss is finally your cup of tea


An ingredient ‘rooted’ in research. It curbs production of fats & reduces cravings


Improves cell health & lowers inflammation. No wonder tea feels incomplete without ginger


Say hello to a little yellow! Turmeric aids digestion & possesses anti-oxidant properties
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Clinical Proof

Lab tests and certifications
Made Safe
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Ratings & Reviews
16 Reviews
2 Use Alternative packaging and interduce loose product
Regarding Grean, tea It was great, But packaging have so much plastic which is currently global issue. I suggest you to introduce loose grean tea package. Just like lipton Grean tea and Vagh-bakri Grean tea. Campare to those products man matter have very high price. But that will be ok if you sell loose package. At least i can say i m intrested to purchase annual supplies.
Tejashbhai Parmar
0 0
5 Best Lean Tea
Stupendo fantabulous fantastic magical results from day one. This is a magical tea. One must always have it to clean ur body from inside, so you feel the lean magic on the outside. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!. Keep going MM. Over all packing is also of international standards. Keep raising the bar. LEAN REGARDS. B VALA
B Vala
0 2
5 Just Perfect
One thing that is common in every single MM product is the Quality. APPLY CODE 8457972003 during Checkout to get instant 100rs.
Rajesh Kumar Rout
0 4
3 Still waiting for the visible results
I have been using it for the past 30-40 days. No such visible results..as of now...I do pranayama along with taking this product.. Will update in the next 15 days and then decide if I would continue using it or not..
0 1
3 Too costly
The tea itself is really amazing. Unlike any I've had but the tea bags are too few. It's like drinking tea made with actual gold!
Talha Chowdhry
0 0
1 Very bad
Did not lose weight
Shubhojit Sarkar
0 0
5 Loved the smell and taste
Has a distinct taste
Mahak Gupta
1 2
2 Not good enough
A monthly pack was showed at the time of purchasing lean/ slim tea. But what i was delivered a kind of sample product. Not really a good start and worthy in terms of price.
Nitin Bhardwaj
0 0
4 ✌�
Good & healthy product
Akhil Vijay
2 1
5 Taste is so good
Taste is so good and refreshing. Could be better if you sell as loose powder also fine for specific circumstances instead of tea bags.
PurnaKumar N
5 1
5 Aromatic and tasty
I am in love with this tea from man matters. It tastes and smells so good. I've added the product to my regime alongside the ACV gummies and it's doing the job for me. Would recommend to try this tea out. One of a kind.
0 1
5 Excellent and delicious
I have replaced my morning chai with man matters weight tea and I am in love with it. It's so aromatic and tastes so good.
0 1
5 Excellent Taste
Have twice a day if needed
Revant Bhate
0 1
5 Best Tea so far!!
Finished the first packet within 2 weeks and have ordered two more after that. The taste is very pleasant compared to other brands.And the fragrance is also good
Omkar Kulkarni
0 1
5 Great taste
Great taste! Smells sweet ! Doesn’t taste at all like the boring regular green tea. Will Surely recommend.
Kruthika Iyer
0 1
5 Best green tea I have ever had!
Pleasantly surprised to see real fruits flavour added along with benefits of green tea...... Good work Man matters!
Vishal Panchal
8 2
Questions & Answers
Q. How it can be a one month pack it contains only 15 bags ,do we have to drink it on alternate days
Ishan Gaur
0 0
Q. What is the age limit
A. Hello Malay

All our products have been designed for 18 years and older.

