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Common Health Concerns

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Skin Problems

Did you know men skin is 30% thicker than women and is very different? And, hence, it needs to be treated differently.

Acne, Aging, Pigmentation or any other skin problems- diagnosing them from the comfort of your home just got easy!

Our panel of Certified Dermatologists can help diagnose your problems and provide you with a customized treatment plan with unlimited free follow-ups.
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Hair & Beard Problems

Did you know receding hairline can be the early sign of male pattern baldness? Also, did you know patchy beard problem can be solved?

Find a solution to all your hair and beard problems including hair loss & thinning, dandruff & itchy scalp, premature greying, rough & dry hair and more

Our panel of experienced Dermatologists and Trichologists can provide you with expert solutions to fight your hair and beard problems today.
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Sexual Health & Performance Issues in Bed

Did you know 1 in every 10 men have sexual problems? Erectile Dysfunction is more common in men than you think.

Whether you have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or any other performance and sexual health problems, fret no more! With the right diagnosis and treatment, you can get your sex life back on track.

Our expert panel of experienced sexologists and urologists helps identify your problem(s) and provide a proper treatment plan in absolute anonymity.
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Weight Management & Nutrition

Did you know your gut health can impact your weight management journey? Also, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and weight management are all co-related!

Want to know how? Identifying and treating problems associated with your diet and nutrition just got easy with Man Matters.

Take a free online doctor consultation with one of our certified nutritionists, dieticians or general physicians and get the correct treatment.
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Our team of medical experts

Dr. Sujit Shanshanwal
Dr. Sujit has honed his skills in various cosmetic procedures and dermatology. His past experiences in New York, Chicago and Denver, push him to deliver the best quality of hair treatments to you. Dr Sujit was the first in India to extensively study and publish results of the role of an alternative 5α-Reductase inhibitor in fighting hair loss in men.
Dr. Deepam Shah
Dr Deepam's area of expertise lie in Dermatology, Cosmetology and Hair Transplant. He has had over 10 years of experience being associated with the best hospitals.
Dr. Chandrashekhar Azad
Dr. Chandrashekhar is a Hair Transplant Surgeon and has had the privilege of having carried out over 3000 successful surgeries in a short span of 8 years. Dr Azad holds the record for meticulous and optimum results towards varied procedures of hair loss treatments.
Dr. Rohit Singh
Dr. Rohit Singh is a Consulting Psychiatrist with 3 years of experience. He believes in a holistic approach in treatment of any condition. His areas of interest are Sexual Problems like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

How to Take our Free Online Doctor Consultation

Yes, it’s true! A men's only digital health clinic that is so convenient, we wonder why it’s not the norm! Here’s how online doctor consult works:

Fill Health Assessment Form

A quick 10-minute assessment with questions about your current lifestyle, medical history, symptoms, and what you need help with. This information will help our doctors diagnose your problem.

Get Personalised Treatment Plan

We then provide you with a personalised plan to help treat your ailment. This will be supported with a free consultation from an experienced doctor – if you want. Get answers, express doubts and question solutions – all without leaving your couch!

Begin your Treatment

Once you are satisfied with the diagnosis and course, order your treatment plan and sit back! We offer free delivery across India and you will receive your order within 3 days. Our packages come discreetly wrapped – so you can receive them in office, at home, or even at your neighbour’s if you’d like!

Ongoing Care

And no, our relationship with you doesn't end there. We'll be sticking around longer than that ☺! We'll check in on your progress, and you get unlimited follow-ups with our doctors all through your treatment.
Ready to begin your journey to wellness?
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Why Online Doctor
Consultation is the Future

Wondering why?

Tele Health - Future of Primary Healthcare
Wondering why?

Access to Specialist Doctors

Book a quick consultation on your own time, leave behind traffic, pollution, queues and long waiting times. Need we say more? Specialised experts for every concern with years of experience in men’s wellness. When we say we want only what’s best for men – we mean it.

Unlimited follow-ups 100% confidential

Say good-bye to follow-up consultation fees. With regular check-ins and constant support, we’re with you on your journey till the end, my friend! The only thing that matters as much as your well-being is your privacy! Every session is secure & private so what you share with us, stays with us.
Daily consultations

Real Men, Real Stories

Are you the kind who likes to thoroughly research something before diving in? Or are you just not easily convinced? We feel you. We really like to be doubly sure before committing too! Here are some unfiltered, actual reviews from real men like you.
Deep Sengupta
I find this new approach very helpful and in reasonable price, with well experienced doctors. I will stick to this.
Rohan Adake
The input given by the doctor was very good.. She explained what medications are required and why they are essentials. Also gave tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Vishal Saha
The doctor was very attentive and listening to my complaints very seriously and gave many actionable advice which i can implement. Thanks for this advice.
Sagar Salunke
It was a great experience to get detail information about my problem and the product from my doctors.
Joel Dsouza
Not being judgemental but then communication skills were great enough to explain me and guide me through the whole process and my doctor was patient, humble and courteous! Kudos to her. Keep it up #manmatters👍🏼

