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Melatonin Sleep Gummies
Developed by Experts to Help Regulate YOUR Sleep

Melatonin Sleep Gummies

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Is your night never good because of your irregular sleep cycle? Man Matters Sleep Gummies is here to make this dream come true! A non-habit forming formula that helps induce, regulate and improve your sleep so that you can wake up energised and refreshed.
Each strawberry flavoured gummy is made with Melatonin, L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine. Having one gummy before bedtime helps calm anxious thoughts so that you can fall asleep without any worry.
Love travelling but hate jet lag? Ease into having sweet dreams in another timezone. This sleep gummies also help ease jet lag.
What does the product do
Regulates and Restores Sleep Cycle
Melatonin - popularly known as the 'darkness hormone, promotes the feeling of sleepiness when you sit in a dark room for a long time. With technological invasion in our bed, blue light emissions and irregular sleeping schedules, Melatonin levels in the body go way down. This dip in Melatonin leads to you being awake like an owl! These sleep gummies contain Melatonin, which regulates and restore the sleep cycle by notifying your body that it is time to sleep.
Calms Anxious Thoughts
Too much mental stimulation in thoughts and images doesn't let your brain relax, causing anxious thoughts. L-Theanine in these melatonin sleep gummies are a natural stress reliever. It helps ease and calm anxious thoughts. This helps to give your mind much-needed relaxation giving it a chance to doze off.
Eases Jet Lag
The rapid transition from one-time zone to another induces jet lag - causing daytime sleepiness and difficulty sleeping at night. Taking these sleep melatonin gummies close to your sleeping time induces sleep within 15-20 minutes, helping you complete your sleep cycle and getting you out of jetlag.
Who is it for
These Sleep Gummies are for you if:
You can't fall asleep easily
You want a restful sleep
You want to regulate your sleep cycle
You have jet lag
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How does it do it?
Melatonin is a natural hormone that's produced by the pineal gland located in your brain. This hormone is made in the absence of light, i.e. at night, helping you feel sleepy. With age, blue light emission and technology invasion - we are around constant light, giving no chance to melatonin production. Melatonin is often prescribed to people with irregular sleep cycles.
An amino acid found primarily in green and black tea, L-theanine is a natural stress reliever. Regular consumption helps ease anxiety and stress. This reduces mental stimulation, calming your mind and inducing sleep.
L- Tryptophan is one of many amino acids found in food. It helps boost the production of melatonin. Melatonin helps induce sleep and regulate the sleep cycle.
Lavender and Chamomile Extracts
These strawberry melatonin gummies also contain plant-based relaxants like Lavender and Chamomile Extracts. These extracts are popular sleep-inducers helping you improve the quality of sleep and regulate your cycle.
Non-habit forming
Unlike other sleep supplements, these melatonin gummies are completely non-habit forming, i.e. you won't feel dependent on these sleep aid gummies. If you think you've regulated your cycle within few uses, you can stop using these vegan melatonin gummies without reversing the effect.
No Added Sugar
We've formulated these sleep melatonin gummies keeping physical health in mind. Each gummy has no added sugar making it diet-friendly and a healthy option to include in your regime.
Ratings & Reviews
27 Reviews
5 Puts me out like a light
Got to try this as part of the trial panel. I often have trouble getting deep restful sleep, and take some time to go to sleep every day. Whenever I\'d taken these melatonin gummies, I was out like a baby, and woke up refreshed the next day
"Hi Gaurav, We're glad to know that you're seeing expected results. Do tell your family & friends about your experience with Man Matters as this will encourage them to try our products. In case you need any help, then you can always reach out to us at support@manmatters.com or whatsapp on +91 7700900945. Thanks for your valuable feedback. You inspire us to be better :) Cheers, Team Man Matters "
Gaurav G
1 1
5 Highly recommended
Highly effective got results within one months Be patient use it regularly for atleast 3 months I think I got the right product Best product I had ever used in last few years The best part their products are genuine And if some problem you can easily replace it Use my referral code 9935999397 everytime when you purchase something you will get 100rs off
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5 I travel a lot and usually jet lagged
This works even for jet lag. Love it!
0 0
5 There's a lot of noise where I sleep
I live in a noisy apartment and often have trouble falling asleep. The other night I was having the worst time trying to go to sleep so I took one of these Sleep Gummies and it really helped me fall asleep. It's the perfect solution for folks who don't want to take medication but still need to fall asleep.
0 0
4 My room isn't dark enough
I've been using Sleep gummies for 3 weeks now and I feel great. It's not that my room is too bright, but it can be distracting with other lights on. Sleep gummies has helped me sleep far better than before and I don't wake up feeling tired anymore.
Nilaesh K
0 0
5 Sleep cycle is good now
Love that it has helped me correct my life
Aniket M
0 0
5 Better sleep enhanced my productivity
I have been using Sleep Gummies for a couple of weeks now, and the results are incredible. I've been able to sleep more deeply, which has led to me feeling more energized in the morning. I'm also finding that I have a lot more focus and can get a lot more done in less time. It was a great idea for me to give these a
Ankit J
0 0
5 Helped me get back my sleep routine
I have been struggling with sleep for the longest time. I would get about 6 hours of sleep at best. After being introduced to Sleep Gummies, my life has changed. I am getting more than 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night and feel so much better during the day!
0 0
5 I'm more awake during the day
I bought this product because I was so tired all the time, but once I started taking these gummies, I woke up refreshed with no urge to nap. Sleep gummies are amazing!
0 0
4 Sitting in front of screens ruined my sleep schedule
I was always a light sleeper but now with so many screens in my life, I'm barely getting any sleep. I started taking these Sleep Gummies and the difference is amazing! The pack of 30 is just what I need to correct my cycle
0 0
5 Tasty unlike pills
They taste amazing and are really easy to take. The best part is that they have none of the harsh side effects that sleeping pills have on me
0 0
5 Plant based and vegan
I am a vegan and was really drawn to these sleep gummies because I could finally get a good night's rest without having to worry about the ingredients. These gummies are plant-based and do not contain any animal products or strange chemicals. I'm feeling rested with these gummies and will continue to purchase them!
0 0
5 Good gummy no after taste
I love these gummies. They have helped me sleep so peacefully. The best part? They don't even leave a bad after taste
0 0
4 Takes time but good sleep after
The product takes time to get used to it and I love it
0 0
4 Gummies best for traveling
Buying the second pack, love the gummies and what they've done for my sleep
0 0
5 Yummy strawberry gummies
99 problems but sleeping on time isn't one of them. Thanks to these strawberry gummies
0 0
5 Works, good product
Have been using this since 15 days, I sleep like a baby
Ranjit E
0 0
5 Getting peacefull sleep now
My worry of sleeping has gone! Thank you Man Matters!
0 0
5 Helped my sleep during lockdown
Lockdown had distrupted my sleep cycle and these gummies are my sleep saviour
0 0
4 Safe and have no side effects
I'm usually scared of taking supplements to help with sleep but these gummies are safe and have no side effects
0 0
5 Gummies that actually work
Can't believe a gummy has helped me go to sleep
0 0
Questions & Answers
Q. How many mg of melatonin per gummy?
Parth Gupta
0 0
Q. Can we take both of you products. testero capsules and melatonin sleep gummies together in night??
A. Hello Varun

