Minoxidil 5 Solution for Men with Procapil for Hair Loss & Regrowth
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Minoxidil 5% Solution for men with Procapil for Stronger Hair- prevents hair loss & promotes hair regrowth
Alcohol Free Hair Loss And Hair Growth Solution

GROWMAX Minoxidil 5% Solution With Procapil (120ml)

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Minoxidil 5% Solution is a prescription-based vasodilator solution that controls hair fall and helps hair regrowth with regular usage. Our Minoxidil for men is alcohol-free and enriched with Procapil to provide you with better, safer, and faster results.
Things That Matter
What does the product do
15 days
Sheds weak hair
Minoxidil 5% Solution works from the roots to promote hair growth. When applied, this Minoxidil topical solution stimulates follicles and does away with weak hair. It makes hair in the telogen (non-growing) phase fall out and be replaced by hair in the anagen/growing phase.
3 months
Curbs hair fall
Lack of protein and vital nutrients can cause hair to enter the telogen phase prematurely, resulting in excessive thinning and hair loss. Minoxidil & Procapil work together to provide the hair nutrients essential for strengthening the hair cuticles for healthy hair growth.
6 months
Visible increase in hair growth
Minoxidil 5% Solution stimulates the scalp and activates dormant follicles. This boosts the process of hair growth in places where there is scanty growth. With continuous use, Minoxidil helps in covering bald patches by improving the growth, density and thickness of hair.
Who is it for
This Minoxidil 5% Solution is for you if:
You're suffering from hair loss
You want to cover bald patches
You're experiencing Male Pattern Baldness
You want improved hair growth
You want an odour free solution
You want an alcohol free solution
Begin your wellness journey with a complimentary doctor consultation
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How does it do it?
Minoxidil topical solution stimulates hair growth and slows down the balding process. Regular use boosts follicular cells resulting in enhanced hair growth and curbed hair loss. It acts as a vasodilator, i.e. it widens blood vessels and opens potassium channels. This allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to the follicle, enhancing growth.
Sourced from Sederma in France, Procapil fights the follicle aging process and prevents the follicles from dying. Procapil naturally prevents hair loss by blocking DHT - a hormone that causes early hair loss in men. It is clinically proven to decrease hair loss by 50% & increase hair growth by 121%. It also provides nourishment to the hair and ensures stronger and healthier hair.
Easy to Use
Our Minoxidil 5 for men is water-based and non-sticky! You can spray it on before you head to the office, or after a long day without any stickiness and it doesn't need to be washed out.
Alcohol free
Alcohol-based products disturb the pH balance of your scalp resulting in itching and rashes. This alcohol-free Minoxidil 5% solution helps in hair growth without the worry of itching and rashes.
No Odour
This overnight Minoxidil topical solution doesn't emit strong or unpleasant odour. It helps in giving you a good night's sleep without any worry.
Dropper and spray applicators
Prefer a spray over a dropper or visa versa? This hair tonic comes with both kinds of applicators for ease of use.
Ratings & Reviews
5 Nice product ❤️
I bought it because I'm losing my hair. my friend advised me and i used it for 1½ months.i found some new hair are growing. Better condition after using this gummies. Highly recommended. For Rs 100 off use referral code 8637820350
0 0
3 Not much satisfied with the packing bottle of minoxidil
The bottle isn't suitable if you are a frequent traveler and carries minoxidil in your bag.
Danish Ali
0 0
5 Unbelievable Result !! 👌
I\'m using your product from 10 December 2021, I feel some improvement in my hair quality but also still facing hair loss problem daily 20 to 25 hair . No doubt, product is good....I\'m waiting for satisfactory hair growth, & increasing hair Volume... By the way U can use my referral code 8250915244 to get RS 100 flat off. Thanks
1 0
4 Best product ever
I am using this brand for almost 10 months and every product of this brand is 100% genuine. None of these have single side effects. I am using this product for soo long and i can proudly recommend u guys to us this product beacuse my scalp was not so good but now i am totally happy with myself and by this product i am much more confident. kudos to manmatters team for such good product and fast delivery.consultancy is really appreciative.🙏�🙌�
