Dandruff Fighting Power Kit | 1x Keto Lotion + 1x Keto Shampoo

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Your search for the most efficient Anti-Dandruff duo ends here. Doctor recommended power products which helps combat severe dandruff.
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2% Ketoconazole
This shampoo and lotion have 2% concentration of the most effective antifungal agent - Ketoconazole

Why this works

High contact time
Part of a regimen
Easy to use
The way to use this lotion is to leave it overnight before washing it off in the morning. Leaving it overnight increases the contact time of lotion with your scalp, making it an effective and expeditious solution.

How does this combo work?


2-step solution

The lotion treats your scalp and does away with dandruff while the shampoo cleanses away visible flakes. When used together, they give a tough fight to dandruff-causing bacteria giving you smooth, silky and flake-free hair.

How does the lotion work?

When topically applied, it treats the scalp and does away with dandruff causing bacteria. The high-contact time allows the treatment to work effectively.

How does the shampoo work?

Antifungal shampoo helps in clearing the scalp of lotion residue and dandruff particles. It also helps prevent reoccurance.

Flake-free, healthy hair

When used 2-3 times a week, it gives you scratch-free, dandruff-free and healthy hair.

When do you know you need this?

Our formula is a safe and effective treatment for dandruff on scalp. But how do you know if this is the product for you?

If you've tried a variety of treatments for dandruff and nothing seems to work.

If you've only found products that temporarily get rid of your dandruff instead of permanently eliminating it.

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