Yes, you can take both together. This is perfectly okay.

Team Man Matters
Varun R
0 0
Q. Are these gummies addictive??
A. Hi Maninder,

Our Sleep gummies helps to get Better Sleep, Regulate Sleep cycle & Improve Quality of Sleep. This gummies have no side effects & there are no addiction issues. In case you've any doubts, then we request you to book a free consultation with our expert doctor https://mattrs.co/zxm6s who will understand your doubts in detail & guide you further on this.

Team Man Matters 🙂
Maninder Singh
0 0
Q. Is it sugar free
A. Hi,

Thanks for your enquiry. Our RELAX Sleep gummies have normal sugar. In case you've any doubts, then we request you to book a free consultaiton with our expert doctor https://mattrs.co/zxm6s, who will understand your doubts in detail & guide you further on this.

Team Man Matters 🙂
0 0
Q. Sleep gummies are natural extracted from nature or medicated. Whether we need to doctor consultation before use?
A. Hello Raghu

These gummies do not require a prescription. These contain natural occurring hormones and amino acids which promote better sleep.

Man Matters
0 0
Q. Does it help if one has sleep apnea
A. Hi Ambuj

Our Sleep gummies helps to get Better Sleep, Regulate Sleep cycle & Improve Quality of Sleep. Unfortunately, It will not help in curing sleep apnea. Please consult your local/family doctor.

Team Man Matters 🙂
A B.Satpathy
0 0
Ingredients list
Chicory Root Extract, Pectin [440], Acidity Regulator (E330), L-Tryptophan, Chamomile Extract, L-Theanine, Lavender Extract, Melatonin, Natural Strawberry Colour, Natural Strawberry Flavours, Guar Gum, Maize Starch. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOUR (S) AND ADDED FLAVOUR (S) (STRAWBERRY)
Safe and Effective

100% Vegetarian

Gelatin Free

Trans Fat Free

Preservative Free

Soy Free

Artificial Flavour Free

Artificial Colour Free

Australian Made Safe Certified

How to use
Take one gummy 30-60 minutes before you want to sleep.
For best results, take these sleep gummies on the same time.
What it works best with?
Avoid napping
Napping for more than 30 minutes during the day makes it difficult to fall asleep at night.
Deep breathing
Deep breathing for even 2-3 min right before you go to bed calms down your mind & immensely improves quality of sleep.
Physical activity increases time spent in deep sleep.
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What it won't do
Improve Sleep Cycle in a Day
All good things take time as does our Sleep Gummies. It helps your regulate and improve the quality of your sleep bit by bit everyday.
Gluten Free
Gelatin Free
Trans Fat Free
Preservative Free
Soy Free
Artificial Flavor Free
Artificial Colour Free
100% Vegetarian
Australian Made Safe Certified
Contains Gluten
Has Gelatin
Animal-based Fat
Has Preservatives
Has Soy
Contains Flavours
Synthetic colours
Not Certified
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Melatonin Sleep Gummies
Yes, these melatonin gummies are absolutely 100% gluten free. Gluten provides no essential nutrients and hence has no space for in our melatonin sleep gummies, and hence your lifestyle too.
Unlike other multivitamin gummies, there are no artificial flavors. We've sourced the ingredients for these sleep melatonin gummies from the most pure and authentic sources. We wanted to create a gummy that gives you all the essential nutrition you need, with a delicious taste!
Yes absolutely - in order to make these melatonin sleep gummies vegan, healthy and for everyone. We have made our sleep aid gummies with Pectin unlike other gummies that use gelatin.
Yes absolutely. Our vegan melatonin gummies with minerals and vitamins for the immune system don't contain any gelatin or animal derivative ingredients! Unlike most vitamins for energy which contain gelatin, our Sleep Gummies are made with Pectin, derived from plants.
Each body is made differently, and thus reacts differently to things. For most people, these strawberry melatonin gummies won't cause any reaction. If you experience issues, please contact a professional and until you reach a resolution, discontinue use.
We wouldn't recommend going beyond the recommended usage.
Live a better life. Try our products now.
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Developed by Experts to Help Regulate YOUR Sleep
Melatonin Sleep Gummies
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