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Do Girls Like Chest Hair? - Man Matter's

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Do Girls Like Chest Hair? - Man Matter's

Men used to flaunt their body hair in the 80s. Now, you'll see celebrities with ripped, hairless bodies in the movies, which often leads to people assuming that women like men hairless. Is It True? Are women more attracted to men with chest hair or to men who shave it? Read on to know whether girls like chest hair.

Do Girls Like Chest Hair?

Firstly, most women like men who have well-maintained chest hair. Here is the study to give us a better idea. The Remington Products study asked 435 men for their grooming habits and 440 women for their attitudes toward those habits. One study found that 17% of women preferred a fully shaved chest, whereas 53% wished men would trim their chest hair. This shows that women actually prefer chest hair, but it should be maintained or trimmed nicely if the hair is bushy or hair sticking out of a man's shirt.  

Why Do Some Women Like Chest Hair?

Many women like men with chest hair because:

1. Make You Look Wiser

After shaving their chest hair, Most women find that men look quite prepubescent after shaving their chest hair since they believe that body hair makes them look older and wiser.

Women are more likely to notice a man with a beard or at least some facial hair than someone without any. A man with chest and facial hair appear more mature and manly to others.

2. Scent

Hairiness helps to increase the sexy scent of a man. According to scientific research, a woman will sniff out a man's genetics before deciding if he's right for her.

3. Indication of Your Testosterone Levels

This harks back to primal instincts as hair is the product of testosterone - which is a signifier of strength, energy, confidence and sex drive.

How to Maintain Your Chest Hair

You now know that some women prefer men who are hairless, while others enjoy both facial and chest hair. Therefore, we can conclude that something in between the two extremes is the best setting. In the end, it comes down to maintenance and grooming for women.

Here are a few tips -

  • Trim your body hair on a regular basis, especially if you do not want to shave it off all. If your chest hair is showing underneath your shirt, it is definitely time to trim it.
  • To prevent prickly hairs, consider trimming in the shower.
  • Shaving your chest is very similar to shaving your face, as you have to first clip the area and then use a fresh blade to shave it. It is usually a good idea to trim your hair to ¼-inch and then apply moisturizing shaving cream before using a blade.
  • It is always better to shave rather than over-trim your chest hair. If the hair does not look natural, then it will not look good.
  • Make sure you choose a style you will be able to maintain. Making constant changes is not a good idea.
  • Keep it trimmed or shaved, but make sure you do it regularly.

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