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Hair Matters
The truth is, hair loss isn’t a physical health concern. But it can be very emotional; whether you embrace it, shave it, or treat it. If hair loss is bothering you, we want to help with the right treatment plan
Some common hair conditions that we treat
Increased stress, climate change, weather change and other lifestyle changes can cause hairfall, however, this is not a condition and is easily curable with the right treatment.
Hair Loss & Thinning
40% of men by the age of 40 observe hair loss and thinning. It's fairly common to lose hair, our doctors will understand the root cause and suggest treatments to stop hair loss and improve follicle health.
Oily scalp causes dandruff. Accelerated growth of dead skin cells forms yellowy flakes stuck to the scalp. It is difficult to disoldge them but can be taken care of with the right tratment.
Rough and Dry Hair
Dry and rough hair have very low natural lubrication and hence are mostly thin and harsh. It is more prone to tangles and breakage. We have just the right solution for this.
Itchy Scalp
Itchy scalp can be caused due to dry scalp. Our sclap renews every 24 hours and the old cells shed off. This shedding process can cause Itchy feeling which you can get rid off with the correct treatment.
Other Conditions
Other less severe men hair problems include greying, greasy hair, oily hair, split end etc. During the consultation mention these specifically to the Doctor to help them guide you better.
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Our Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Sujit Shanshanwal
Dr. Sujit has honed his skills in various cosmetic procedures and dermatology. His past experiences in New York, Chicago and Denver, push him to deliver the best quality of hair treatments to you. Dr Sujit was the first in India to extensively study and publish results of the role of an alternative 5α-Reductase inhibitor in fighting hair loss in men.
Dr. Deepam Shah
Dr Deepam's area of expertise lie in Dermatology, Cosmetology and Hair Transplant. He has had over 10 years of experience being associated with the best hospitals.
Dr. Chandrashekhar Azad
Dr. Chandrashekhar is a Hair Transplant Surgeon and has had the privilege of having carried out over 3000 successful surgeries in a short span of 8 years. Dr Azad holds the record for meticulous and optimum results towards varied procedures of hair loss treatments.
Dr. Snehashish Naskar
Dr Shehashish has worked previously as a Dermatologist with various well known organisations and hospitals. He strives for academic excellence and delivering the best solutions to customers.
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Deep Sengupta
I find this new approach very helpful and in reasonable price, with well experienced doctors. I will stick to this.
Rohan Adake
The input given by the doctor was very good. He explained what medications are required and why they are essentials. Also gave tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Vishal Saha
The doctor was very attentive and listening to my complaints very seriously and gave many actionable advice which i can implement. Thanks for this advice.
Sagar Salunke
It was a great experience to get detail information about my problem and the product from my doctors.
Joel Dsouza
Communication skills were great enough to explain me and guide me through the whole process and my doctor was patient, humble and courteous! Kudos to him. Keep it up #manmatters 👍🏼
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is digital health clinic?
Is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your health care.
Do you maintain any patient history if I want a follow-up consultation?
Yes, we will maintain your history with us, the doctor's prescription, and help you change the treatment plan according to your progress.
How can the doctor prescribe me without physically examining me?
You can upload images for the doctor to have a look. Doctor will get to know about your lifestyle and history which helps them diagnose you better. Moreover, your responses in the Wellness Assessment Form are to collect your history.
How will I know about my appointments?
As soon as you book an appoinment you will get an SMS and a Calender invite via E-mail. You will also get another SMS 30mins before your appointment time, just as a gentle reminder to make yourself available.
How will the doctor send me the prescription and where can I get the prescription from?
As soon as your consultation is completed, the doctor will send you an E-mail with your prescrption in it. That same e-mail will have a link from where you can get your prescription and start your treatment.
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