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Rédénsyl Hair Growth Tonic (Vaish)

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GROW Hair Tonic contains Rédénsyl 3%, a breakthrough ingredient for hair growth. This hair growth tonic is the easiest and safest method for you to control hair loss and regrow your lost hair. Rédénsyl hair tonic contains Biotin, an essential vitamin that nourishes your hair, Saw Palmetto, a DHT Blocker, and Rosemary required for healthy hair growth.
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Rédénsyl 3%
Rédénsyl is the newest breakthrough ingredient to regrow your lost hair
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Saw Palmetto
Blocks DHT forming enzymes that shrink hair follicles and contribute to male pattern baldness
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This vitamin promotes hair regrowth, thickness and shine

How it's used ?

Got Questions ?

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How long must I use this product to see results?

What are the side effects of rédénsyl hair tonic?

For best results, what can I use along with Rédénsyl hair tonic?

Who can use Rédénsyl hair tonic?

How often should I use Rédénsyl hair tonic?

Can 3% Rédénsyl promote hair growth in case of androgenic alopecia?

What is Rédénsyl?

Is rédénsyl hair growth tonic better than rédénsyl hair oil?

If I stop using Rédénsyl Hair tonic, will I lose my hair?

Are 3% Rédénsyl products safe to use?

Is it necessary to wash off Rédénsyl Hair Tonic after application?

How long should I apply Rédénsyl Hair Tonic for?

The Science Of Hair

Anagen Phase
Telogen Phase
Hair cells divide rapidly thus creating new hair growth. It lasts for 3-5 years.

What Complements This Product


Healthy diet

Opting for fruits and green leafy vegetables that are rich in Omega 3 and proteins will keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Personal hygiene

Wash your pillow covers frequently and avoid sharing your hairbrush. Both avoid harmful bacteria.


Since stress aggravates and worsens hair fall, exercise or indulge in activities that keep you calm.


Here’s what our product doesn't do

Give results overnight

Our GROW Hair tonic works best over 8-12 weeks. It will give you results when you give it diligence.

Replace your hair care regimen

GROW promotes healthy hair growth. You still need to clean, oil & condition your hair.

Drive out bad hair days

Hair loss might become history but bad hair days never escape anyone.

Boost your confidence

GROW might get you compliments on how your hair looks, but true confidence comes from within.
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