Man Matters
Malay Mallik
0 0
Q. Is safe for women?
A. Hello Chandan

This has been designed considering men's needs in mind. But it is safe for women to consume it too.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. I am already lean but I have low metabolism. Is this good to take?
A. Yes, it helps to manage Weight & improve metabolism.
0 0
Q. Where is the review i gave you
0 0
Q. Where the hell is my review??
0 0
Q. Why you people delete my review
0 0
Q. I like man matters products and for that i would like to thank man matters. If such a wide range of products are successful than why not think about women matters too. 😊
A. Thank you for your kind and positive words. So happy to know that we were able to solve your problem. I will take your suggestion to our management team. Thanks Again!
Deepak Yadav
0 0
Q. This green tea is only for men or unisex
A. Our Man Matters products are especially designed for the mens. However, there is no harm if women uses it but it wont be as beneficial as compare to men.
Deepak Yadav
0 0
Q. Is the Tea bag plastic? is bag safe to consumed if dipped in hot water, there are reports that tea bag generate chemicals
A. Yes.. its made of food grade nylon.. that does not leach out in boiling water.
0 0
Q. Is it only for males ? What about Females ?
A. Our Man Matters products are especially designed for males. However, there is no harm if women consume it but it wont be as beneficial as compare to men.
0 0
Q. Can women drink this lean weight tea?
A. No, our Man Matters products are especially designed for males only however there is no harm if women uses them but it wont be as beneficial as compare to men.
0 0
Q. Is there any side effects. Also can diabetes and B.P patients have this?
A. No side effectsA. No side effects for normal consumption. However, we advice you it would be best to consult our doctor for pre-existing diseases.
To book an appointment with our expert please click here - https://manmatters.com/your-wellness-assessment/
Charles Devajith S
0 0
Q. Do it will reduce 5 to 8 kgs on 2 month pack ,along with regular exercise and healthy diet
A. Our customers have lost 3 to 8 kgs over 3 to 8 months, by taking ACV gummies regularly and supplementing with 45 mins exercise everyday, getting restful sleep and eating a balanced diet.
Sumit Kar
0 0
Q. I am not able to walk.... Will it affect me ??
Amrit Pal Singh
0 0
Q. Does this contain caffeine?
A. Hi Sujay, no, there’s no caffeine in the LEAN Tea.A. Hi Sujay, no, there’s no caffeine in the LEAN Tea.
Sujay Yennemadi
0 0
Q. If we use this for one month How much kgs will be reduced ??
A. Hi Sharuk, that varies from person to person and also on the other activities in your lifestyle. Usually it takes more than 3 months of regular usage and exercise to see results.
0 0
Q. How many tea bags in a box
A. There are 15 tea bags in a box.
0 0

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Best served with a healthy lifestyle

It’s not enough to lose weight temporarily.
Life-long fitness is essential and can be achieved by:

Having a balanced diet

One way to ensure that is eating foods of different colors.

Getting regular exercise

Doesn’t mean hitting the gym. Even a brisk walk works.

De-stressing your distress

Meditating or doing yoga can prevent overeating due to stress.


Excited about going LEAN?

Follow this Brew-torial:

Pour hot water (75oC - 80 oC) into a cup/mug (200 ml)

Dip the tea bag slowly, there’s no rush.

Let the bag steep for 3 minutes (maybe do some crunches while you wait)

“Can’t wait! When’s tea time?”

Add LEAN to your waking up routine (works best with a side of morning news)

Turn your evening hunger pang into a drinks break

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Behind the Scenes

We want what’s best for you

That is why, our team of doctors has combed through years of research & experience. We’ve compiled a few papers hear, saving you the man hours:


Catechins (a type of compound) in green tea significantly reduce body weight over time.
Read more


Garcinia is proven to increase metabolism without any adverse effects.
Read more


Weight gain can be controlled with doses of ginger water. Helpful for people on a diet.
Read more


Curcumin in turmeric helps keep inflammation at bay, fortifying your immune system.
Read more

Happy Customers!


Got Questions?

Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
LEAN Weight Tea
We love tea too. That is why we made it safe for daily consumption.
1 cup per day is enough. Although since hunger pangs can come at any time, you can have 2-3 cups if needed. It’s your call.
It’s perfect for anyone looking to lose excess weight, or trying to keep it under control.
Our ingredients focus mainly on shedding extra kilos, but they also speed up your metabolism – which gives you a bit of an energy boost.
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15 Pyramid Tea Bags

Cause it’s not just about shedding kilos. Losing weight in the wrong way can have adverse effects on your wellness.
LEAN Weight Tea
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