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Yoga for Sexual Health of Men ~ Science-Backed | Man Matters

There are different types of yoga for sexual health of men, which are effective in treating various sexual disorders. Read on to learn more about these poses!

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Yoga for Sexual Health of Men ~ Science-Backed | Man Matters

Yoga is considered beneficial for the overall sexual health of men. It helps increase sexual desire, sexual performance, satisfaction through sexual intercourse and erection quality. Yoga also helps men have better control over ejaculation. Studies suggest that men who regularly perform yoga experience an improved sexual function score. There are different types of yoga for sexual health of men, which are effective in treating various sexual disorders.

How can Yoga Help in Improving Sexual Performance?

According to research, the following are a few ways through which yoga for sexual health of men is beneficial.

1. Enhances Physiological Mechanism

Yoga helps increase the overall physiological neural mechanism, positively impacting the male reproductive system. According to research, yoga reduces stress that helps improve prostate health. It is also beneficial in the treatment of mild erectile dysfunction.

2. Helps Regulate Hormones

Another way yoga helps improve sexual performance is by increasing the secretion of testosterone hormone in the body. Testosterone is the sex hormone that regulates sexual drive in men.

3. Improves Parasympathetic Stimulation

The parasympathetic nervous system helps the body store energy that can be utilised later for different purposes. It also regulates ejaculation. When the parasympathetic nerves are stimulated during sexual intercourse, the ejaculatory ducts contract, which causes the semen to come out from the penis. Therefore, it is important to improve the stimulation of parasympathetic nerves to have better control over ejaculation.

Yoga helps improve autonomic function in men and helps manage the stimulation of parasympathetic nerves. Therefore, yoga is beneficial in assisting in premature ejaculation.

4. Strengthens Pelvic Muscles

Practicing yoga daily is also beneficial for boosting stamina and flexibility. It strengthens the core and pelvic muscles, thus improving sexual performance in men.

5. Enhances Awareness

While doing pranayama and other yoga exercises, it is important to focus on breathing. It helps improve awareness and mindfulness, which leads to enhanced sensual experience. Therefore, men who practice yoga become more aware of their ejaculation time. It improves their ejaculation withdrawal and pauses activity during sexual intercourse.

Can Sex Power be Increased through Yoga?

The sacral chakra above the pubic bone is responsible for reproductivity and sexuality. The imbalance of the sacral chakra can cause a decrease in sexual drive and sex power. One can balance sacral chakra by practising meditation and various yoga poses like gomukhasana, paschimottanasana, dhanurasana, and bhujangasana.

Yoga for Long Lasting in Bed for Male

According to research, stress and anxiety in daily life lead to tightening of pelvic muscles. It is essential to stretch and relax your pelvic muscles to last longer in bed. You can try the following different yoga for long lasting in bed:

1. Pranayama

Pranayama or controlled breathing relaxes the body and helps reduce stress. This prevents the tightening of pelvic muscles.

2. Bending Yoga Poses

Practising forward and backward bend yoga poses like uttanasana, vajrasana, and paschimottanasana increase blood flow towards the pelvic region and improve flexibility.

3. Bandha

You can also try moola bandha yoga practice that requires you to contract or tighten the genitals to increase the time of ejaculation. It increases awareness in the genital region.

4. Yog Nidra

You can try yog nidra or chant 'Om' to release stress and relax your mind and body.

Yoga for Premature Ejaculation

According to research, yoga is widely recognised as an effective non-pharmacological treatment for premature ejaculation. The following are some types of yoga for premature ejaculation that you can try:-

A) Tantra Yoga:- It is considered the best form of yoga for enhancing sexual pleasure.

1. Kapalbhati

According to research, practising kapalbhati increases the ejaculation time. Rapid breathing exercise through the mouth during sex changes blood flow and delays orgasm.

2. Shavasana

You can also try Shavasana for delaying ejaculation. It requires you to lie down straight on your back with your legs and arms stretched. This is the corpse pose that helps the body relax and reduces stress.

B) Hatha Yoga:- This is another form of yoga that effectively treats premature ejaculation. Hatha yoga is inspired by Tantra Yoga. The  following are the different types of yoga asanas that you can try:

3. Vajrasana

Sitting yogasana like vajrasana also helps in treating premature ejaculation. You have to sit in a kneeling position with your back and shoulders straight to perform this yoga. Keep your arms on your knees and practice breathing. This pose strengthens lower back muscles and helps avoid premature ejaculation.

