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Keep your intimate area free of infections, sweat, odor, and chafing!

Clotrimazole Intimate Powder

Co-created with Doctors
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We all know how much sweat and grime builds up in our intimate areas during the day! Our Intimate Powder fights bacterial infection, chafing, sweat and odor. All this to keep you fresh all-day long!
How it Works
Filled with potent antifungal agent like clotrimazole, it helps fight common bacterial infections gently.
This powder masks sweat. This helps the skin become fresh and masks odour caused by heavy sweating. All this to keep your skin odor-free and sweat-free.
Chafing on thighs is caused by constant friction and sweat which is caused by walking or running. This powder contains chamomile and zinc which helps control chafing and keeps your skin smooth.
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Clotrimazole Intimate Powder
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1% Clotrimazole
Effective antimicrobial substance that ensures your intimate area is bacteria free.
4% Zinc oxide
An anti inflammatory agent that ensures you don't feel the need to scratch your intimate areas. It also works effectively to help reduce odor causing bacteria by minimizing the growth of new bacteria.
This soothing agent calms down irritated and inflamed skin, conceals sweat and keeps you odour-free.
Talc Free
Asbestos Free
Dermatologically Tested
Suits all skin type
Gentle on sensitive skin
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Why this powder?
Our powder is made to keep you fresh all the time, midst all your activities. This is why you need this powder:
If you're constantly feeling sweaty and moist in your intimate areas.
If you are prone to chafing and your thighs often rub against each other.
If your intimate area smells bad.
If you are prone to bacterial and fungal infection in your intimate area.
Sounds like you? Then you definitely need this powder!
How to Use
Step 1
Clean and pat dry the intimate area with water or Man Matters SWASH Intimate Wash.
Step 2
Apply on intimate area/affected area or as directed by physician.
Why choose Man Matters?
Free Doctor Consultation
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Stay fresh at all times
Man Matters Intimate Powder is a daily use powder that keeps your intimate areas fresh and clean throughout the day
We’ve just made it super easy for you now to commit to better hygiene.

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Best With
Proper hygiene
Protect your intimate area from the infections by keeping it clean. For better hygeine experience, you can try Man Matters SWASH Intimate Wash.
Breathable undergarments
Undergarments which are made from unbreatheable and harsh fabrics tend to cause more sweat. To combat this, try Man Matters SAPIEN Innerwear.
Here's What this powder doesn't do
Won't stop fungal infections
While this powder fights existing infections, it won't stop fungal infections from coming back. If you have recurring infections, visit a doctor at the earliest.
Replace your hygiene routine
This powder does help keep the area dry but doesn't replace the need of keeping your intimate area clean. Use Man Matters SWASH Intimate Wipes to give you the ultimate hygeine experience!
Got Questions?
Its normal to be curious, we will answer your doubts comprehensively here, for everything else we are just a Whatsapp message away.
Clotrimazole Intimate Powder
No, you should not use any cream or lotion on the same area immediately after application of this powder. You can do so after 15 minutes.
This product has been engineered with a unique talc-free formulation. Talc based powder may have skin-harming ingredients.
This powder contains Clotrimazole as the main ingredient. It is the antifungal agent in the powder, which has the therapeutic activity of stopping the fungal infection.
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Keep your intimate area free of infections, sweat, odor, and chafing!
Clotrimazole Intimate Powder
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