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Male Pattern Baldness | Natural Treatment

Male pattern baldness, a condition known as androgenic alopecia, emerges as one of the commonest and recurrent hair related issues among men.

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Male Pattern Baldness | Natural Treatment

Medical science has traveled miles and furlongs; however, the traditional medications and treatment have their own essence.

Male pattern baldness, a condition known as androgenic alopecia, emerges as one of the commonest and recurrent hair related issues among men. 

According to scientific survey conducted, over 50% of men aged above 50 are affected by baldness or hair loss to a certain degree. This is seen to take a mental toll on men.

You might be tired of thinking about how to regrow hair in your frontal hairline naturally with all kinds of supplements, medicines, and serum robbing you of your money – this is when Ayurveda comes to the rescue. 

Ayurveda offers various natural treatments for re-growing hair more safely and simply, without being heavy on the pocket. 

This article lets us explore how to grow hair on a bald head naturally and how Ayurveda can be the ultimate miracle you have been waiting for!

What causes male pattern baldness?

One of the primary factors causing baldness in men is genetic; a history of baldness in the family plays a crucial role. In-depth research has found that baldness in men is closely related to the male sex hormones known as androgens. 

These androgens have multiple functions, including controlling hair growth. In this condition, the growth cycle starts becoming weak, and the hair follicles begin to shrink. 

Hence, if you have been looking for natural remedies for men’s hair loss, well, the article is ideal for you. But before jumping into remedies have you identified what stage of Male Pattern Baldness are you at? Here is a guide to help you identify the stage correctly.

How Ayurveda is the right treatment for male pattern baldness?

As suggested through the expanse of time, Ayurveda successfully reduces the receding hairline problem by balancing the Pitta dosha. If you wonder how to regrow hair on bold spot naturally for men, the potential herbs such as ashwagandha, lavender, tila, kumara, and bhringraj can be beneficial.

Some of the famous ayurvedic treatments such as pitta pacification, ayurvedic oil application, Nasya, ayurvedic diet, and more are largely beneficial to treat the underlying condition. Besides consuming healthy and nutritious food, the following activities are strongly recommended to achieve hair regrowth for men naturally.

Herbal shampoos- Chemical Free Shampoos

Components such as sulfates and parabens are largely responsible for causing a receding hairline among men. Ayurveda encourages you to take a step beyond the chemical advancements and stick to the roots. 

You can use a few natural cleansers comprising the following herbs and the best possible solution for how to grow hair on bald head Ayurveda.



Triphala is a natural ayurvedic remedy made of herbs such as Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amla that helps cure hair loss in the following ways.

  • Cleansing Action of Triphala- Triphala helps clean dead cells and debris from the scalp especially the DHT build up that could only further increase hair loss in someone already suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.
  • Helps fight against hair damage-The active compounds in triphala churna repairs damaged hair and increases hair volume.
  • Antibacterial property-The active formula of Triphala’s ingredients like Haritaki has antibacterial and antifungal power which acts on the scalp and keeps all kinds of infections and fungal activity at bay. 
  • Triphala for Dandruff-Triphala powder has been known to reduce dandruff too.
  • Triphala to nourish hair-It additionally adds moisture to the hair while promoting hair growth. Triphala churna is considered the go to remedy for all hair loss problems.
  • Triphala to cool the scalp-Primarily known as a natural cooling agent, it helps to treat the imbalance of Pitta dosha (or the excess of heat) in the body. Ayurveda belives that excess of body heat is a leading factor contributing to hair loss.

Ayurvedic Oils to control Hair loss

 Ayurveda recommends massaging of hair oils as a quintessential step in hair care that plays a crucial role in controlling Male Pattern Baldness. 

Oils extracted from certain herbs in Ayurveda are capable of nourishing the scalp and is capable of fighting hair loss. Some strong potent herbs are ideal for reversing baldness and make a perfect solution for how to stop hair receding naturally. 

Some of the most commonly used Oils in Ayurveda for Hair loss are:

  • Bhringraja Oil:
  • Amla: 
  • Brahmi oil
  • Jonk Oil ( Leech oil)

All the oils mentioned above are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and help nourish the hair. Other carrier and essential oils can also be sought for those wondering how to regrow hairline naturally. These are derived from plants through evaporation and distillation methods and are beneficial across homeopathic medicines. 

Essential oils such as juniper, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and more have non-inflammatory properties that efficiently fight bacterial infection.

 Carrier oils:

Also known as vegetable oils, the carrier oils are the ideal answer to regrow hair naturally on the forehead. Some essential carrier oils are jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil, and a few more.

Yoga Asanas

Ayurvedic treatment is not only about application and consumption but also is a way of living. Ayurveda recommends a few asanas, which can serve as the best male pattern baldness natural treatment. 


The yoga pose is beneficial to treating dry and dull hair while hydrates the scalp well by offering essential nutrients to the hair follicles while helping you find the answer to how to grow hair on forehead naturally. 


The asana controls anxiety, tensions, and stress while helping individuals to balance Pitta dosha. It further stimulates the blood circulation while curbing hair fall. 


The popular headstand pose that you saw is also beneficial for speeding up blood circulation. A regular practice facilitates an improved baldness cure Ayurveda.


While age, genetics, and lifestyle are the influential factors to the underlying condition, the presence of a natural treatment makes everything easier. Ayurveda thus emerges as one of the most potent natural treatments, helping men fight hair loss and feel alive again.