RELAX Melatonin Strip (30 N)

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A sleep strip that dissolves on your tongue, and naturally signals your brain to sleep. It can be used to regulate your sleep cycle.
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RELAX Melatonin Strip (30 N)
RELAX Melatonin Strip (30 N)
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Net Quantity
30 N (25 g)
Manufactured By
D K Livkon Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, Plot No. F-2/4, Kansai, MIDC, Ambernath (W), Mumbai
FSSAI Lic. No.: 11518022000429
Marketed By
Mosaic Wellness Private Limited, 701, 7th floor, Skyline Icon, Andheri Kurla Road, Chimatpada, Marol, Andheri East · Mumbai - 400059.
FSSAI Lic No.: 10020022011657
Country Origin
Product Dimensions
6.5 x 2 x 8
Best Before
18 months
Safe and Effective
Non-Habit Forming
Non-Habit Forming
Quick Action
Quick Action
100% Natural
100% Natural
Plant Based
Plant Based
Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free
As the name suggests, RELAX melatonin strip is made with melatonin.
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What is Melatonin?
Known as the sleep hormone, melatonin is naturally produced in your body
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Why Melatonin supplements?
Bright lights, excess screen time, and a hectic schedule can act as melatonin killers
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RELAX is designed to help you manage your sleep cycle with the utmost convenience
How to use
How it's used ?
Got Questions ?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Does RELAX make you sleep faster, better, or longer?
Who can have RELAX?
Can RELAX be had every day?
When is the best time to take RELAX?
Does this product have any side effects?
What happens if I take more than one strip of RELAX?
What should I keep in mind while using this product?
Budget time to Relax
While deciding your bedtime, budget time to relax your mind and body. We recommend at least 30 minutes daily before you go to bed. On days when you are taking RELAX, this window can be shorter.
Focus on relaxation techniques
Instead of pushing yourself to sleep, find out which relaxation technique helps you fall asleep. It could be meditation, journaling, or gadget-free time.
Fix your wake-up time
Try to wake up at the same time every day - weekends included. Fluctuating sleep schedules can damage your sleep cycle.
Avoid napping in the day
Napping for more than 30 minutes during the day makes it difficult to fall asleep at night and will prevent a consistent sleep schedule.
THINGS TO NOTEHere’s what our product doesn't do
Make you successful
By regulating your sleep cycle, RELAX will equip you with energy to take on the day. You still need to work hard and take risks to be successful.
Turn you into a sloth
RELAX will not make you lazy or groggy. It will naturally calm your body so you sleep better.
Vanish dark circles
Though dark circles are a consequence of lack of sleep, they are also caused by overexposure to the sun. Thus, using our product may not entirely solve the problem.
Make you crave more
RELAX is a non-habit forming sleep strip that helps you manage your sleep cycle. You won't be dependent on RELAX to sleep every night.
Why You Need This Product?
What's the secret to success?
Hard work and making each day count. This is possible only when you have a consistent routine which keeps you energetic & productive.
What's hampering your success?
An erratic sleep cycle. It makes you groggy, low on energy, and reduces your productivity.
How can you fix this?
With at least 7 hours of uninterrupted, quality sleep.
How can you wake up early?
To wake up early, you need to sleep early. Your body requires enough sleep hormones to transition into a state of sleep.
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Take RELAX 1 hour before bedtime.
Tear open the sachet and take out the strip.
Place the RELAX strip at the center of your tongue.
It will disintegrate automatically.
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