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Nightfall: What Every Man Needs to Know About This Common Condition

Nightfall in man is a phenomenon where he ejaculates (releases sperm) in his sleep, mostly late in the night or early morning. This is common among teenagers and adults, caused due to weakness of the nerves and muscles of the penis, fluctuating hormonal levels, and other factors.

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Nightfall: What Every Man Needs to Know About This Common Condition
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Veena Ganesh Shinde, MD, DGO, PG & ART, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

What is Nightfall?

Wet dreams or nightfall technically means sperm emission at night while you are still sleeping. Doctors call this nocturnal emission or sleep orgasm because it means seminal fluid emission at night when fast asleep. It is a condition when men ejaculate in their sleep, usually late in the night or during the wee hours of the morning.

It primarily occurs due to the weak penile muscles and weakness of the penile nerves caused due to excessive masturbation, thinning of semen viscosity, changes in hormonal levels, or even due to full bladder.

When people start to understand 'what wet dreams mean?', they often think of nightfall as a disease or taboo - one that many hesitate to talk about with others. But it is not a disease and needs to be addressed!

We want to explain to you nightfall meaning, why nightfall occurs, and how it is an entirely normal, natural, and biological phenomenon through this blog.

That's not it. We will also cover techniques to control and stop nightfall so that you can sleep without worrying about wet dreams (also known as nocturnal emission).

What is Nightfall in Men?

What is nightfall meaning in men? When a male undergoes adolescence, many physiological changes occur. One of the significant changes includes the growth of sexual organs and hormonal changes. Due to these changes, boys usually undergo involuntary ejaculation of semen in a subconscious state in their sleep. They have dreams about various sexual acts, which results in the ejaculation of sperm in the sleep state. This uncontrolled semen ejaculation in the sleep is the meaning of nightfall.

It's around this time (and beyond) that your mind gets flooded with several questions related-

"What is nightfall."

"What is the meaning of wet dream?"

"Why is this happening to me?"

"Is nightfall even normal?"

"So, what do nocturnal emissions mean for my health?"

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Here are a few points to keep in mind about what nightfall is and if it is even normal to address all these concerns.

  • Nightfall or wet dreams are perfectly normal and usually common among teenagers who have just started puberty. However, nightfall is not restricted to teenagers alone. Older men, too, have nightfall if the old semen is not removed from the body(through masturbation or sex). On a side note, find out what happens if you release sperm daily and the myths and facts around this widespread concern too.

  • Nightfall (Kasrat-e-Ihtilaam) is not actually a problem in men but is a natural process. Men and teens, especially the uninformed ones, undergo guilt, frustration, anger, and lower self-confidence if they experience nightfall.

  • Nothing is embarrassing or shameful about nightfall in men. Men facing nightfall issues should discuss it with an elderly family member or a doctor and become more aware of nightfall and other concepts related to sexual development in men. Other names of nightfall also include- Nocturnal Emission, Sleep Orgasm, Wet dreams, and Kasrat-e-Ihtilaam.

In layman's terms, nightfall in man is the ejaculation of sperm while he is still asleep, with or without any sexual pleasure. In more technical terms, Wet dreams or nightfall is an involuntary discharge of the seminal fluid through the penile while the man is still fast asleep, at late night or early morning hours. Hence, it's also known as nocturnal emission or sleep orgasm.

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What are the causes & reasons for Nightfall (Wet dreams) in Men?

Nightfall Causes

Why does nightfall happen? As mentioned earlier, Nightfall or nocturnal emissions is the body's natural process of getting rid of the old semen to be replaced by new. The testes continuously produce new semen, but there is only a limited amount of it that the body can store. Read on to know what are the primary causes & reasons for nightfall in men, exactly why nightfall happens, and why nightfall occurs.

Reason of Nightfall - When Old Semen Needs to be Released to Store New Semen.

Usually, the old semen is discharged from the body after masturbation or sex, making space to store the new semen. Also, read about semen retention.

When old semen is not removed from the body by either of these acts, the body automatically releases the old semen to make space for the new semen. Nightfall occurs when the mind and body relax (sleep), popularly known as wet dreams or nocturnal emissions or nightfall in men.

Reason of Nightfall - When You Masturbate Way Too Frequently or Excessively

Nightfall also occurs when you masturbate excessively, which causes the weakening of the parasympathetic nerve, which in turn is responsible for holding a man's erection and locking the semen into the organ. This also causes fluctuation in the hormonal levels and makes men more susceptible to nightfall or wet dreams. See how masturbation decreases your stamina.

