Intimate Lube (100ml) + INDULGE Energy Bites (30 N)

Performance Booster Kit

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Give yourself the power of performance with our best selling products. Man Matters Performance Booster Kit is a mix of tasty chocolate which helps boost testosterone and strawberry flavoured lube for a friction-free experience. Power up for a smoother ride with your partner.
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Safe and Effective

Zero Irritation

Zero Irritation

Silicone Free

Silicone Free

Safest ingredients

Safest ingredients

Oil Free

Oil Free

Gentle on skin

Gentle on skin

Australian Made Safe Certified

Australian Made Safe Certified

100% Vegetarian

100% Vegetarian

Preservative Free

Preservative Free

Artificial Colours Free

Artificial Colours Free



Trans Fat Free

Trans Fat Free

Toxin Free

Toxin Free

How does it work?

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Cellulose Polymers
Our lube is made to create a wonderful experience for you
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A humectant in nature, it leaves behind a soothing and warming sensation, thereby increasing the blood flow to the applied region for hightened pleasure
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Fruity Strawberry Scent
Every activity needs to be enjoyable for everyone involved

How to use

How it's used ?

What does the kit do

A smooth and fresh rideStep 1

A smooth and fresh ride

Man Matters Intimate Lube gives you the 'right' kind of moisturiser that makes sliding in and out easier. The scrintillating strawberry flavour also gets you and your partner in just the right mood.
Heightened pleasureStep 2

Heightened pleasure

When used during your performance, your partner will be at the edge of their seat—dancing alone? It stimulates your nerves and makes you reach a satisfactory happy ending! The warming effect of the lube hightens pleasure by increasing the bnlood flow to the applied areas
Solo or notStep 3

Solo or not

Spit, moisturisers and oils are not the best option for a frictionless experience. Throw away your DIY lubricants you were sneaking in and make Man Matters Intimate Lube your BFF. It's time to explore safer options to spice up your intimate life with the safest water based lube in the market.
Compatible with all kinds of acts and propsStep 4

Compatible with all kinds of acts and props

Man Matters Intimate Lube is the safest buddy you've got. Whether you want to use it with added protection or extra tools this jelly is your perfect companion.
Improves Mood and AlertnessStep 5

Improves Mood and Alertness

These bites contain caffeine which helps your body re-energize, improving your attention span and alertness without disturbing your sleep cycle. When paired with L-theanine and L-Tryptophan - a serotonin booster, it helps improve mood & reduce stress.
Improves Energy and VitalityStep 6

Improves Energy and Vitality

Ashwagandha, Zinc and Iron have strength boosting properties. It helps improve vitality for better performance and health. Over time, consuming them also help improve immunity.
Boosts Testosterone LevelsStep 7

Boosts Testosterone Levels

Ashwagandha and DHEA are potent testosterone boosters that help in reducing fatigue and improving overall health & performance.

Got Questions ?

Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.

For how long do I use this kit to see a difference?

Does this kit provide a permanent solution?

How many times a week should I use this kit?

Does this lubricant cause irritation?

What is a water-based lube and how is it different from silicone-based?

Can one use Man Matters Intimate Lube when trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy?

What if my skin reacts to this?

Product Details

Intimate Lube


What our products can't do

Doesn't Replace Your Doctor

While we do help you enhance your pleasure, it's best to go to a doctor for a full fledged treatment.

Improve you stamina instantly

Stamina building is a journey that long, but definitely fruitful :). Take it one step at a time, and keep going!

How to Use

Take it slow, one piece per day is all you need for sustained performance enhancement.
Unscrew the cap and gently squeeze the jelly onto your palms. Rub the jelly between your palms and apply to the areas needed.
Want to use it for a massage?
Just pour it on the areas and gently massage.
Want to use it with a condom?
Smooth the jelly over the condom.

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