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers.
What is digital health clinic?
Digital health clinic is the combination of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, with healthcare services to remotely manage your healthcare efficiently.
Do you maintain any patient history if I want a follow-up consultation?
Yes, we maintain a database of patient history and doctor prescriptions to help customize and improvise treatment plans according to a patient's progress.
How can the doctor prescribe me without physically examining me?
The doctor will follow the process followed normally- ask you about your lifestyle and medical history. Based on that, you may be asked for a couple of documents and/or run a few tests. This will help the doctor diagnose you better and give you a customized treatment plan based on your problem.
Moreover, your responses in the Wellness Assessment Form help to collect your history.
In a nutshell, you can get expert medical solutions from the comforts of anywhere, anytime from best doctors in India, online..
How will I know about my appointments?
As soon as you book an online doctor consultation with us, you will get an SMS and whatsapp prompt to confirm your appointment. You will aslo get a call to remind you about the appointment 15 mins prior to the scheduled time.
How will the doctor send me the prescription and where can I get the prescription from?
As soon as you complete your online doctor consultation with us, the doctor will email your prescription. The email will have a link to download your digital prescription and help you get started with your treatment.
Are your online doctors qualified?
All doctors go through a stringent verification test before being listed on manmatters. We have a seasoned panel of 65+ doctors and medical experts.
What happens if I don’t get a response from a doctor?
We provide a 100% guarantee of responsive online doctor consultation experience. In the unlikely event, the consultation is not completed you will get the option to reschedule as per your convenience.
Can I do a free online doctor consultation on Man Matters?
Yes, Man Matters provides free online consultations with some of India's leading doctors and medical experts, along with unlimited free follow-ups.
During the online doctor consultation, the audio/video was not clear. What to do?
This may happen due to poor internet connectivity or some technical glitch. In such cases, please check your internet connection. If, despite that, the issue persists, please email us at with the screenshot of the error, and we will get back to you promptly.
Where is my prescription from the doctor consultation online with Man Matters
You can find your prescription for your online consult by clicking on this link:
What is the minimum fee for online doctor consultation
Man Matters offers free online doctor consultation.
Moreover, you can talk to our team of 65+ specialized doctors to address various health problems related to men's sexual health, skincare, haircare, weight, sleep & intimate hygiene needs.
Is It Illegal to Consult a Doctor Online?
No, it is not illegal for either you to take consult or for doctors to consult online. In India, doctors can provide teleconsultation as long as it is done in compliance with Telemedicine Guidelines.
Which Doctor to Consult for Sex Problems
You can consult a Urologist who is an expert in sexual health as well as men's reproductive health-related problems. Alternatively, you can also consult a Sexologist who is an expert in sexual health-related issues.
Take a free 100% confidential online doctor consultation with one of our top Urologists or Sexologists and get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for your sex problems.
Which Doctor to Consult for Burning Feet?
You can consult a General Physician if you are looking for a doctor to consult online for a burning feet.
Which Doctor to Consult for Foreskin Problem?
If you are facing a foreskin problem or any other issues related to your penile health, take a 1:1 free online doctor consultation with one of our top Urologists or General Physicians.
You can get the necessary treatment with unlimited follow-ups from the comfort of your home, effortlessly and in absolute confidentiality.
Which Doctor to Consult for Hair Fall?
You can consult a Dermatologist or Trichologist for hair fall related issues.
If you are dealing with severe hair fall, take our free online doctor consult with a top Dermatologist from the comfort of your home.
Which Doctor to Consult for Testicle Pain?
If you have continuous testicular pain, you should immediately see a Urologist because there may be chances of testicular cancer.
Take an online doctor consultation with one of our top Urologists to diagnose the exact problem along with a customized treatment plan easily from the comfort of your home.
Which Doctor to Consult for Erectile Dysfunction?
If you are facing Erectile dysfunction then you should consult a Urologist. You can consult a Urologists online with Man Matters from the comfort of your home for free.
Which Doctor to Consult for Male Infertility?
In case of male infertility, you can consult a Urologist specialised in treating male infertility.
Can Dermatologist Treat Dark Circles?
Yes, Dermatologists can treat your dark circles.
Can't seem to get rid of your dark circles? Consult a Dermatologist online with Man Matters and get your dark circles treated easily and effectively from the comforts of your home.
Does a Urologist Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?
Yes, a Urologist can deal with Erectile Dysfunction and other issues, directly and indirectly, related to your sexual health. If you have erectile dysfunction or the symptoms, take a free online doctor consultation with one of our renowned and certified Urologists today.
What Is General Physician?
A General Physician is a doctor who can treat numerous health problems affecting the body. A General Physician is also popularly known as the Family Doctor. They can treat people of all ages, from newborns to older adults.
Is a Nutritionist a Doctor?
No, not all Nutritionists are doctors, but a doctor can be a Nutritionist too.