Weak nerves cause nightfall

Weak nerves and prostate glands can cause nightfall. Doctors say that sitting for long periods, depression, anxiety, and a sedentary lifestyle weakens nerves, reducing control over ejaculation.

Reduced control over prostate gland nerves is a cause of nightfall in men.

Erotic dreams are a reason for wet dreams

Erotic dreams or sex dreams are sexual dreams that turn individuals on. Erotic dreams cause wet dreams because of involuntary ejaculation of semen in one's sleep. This happens about twice a month. In case you experience nightfall more frequently, be sure to speak to a doctor.

What are the Symptoms of Nightfall or Wet dreams?

Some of the commonly spotted symptoms of nightfall in men include:

  • Nightfall in men causes weakness in the body.
  • Nightfall in men leads to premature ejaculation.
  • Nightfall in men is responsible for muscle cramps
  • Nightfall in men causes mood swings.
  • Nightfall in men makes you lazy.
  • Nightfall in men causes sleeplessness.

What are the benefits of nightfall?

Nightfall or wet dreams can be beneficial and good for health if you experience them twice-thrice a month. Given that you experience it only twice a month, here are nightfall's health benefits (why nightfall is good for you):

  • Wet dreams serve as a way for you to check whether your semen is healthy. Healthy semen is thick in consistency, while watery semen is a red flag and requires a doctor's attention. Try eating figs for healthy sperm.
  • Nightfall benefits your body through detoxification- wherein it releases old semen so that your body can accommodate new semen.
  • Nightfall benefits your body- it serves as a signal of excessive masturbation, or the lack of sexual intimacy is causing nighttime emissions. See another effect of excessive masturbation.

Is nightfall good or bad?

Is nightfall a disease? NO! The Nightfall problem or wet dreams is common in adolescent boys and as a result of erotic fantasies. While nightfall in boys and night discharge is extremely regular (and good) at least two times a month, studies say that nightfall with a higher frequency - more than two times a month is alarming.

Nightfall reasons can be a red flag. It could be indicative of these health conditions:

  • Overproduction of semen
  • Semen of thin consistency
  • Weak kidneys
  • Absence of sexual activity
  • Professional anxiety and pressure

The frequent occurrence of wet dreams or nightfall is a bad sign. Here are the side effects of excessive nightfall:

  • Frequent nightfall leads to decreased sperm count
  • Nightfall leads to dizziness
  • Nightfall causes insomnia
  • Nightfall causes knee pain
  • Nightfall leads to poor vision
  • Nightfall leads to infertility
  • Nightfall leads to sexual problems

How to Stop Nightfall or Nocturnal Emissions?

To stop nightfall, or for a nightfall solution, you can either choose between home remedies or medications for nightfall treatment and that too only if you feel that your wet dreams seem to hinder your day-to-day life and activities.

Home Remedies to Stop Nightfall in Men

Eating fiber-rich food controls nightfall in men.

Fiber-rich foods, such as pomegranate, mango, and asparagus, help maintain good blood circulation and strengthen muscle health, reducing nightfall instances. Also, read foods that help in improving sperm motility.

Taking a bath before sleeping controls wet dreams

Having a warm bath right before you sleep helps increase your dopamine level. Also, it enables you to get a night of sound sleep, thus reducing the possibility of getting nightfall/nocturnal emissions.

Masturbating/having sex reduces nocturnal emission in men

Regular masturbation or sex can help release the stored semen, resulting in reduced nightfall. But make sure you don't masturbate too frequently, in short intervals. Sexologists claim that it may do more harm than good then and that excessive masturbation can cause nightfall rather than stopping it.

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Exercising controls and stops Kasrat-e-Ihtilaam

Regularly exercising like running, jogging, or yoga helps improve blood circulation and helps in muscle toning, which can cure nightfall and other sex-related problems. You can also opt for other exercises such as yoga and pilates to reduce occurrences of wet dreams and have a healthy, fit body.

What is the Nightfall Medicine for Men?

Although home remedies can significantly reduce nightfall, there are several ayurvedic and allopathic medicines available to help with nightfall problems. However, it would be best to consult a medical professional before starting a medicinal treatment for nightfall issues. The professional will thoroughly evaluate before suggesting a treatment method.

