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REJUV Face Serum

Packed with antioxidants, this science-backed serum fights acne, acne scars, aging and pigmentation. REJUV retains moisture and stimulates collagen production for improved skin elasticity.
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Kakadu Plum
Kakadu plum has 100 times more Vitamin C than an orange. It is is the richest natural source of Vitamin C.
Also known as Vitamin B3, it is rich in antioxidants that fight hyperpigmentation. It uses free fatty acids to form a shield that protects your skin from losing moisture and appearing dull.
For All Skin Types
100% Fruit Extract
Clinically Tested
Proven Ingredients
Phthalates Free
Cruelty Free
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Shehzad .
India India
I recommend this product
Good and effective product

My skin is quite sensitive and acne prone hence I started using this serum in the morning and night and within a few days I saw visible difference. My skin is acne free now and spotless. Use daily and you should see results 100%

Man Matters Rejuv| Face Serum ReviewMan Matters Rejuv| Face Serum Review
Why do people love this product?
The serum's lightweight property repairs UV ray and acne damaged skin by forming a gentle yet protective skin shield.
Kakadu plum's 100% natural extract keeps aging at bay by fighting free radicals and stimulating collagen production.
Contains Vitamin C is easily absorbed and fights hyperpigmentation and skin dehydration.
What Complements This Product
Lifestyle Habits
Drinking right amount of water
Increased water intake helps flush out toxins from your skin and keeps your pores clear of bacterial build up.
Healthy diet
Eating fresh, whole foods like fruits & salads will help your skin optimize nutrition necessary for skin regeneration.
Exercising 3-4 times a week boosts blood circulation and oxygen delivery to your skin. This keeps your skin healthy and keeps it glowing.
A minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep will keep your skin refreshed & young.
Here's what happens once you start this regime
After 1 month
Reduced redness, inflammation, and irritation. Improved skin elasticity.
After 2 months
Tighter, firmer, and more supple skin. Reduced pigmentation.
After 3 months
Stimulates collagen production. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
Use it in the day or before going to bed every night.
Wash your face with Man Matters' face wash and pat it dry with a clean napkin.
Take 4-5 drops of the serum in your palm.
Gently massage the product into your skin until it is completely absorbed.
If you use it in the morning, top it off with a sunscreen.
Why choose Man Matters?
Free Doctor Consultation
The wellness ecosystem is broken and we intend to fix that. We believe that expert doctor advice and consult shouldn't be so hard, our expert dermatologists are always there to help you and give their advice.
We get you
Talking about personal health is hard. Often embarrassing. We get that. So we took ‘matters’ into our own hands; and created a place for all matters of man. Hair, skin, weight, sleep, performance and much more. We get you, and we get what matters to you.
Expert Backed Solutions
With so many unreliable sources and searches, it's hard to decide whom to trust. Our solutions are trusted by experts, and are backed by science. We believe that wellness has a science behind it and we want to make it more accessible.
Extended Care & Follow-ups
Wellness is an actively pursued goal of being in a state of good health. We believe that compliance and discipline matter if you want to move towards wellbeing, and we get that it's not easy. We are here to handhold you and help you on this journey.
Here’s what our product doesn't do
Transform your skin overnight
This product needs to be used diligently for at least 3 months to see best results.
Stop aging
Our product can postpone the signs of aging but you will still grow a year older every year.
Replace a healthy meal
Though our product is fruit based, a balanced diet will keep your skin healthy.
Help you find love
We can only make your skin smooth to touch. Use that power wisely.
We’re proud of the work we’ve done
Gave me healthy skin
My skin has started looking extremely dull since I have not had enough time to take care of it. I added this serum to my routine which earlier consisted of washing my face and applying sunscreen. I used the serum twice a day, just like I wash my face twice a day. Earlier my skin looked dull but now it has a glow to it.
Kushal Bhaskar
28 yrs, Mumbai
Reduced my aging
It felt like the year I turned 30, my skin started showing signs of aging. I don't know if this was my overthinking about turning 30 or there was a real change in the texture of my skin. I began to get worried and extremely stressed that I suddenly looked older. I researched how to improve my oily skin, but I wasn't sure where to start, what to use. That is when I stumbled upon Man Matters' REJUV Face Serum. It spoke about signs of early aging and that was the moment that I knew that it wasn't only in my head and that early aging really happens. Having used this product for about 2.5 months, I see changes in my skin. The fine lines I felt around my eyes have now reduced.
Mayur Das
33 yrs, Bhopal
No more acne scars
Adult acne has been my biggest scare because of the scars that they leave behind. people have suggested so many home remedies and so many medicines. This momentarily got rid of my acne but never the scars. I meticulously started using this face serum and realized that it the topical application really suited my skin. Not only did it get rid of my biggest scare - acne scars but also it reduced the redness and irritation on my face.
Vishal Mukherjee
34 yrs, Kolkata
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REJUV Face Serum
Most nutritional health transformations take place over time, our serum takes around 2-3 months to show results.
Kakadu Plum is a fruit grown in Northern Australia and is extremely rich in Vitamin C. It is rich in antioxidants and stimulates collagen production.
UV rays, pollution damage your skin and deplete the Vitamin C in your skin. To replenish Vitamin C and keep your skin healthy, you need an external supply of vitamin C.
Neither Vitamin C nor niacinamide have side effects. If you are using Vitamin C and niacinamide for the first time, use the product with lower frequency. When your skin is is accustomed to the serum, use as per instructions.
Store Below 30°C.
Shake well before use.
Close cap tightly after using.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.
This foaming face wash is suited for all skin types.
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