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5 Reasons You Need to Manage Your Weight

Managing weight can be a task! But there are a number of reasons why you must lose weight. Read this article to know why losing weight is important.

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5 Reasons You Need to Manage Your Weight

You need to lose some weight – is one of the most used phrases. Either you have been on the receiving end of it or you are the person giving this advice. But in both cases, most of the discussions that tends to happen on this topic end up being too vague. Why you ask? Most of the reasons we end up giving are not very effective or scientifically valid to promote weight loss. All the reasons out in the public are often a culmination of views from the fitness industry or scare tactics used by our society, with more emphasis being put on looking great. 

Sadly, the more evidence-based and pressing reasons to lose weight are never discussed in public. The real conversation about managing weight is almost always never had. 

So, let’s talk about weight management! Here are 5 important reasons for losing weight – 

1.Lose weight to save your knees and elbows

Ever Heard about Osteoarthritis? It is a degenerative joint disease which causes gradual damage to the bones of our joints and also cartilages. It is a common disease that comes with old age; however, obesity increases the chances of this disease. While more weight puts a high level of pressure on your joints causing them to degrade over time, Osteoarthritis is also caused due to the inflammatory chemical and hormonal environment created due high fat. 

2.Lose weight for a good night’s sleep 

It is true, obesity can majorly affect your sleep as more body fat means more chances for sleep apnea! 50% per cent of obese adults have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious disorder that causes your breathing to stop repeatedly when you are asleep. This impacts your sleep cycles, and as sleep is a prime metabolism regulator, this causes issues to our health. From rapid cell ageing to hormonal disruptions, a lot of problems begin to crop up due to this. 

3.Improving our flavour perception 

Increased consumption of fat tends to affect our sense of taste. Generally, we can easily identify different flavours and textures such as sweetness or fattiness. But being obese gives you an altered taste perception. It is also observed that foods that are responsible for obesity tend to have aggressively over-sweet, over-salty, etc. flavour profiles, therefore making us consume them more as a way to compensate for the lack of taste. 

4.Losing weight strengthens your immune system

Our body needs to maintain a healthy level of fat in order for our immunity to function properly and for our hormones and cell signals to work right. A sudden spike or fall in hormones and cytokines have effects throughout your body. Hormones are necessary for a lot of body functions; therefore, irregular levels can interfere with the body’s ability to stop and fight infections. As our body requires a responsive and robust immunity system to ward off against diseases, keeping check of your weight is necessary. If you lead a super busy life and can’t find the time to exercise then read our article about 5 weight loss tips for busy men here.