Hi Utkarsh, We're glad to know that you've got expected results from our product. Do tell your family & friends about your experience with Man Matters as this will encourage them to try our products. Thanks for your valuable feedback. You inspire us to be better 🙂 Cheers, Team Man Matters
Utkarsh Chaudhari
3 0
5 Value for money
Lowest price minoxidil , good result and non alcoholic.
0 0
5 Amazing Product
Works within 5 months.
0 0
5 Use it once😳
I\'m facing severe hairfall from last 7-8 months but after using it my hair fall stopped and I saw new hair growth👍.. Really happy with this product 😊
Mudit Khokhar
0 0
5 Nice Product
Started using this product, use 8586048273 as referral code to get instant discount of 100.
0 0
4 Product is good
I am using this for 4 month Product work well in regaining hair but hair come out is very thin and it is taking much time to grow.overall good kindly use 7415891600 as referal code to get 100discount.
Arunendra Kumar
0 0
4 Non-Alcoholic best minoxidil I\'ve used till date
So i have been using Minoxidil for the last 3 years, I have tried so many brands that carry an alcohol base, when you are using it for a long term, it creates itchiness on your scalp. This product is the best. I will highly recommend this product.
Shubham Pandey
0 0
5 Weste of money
I don't know it has even work 1% I want to ask for refund of my money coz I did not see change after using it for 6 months as they claim,,,I request you to refund money
Milan Bisawakarma
0 0
5 Can see baby hair and my hair line is growing back
I\'m using minoxidil for 4 months now I can see baby hair and my hair line is growing back claim up to Rs. 100 on your first purchase use my code=8374926566
0 0
5 Good results
Got pretty good results use my code=7337426645 to get 100 discount
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5 Happy Satisfied Customer
Profit! Profit! Profit! Hi Guys if u going to Buy any product from Man Matters So you can get 100 rupees discount on your order for that only you have to enter my number ( 9034505065 ) in referral code in payment summary Page. Referal code - 9034505065 Enjoy ! Thanks me Later ! Man Matters provide very good quality Products. The quality of there product is very unique and the packing is also amazing. i am sure, you will like their all product that you are going to buy. I am saying all this after using these product. I am Happy and fully satisfied from Man Matters products result. My Referal code - 9034505065 You Can Earn - 100rs or More. Enjoy!
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5 Best minoxidil I have used till now
I have been using minoxidil for a very long time. At one point of time, it used to make my scalp dry and flaky, but I came across MAN MATTERS MINOXIDIL and this product is AMAZING. Your scalp won\'t be itchy. My hair fall stopped and I can see baby hairs on my scalp. Use my referral 7004719625 to get rs 100 off
Shubham Pandey
0 0
5 Best hair tonic for visible results.
Very effective solution for hair fall and it also helps to dense hair.
Irfan Raja
0 0
5 Genuine Excellent product
6 month ago I have facing too much hair fall problem , some part of centre head scalp was losing to much hair, used lots of medicine and product but not so much helpful in hairfall, some how I reached mm site and take doctor. Appointment and doctor recommended me minoxidil with anti hairfall shampoo used both product last 4 month , now hair fall is totally stopped only 4-5 hair loses in shampoo time, now some new hair is also growing in center of scalp. I would suggest to everyone used this product who have hairfall issue My code 7879465677 to get 100 ruppee in mm wallet thankyou
0 0
5 Excellent product ♥️
Using it since June 2021, and now i can say there is actually significant improvement in my hair volume. My hairfall magically reduced to just 8-10 per day and hair growing faster than before. Hairs in temple are started growing thicker. And my hairs are becoming more more black. And lastly you should also keep check on clean scalp for better absorption and fast results BTW use this referral CODE 6382997140 to get ₹100 in your wallet ❤️
0 0
3 Hair loss stopped
Hair loss stopped but no hair regrowth happen
Sumit Singh
0 0
5 Really amazed
I’m using this brands product for almost 2 months and i am really glad to see the result in such short time.By using this product i am much more confident with myself so plz guys just use this product and wait till magic happens. And use this code 9265481032 to get RS.100 DISCOUNT on all products.
Utkarsh Chaudhari
0 0
Questions & Answers
Q. This minoxidil with procapil how many times in a day we should use because in the product description I can see use once in day probably in the night
Bhunesh Tandel
0 0
Q. What is side effects
Akash Kumar
0 0
Q. It contains DHT blocker or finasteride?
0 0
Q. Return is applicable on this product
A. Hi Dibyajyoti,