4. Bhujangasana

It is commonly called the cobra pose. You need to lay flat on your stomach and then lift your torso upwards by placing both palms on your side. This stretches your abdominal muscles and spine, which helps control ejaculation.

5. Paschimottanasana

It is a forward bend pose that opens hip muscles. You need to sit straight with your legs in front of you. Then, bend your waist and move forward, touching your toes. Your elbows should touch the grounds. Breathe slowly while doing this exercise.

6. Dhanurasana

This yogasana is commonly called the bow pose. It is an inverted posture that increases blood flow towards the pelvic region. You need to lie down on your stomach with legs and arms stretched. Then, slowly fold your knees and lift your legs in the air. Bring your legs slightly forward and hold them in the air with the help of your hands.

7. Gomukhasana

Also called the cow pose, gomukhasana increases blood flow towards the hernia and testis. How to do it? Sit with your legs stretched in front of you. Fold your right leg and place it on the left leg. You need to bend your knee to bring the right foot close to the left hip. Next, join your hands at the back.

8. Halasana

This is another inverted yoga pose that increases blood flow towards the pelvic region and strengthens the muscles. It is also called plough pose. You need to lie down straight on your back with your legs joined. Slowly bring your legs up, take them backwards and place them above your head. Research suggests that backward bending poses increase vitality and enhance mood.

9. Sarvanga Asana

Also called the shoulder pose, Sarvangasana helps manage premature ejaculation by strengthening abdominal muscles. This pose requires you to lift your entire body upwards, supported by your shoulders.

Yoga Poses for Erectile Dysfunction

A study suggests that 12 weeks of yoga practice improves erection quality in men. You can try the following yoga asanas for erectile dysfunction.

1. Naukasana

Also called the boat pose, naukasana is beneficial in activating testosterone and increasing sexual desire. This pose requires you to lie down flat on your back and slowly lift your chest in the air. Next, you have to raise your legs in the air. You have to support your body by your hips and place your hands on your thighs.

2. Kumbhakasana

This is the plank pose that helps build stamina. For this, you have to lie down on your stomach. Now, keep your feet joined and lift your body with the help of your hands and get into a plank position. Hold the position for 4-5 minutes and release the pose.

3. Uttanpadasana

The raised leg position stretches the hip muscles and increases blood flow. You have to lie down on your back and slowly lift your legs straight in the air while your upper body stays on the ground. Keep your feet in the air for 1-2 minutes and bring them down slowly. Repeat this a few times.

4. Ardha Ushtrasana

This yoga asana is commonly called the half camel pose. The easiest way to do this pose is to sit in the vajrasana pose and spread your legs slightly. You need to lift your chest by rising on your knees. Bring your left hand back to hold the right leg. The right arm will be stretched backwards in the air in a curved position. It stretches pelvic muscles. Avoid doing this pose if you have severe back pain.

5. Ardha Chandrasana

It is commonly called the half-moon pose. Stand with your legs apart. Then, you need to lift one leg horizontally. Support yourself with one leg and touch the ground with one palm.

Summing Up on Yoga for Sexual Health of Men

Yoga is one of the best natural ways to boost sexual health in men and manage sexual disorders. Inverted yoga poses improve blood flow towards the pelvic region and strengthen the muscles. Backward bending poses help you relax and enhance vitality. Practising yoga daily for 20-30 minutes can improve overall sexual health. You can also try yoga practices like pranayama to enhance sexual satisfaction, sexual performance, erection quality, and control ejaculation.


Can Yoga Cure Sexual Problems?

Yoga can not cure, but it can help manage sexual problems in men. It is considered a non-pharmacological treatment for sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Yoga increases blood flow towards the pelvic muscles and strengthens them. This improves the functioning of the reproductive system. Studies have suggested that yoga is effective in treating sexual disorders.

Which Yoga Can Increase Testosterone?

Hatha yoga asanas like dhanurasana, gomukhasana, halasana, and bhujangasana can help increase testosterone levels in men.

Which Yoga Is Best for Erection?

Yoga asanas like uttanpadasana, garudasana, naukasana, and kumbhakasana are best for treating mild erectile dysfunction.