The Bottom Line?

Nightfall in man is not harmful or shameful, or embarrassing. Wet dreams or nocturnal emissions, or nightfall are just another natural bodily function occurring in men. If you face any psychological issues due to nightfall, you need to start a conversation with an elder in your family, peers, or even better, a medical expert. But otherwise, follow the suggestion listed above, and you can make nightfall a less frequent phenomenon for you!


How many days does nightfall occur?

Generally, nightfall frequency ranges from once every three weeks to once every five and a half weeks. However, it varies from individual to individual depending on two main factors, the frequency of removal of old semen in the body (either through masturbation or sexual acts) and the production rate of new semen. If the body produces fresh semen at a rapid pace, and the old semen isn't removed from the body, it can lead to excessive nightfall and vice-versa.

Is nightfall dangerous for health?

No, usually, nightfall is not dangerous for health. However, in rare cases when a man has too frequent/regular nightfall, he may experience fatigue, hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, dizziness, poor vision and memory, insomnia, knee pain, and even infertility. In rarer cases, even urine passes along with the semen. The best practice here would be to visit a sexologist and addressing the problem.

Is nightfall normal?

Yes. Nightfall is entirely normal. It's not a nightfall problem. It is the body's natural way of getting rid of the old spermatic fluid. You shouldn't be embarrassed or feel guilty about it. However, if nightfall becomes frequent, you need to consult a medical professional.

Does nightfall decrease penis size?

NO, nightfall neither increases nor decreases the penis size. Even though many men hold this common misconception or that nightfall is related to the size of the penis. However, there are no scientific claims to prove credibility for any of these beliefs. Nightfall in men is a very natural and harmless phenomenon. If one wishes to eliminate the problem, he can easily connect with a doctor.

Does nightfall decrease sperm count?

NO, nightfall does not decrease the sperm count. It is nothing but a myth that nightfall (also known as wet dreams and nocturnal emission) in men is congruous to infertility. Nightfall in men is simply the expulsion of hoarded semen by new healthy sperm. So, in a nutshell, neither nightfall (wet dreams) nor masturbation can cause infertility or, for that matter, impact a man's fertility potential.

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Does excessive masturbation lead to nightfall problems?

Yes, excessive masturbation can lead to nightfall in man. It may weaken the parasympathetic nerve responsible for holding the man's erection and locking the semen into the organ. Thus, masturbating at regular short intervals may strain the penile nerve, making you susceptible to nocturnal emissions or nightfall, even when you are just slightly aroused or not.

Is nightfall a sleep orgasm or nocturnal emission?

It's both. Nightfall, nocturnal emission, sleep orgasm, wet dreams are all synonymous- they are the same. Nocturnal emission is an archaic term that means orgasming while asleep. So, if you hear someone mention sleep orgasm or nocturnal emissions, know they are talking about nightfall/wet dreams.

Do you have nightfall or wet dreams only during puberty?

No, however, wet dreams or nightfall in a man are more prevalent during teenage years because a man's adolescent body is going through significant hormonal changes. This impacts his sexual maturity. However, adults can have sleep orgasms, too— especially if they're sexually active.

So, in a nutshell, nightfall in men occurs less frequently as they get older. This is because, unlike during puberty, the hormone levels aren't out of control. However, there can be rare cases when a man may experience nightfall very frequently. In this case, he should positively consult a sexologist and get it treated.

Which exercise is best for nightfall?

Stress and anxiety-relieving exercises, meditation, and yoga postures before sleeping may help manage men's nightmares. Asanas such as Kandharasana, Brahmacharyasana, and Uttanapadasana are productive for naturally controlling nightfall in men.

How to cure nightfall permanently?

A common question? How to stop nightfall permanently? Simple steps go a long way in curing nightfall permanently. For example, sleeping in a supine position must be avoided. This means lying flat on your back. If you lie on your stomach, it will suppress your erection.

Another thing you can try is avoiding excessive sexual stimulation just before bed. This also means avoiding pornography and any sexual programs on popular media before you go to sleep.

Is nightfall a disease?

NO! The Nightfall problem or wet dreams is common in adolescent boys and as a result of erotic fantasies. While nightfall in boys and night discharge is extremely normal (and good) at least two times a month, studies say that nightfall with a higher frequency - more than two times a month is alarming.