Thanks for your inquiry. Currently, we do not have a return policy as such. However, you can write to us at support@manmatters.com or contact us on 7607027607 in case you have any concerns.

Team ManMatters
0 0
Q. What is the expiry date of this product
A. Hi Dibyajyoti

Thanks for your inquiry. Our Minoxidil should be used 24 months from the manufacturing date.
In case you’ve any doubts, then you can always book a free consultation with our expert doctor
https://mattrs.co/zxm6s, who will answer all queries & guide you further on this.

Team Man Matters 🙂
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Q. Can i use the same product for beard ?
A. Hi Vangipuram,

Our minoxidil 5% solution is proven effective to treat male pattern baldness. It is a prescription-based product and it should be used only as per the doctor's advice. Also, it is recommended to be used on the scalp. To understand whether this is the right product for you, please book a free consultation with our expert doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s. This will happen on call or video. The doctor will understand your case in detail and suggest the best way forward.

Team Man Matters
Vangipuram Phanindra
0 0
Q. Can we use it for beard growtg
A. Hi Johnson,

Our minoxidil 5% solution is proven effective to treat male pattern baldness. It is recommended only for the scalp. Also, please note that It is a prescription-based product that should be used as per the doctor's advice. We have a few products available for the beards. You can check those here https://manmatters.com/beard-matters/?utm_source=hamburger. To understand the right treatment for your beard, we request you to book a free consultation with our expert doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s. This will happen on call or video. The doctor will spend time understanding your issues in detail and suggest the best way forward.

Team Man Matters
Johnson Paul
0 0
Q. How does this product differs from rpb-advanced-hair-tonic
A. Hi,

Thanks for your enquiry. Both Redensyl & Minoxidil are proven to treat various stages of male pattern baldness. Our doctors recommend either one based on hair fall severity. To understand which one is the right solution for you and to know the right treatment, please book a free consultation with our hair doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s. The consultation will happen on a call or video. The doctor will spend time to understand your issues and suggest the best way forward.

Team Man Matters 🙂
0 0
Q. Can we use advance hair tonic and grow max together
A. Hi Pratick,

Thanks for your enquiry. Though both our Advance Redensyl Tonic & Growmax Minoxidil are effective for new hair growth. Our doctors recommend either one based on the hair fall & baldness severity. To know the right treatment & to understand if you can use both the products together, please book a free consultation with our expert hair doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s. The doctor will spend time to understand your doubts in detail and suggest the best way forward.

Team Man Matters 🙂
Pratick Saha
0 0
Q. I have BP issue. Can I use it?
A. Hi Farid,

We hope you're keeping well. Our minoxidil 5% solution is proven effective to treat male pattern baldness. It is a prescription based product and it should be used only as per the doctor's advice. Considering you have a BP issue, it's advisable to speak with an expert. Please book a free consultation with our expert doctor at https://mattrs.co/zxm6s. This will happen on call or video. The doctor will understand your case in detail and suggest the best way forward.

Team Man Matters
Farid Khan
0 0
A. Hi Fasahat ,

We really appreciate your interest. At the moment we are only delivering in India. Please note that, due to system limitations we're unable to book a consultation for foreign numbers. We request you to check for an Indian contact number in your family & schedule a consultation using that number to complete your purchase. You can book your free appointment using the following link https://mattrs.co/zxm6s.

Team Man Matters 🙂
Fasahat Ali
0 0
Ingredients list
5% Minoxidil IP, 2% Procapil, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Aqueous Base
Safe and Effective

No Side Effects

Alcohol Free

Clinically Tested

Easy to use

Australian Made Safe Certified

Procapil enriched

Clinical Proof
Lab tests and certifications
Tested by
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Backed by
View Studies
Made Safe
View Certificate
How to use
While using spray:
Remove the screw cap and the film. Insert spray applicator.Spray on the affected scalp area and spread the solution evenly with your fingertips.Wash your hands after use.
Using a dropper:
Open the bottle and unscrew the cap.Remove the film on the cap and insert the dropper into the bottle.Take the solution into the dropper as instructed. Apply the solution on the affected scalp area with the dropper and spread the solution evenly with your fingertips. Wash your hands after use.
If using with a Derma roller for hair:
Roll the dermaroller over your scalp and follow up with the tonic.
Note: Do not stop using this Minoxidil 5 for men mid-way your treatment. This may result in heavy fall. This Minoxidil 5 is an overnight water-based solution which will seep into your scalp without leaving any residue. You don't have to shampoo your hair every time you use this Minoxidil for hair. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week and use this Minoxidil 5% solution as prescribed.
What it works best with?
Products targeted to reduce hair loss
This minoxidil 5% solution is the first step towards curbing hair loss. If you're looking to clean, nourish and protect your scalp and hair, you should explore shampoos, serums and other products targeted to reduce hair fall and improve hair health.
Good diet
Nothing replaces nutritional food intake. Ensure you have good dietary foods such as eggs, spinach and other green leafy vegetables to help boost your hair health.
The right grooming tools
Plastic combs cause micro-tears in your scalp, weakening your follicles. A wooden comb evenly distributes natural sebum more evenly throughout the mane, making your hair resilient against everyday challenges.
Product Recommendations
Biotin Hair Gummies (30 N)
Rs 495
Anti Hair Fall DHT Blocker Shampoo (300 ml)
Rs 429₹499🎉 14% off
Rs 479₹549🎉 12% off
What it won't do
Fast Results
All good things take time, so does growing back healthy hair. Don't expect to grow a mane within 2 days or 2 months.
Solve The Problem Equally For All
Each person is different, and the way our solution works on everyone is different.
Won't Completely Stop Hair Fall
Hair fall is a natural process. While this Minoxidil 5 for men will curb hair fall, it won't completely bring it to a stop. You still have to follow good hair hygiene and have a proper diet.
Requires a prescription
For initial and advanced hair loss
No prescription needed
Only for initial hair loss
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Minoxidil 5% Solution (120 ml)
You can apply the minoxidil 5% solution right after dermarolling. It's advised to use a roller with 0.5mm needles.
None! Absolutely none. Use our product safely without any side effects. This minoxidil 5% solution an alcohol-free formula, which means you won't experience itching or irritation.
No, this is a hair treatment. Stopping it suddenly to try something new or due to any other reason might cause more hair loss than normal.
Yes, this minoxidil 5 for men is a water-based solution.
This minoxidil 5% solution may change colour over time. However, it doesn't impact product efficacy or quality.
This is an overnight water-based solution which seeps into your scalp and doesn't leave any residue behind. Minoxidil 5% solution works on your scalp without looking greasy. You won't have to wash your hair everyday. If you wash your hair 2-3 times a week, please continue doing that while applying the solution as instructed.
While our minoxidil 5 for men doesn't lead to dandruff, it's possible that you may start to notice the flakes more after using it if you already have a dandruff problem! We recommend using an anti-dandruff shampoo simultaneously to keep the dandruff in check!
No. You just need to unscrew the cap, remove the protective film and place the spray. If it's a new pack, you need to pump 2-3 times for the liquid to come up
Minoxidil 5% solution is oil free so, it will not make your hair greasy. However, we would recommend you to apply it on a clean scalp.
Each transplant is different. We'd suggest booking an online consultation to know more about this.
Each scar is different. We'd suggest booking an online consultation to know more about this.
Live a better life. Try our products now.
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Alcohol Free Hair Loss And Hair Growth Solution
GROWMAX Minoxidil 5% Solution With Procapil (120ml)
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