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Dark Circle Removal with Niacinamide

Dark Circle Under Eye Cream for Men

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Are you looking for a dark circle removal cream? Man Matters Under Eye Cream is the perfect remedy to remove dark circles. Dark circles have become increasingly common due to lack of sleep, increased screen time, and much more. Our dark circle cream helps tackle these under eye wrinkles and dark circles so that your eyes look fresher daily
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Why this works
Man Matters Under Eye Cream is a mix of melanin blockers like niacinamide and retinol which seep into the skin and reduce melanin production. Melanin is a hormone that leads to darker skin. Thus, a reduction in melanin production helps to remove dark circles
When you smile, the area around your eye wrinkles a little, it is popularly known as smile lines but these can become permanent with age. With a mix of anti-aging agents like niacinamide and bio retinol, the Under Eye Cream helps to tighten the skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines, and reduce wrinkles under the eyes
Dark skin is often a sign of dehydrated skin. Kakadu plum in this dark circle removal cream replenishes skin from within and improves texture resulting in plump and smooth skin.
2% Bio Retinol
Bio Retinol for eyes is a natural complex, a potent anti-aging agent which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles.
2% Kakadu Plum
Man Matters Under Eye Cream is enriched with Kakadu Plum which is a native extract packed with natural hydrators, it helps refine skin texture resulting in smooth skin.
1% Niacinamide
A known brightener and anti-aging agent in this Under Eye Cream, Niacinamide tightens skin and reduces the appearance of crow's feet.
Paraben Free
Fragrance Free
Co-created by Dermatologists
Cruelty Free
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Suitable for all skin types
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A Man Matters Customer
Quick Delivery

Hi. I ordered this product on 29th and it got delivered yesterday only. Have started using it. It's quite unique as it doesn't involve your fingers to spread. Just use the roller. Hoping to see results, and i think it might make a difference because it really effects on your skin when using it. Have used various other products for dark eyes but never had that sensation. Fingers crossed.

Chirag A.
India India
Always Trustable products

I have been using man matters products since almost a year now. And now have subscribed to many products. I got to try this product before launch. Although dark circles weren't very prominent for me. Using this product daily for 15-20 days made the dark circles fade away. Along with also sleeping properly and slightly reduced screen time. Great product and thank you for sending me to try it

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When do you know you need this?
Our dark circle cream is a safe and effective formula to fade dark circles and give your face a refreshing and rejuvenating look. But how do you know this product is for you?
Use our dark circle removal cream if you have deepening, dark eye bags which are defining your face.
Our Under Eye Cream is beneficial if you're seeing fine line and wrinkles around your eyes.
Your eyes look dehydrated and tired, this Man Matters Under Eye Cream is for you!
Here's how our Under Eye Cream would help in giving your face a rejuvenating look and help remove dark circles
Melanin Blocker
Dark eye bags dull your complete face. Potent melanin blockers like niacinamide and bio retinol for eyes, reduce dark circles and brighten up your under eye area. These key ingredients in the dark circle removal cream block melanin production - a hormone responsible for darkening of skin.
Potent anti-ageing ingredients
Filled with anti-aging agents like bio retinol and niacinamide, it slows down signs of aging and helps diminish the existing fine lines and reduce wrinkles under the eyes.
Quick absorption
This lightweight formula in the Under Eye Cream syncs well with your routine and doesn't feel heavy on the eyes. It also enables the cream to seep in quickly and give you an oil-free look.
Best with
While our cream would help you to reach your goal of brighter under-eye, you need to follow it up with these things:
Healthy sleeping schedule
Nothing would work if you don't get a good night's sleep. A healthy sleep schedule not only relaxes your mind but also helps in faster skin regeneration essential for a healthy skin.
Proper diet
What you eat, shows! This is essentially true in skincare too. Dark under eyes are essentially a sign of dehydration, deficiency of iron and essential vitamins. So eat your greens for healthy, sip your drinks for glowing skin.
Follow a skincare routine
Under eye bags are also a sign of poor skin care. It's best to cleanse your skin thoroughly and nourish it serums and moisturisers. A happy skin = a happy you!
Once applied regularly along with a proper sleep and diet, here's what to expect of this Under Eye Cream:
Week 04: Boosts skin hydration
This lightweight Under Eye Cream has kakadu plum and natural vitamin E in the formula which is a potent hydrator. With regular use, it seeps deep into the epidermis and replenishes moisture making skin plump.
Week 06: Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
The anti-aging agents like niacinamide and bio retinol for eyes help boost collagen production which tightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles making skin more youthful and refreshed.
Week 08: Fading of pigmentation
This Under Eye Cream contains brightening agents like bio retinol and niacinamide which block melanin production helps to rejuvenate skin and reduce dark circles.
How to use
Step 1:
Pump the bottle once to dispense the cream.
Step 2:
Massage the under eye area with the cooling roller.
Step 3:
For best results, use it at night before going to sleep.
Why choose Man Matters?
Free Doctor Consultation
The wellness ecosystem is broken and we intend to fix that. We believe that expert doctor advice and consult shouldn't be so hard, our expert dermatologists are always there to help you and give their advice.
We get you
Talking about personal health is hard. Often embarrassing. We get that. So we took ‘matters’ into our own hands; and created a place for all matters of man. Hair, skin, weight, sleep, performance and much more. We get you, and we get what matters to you.
Expert Backed Solutions
With so many unreliable sources and searches, it's hard to decide whom to trust. Our solutions are trusted by experts, and are backed by science. We believe that wellness has a science behind it and we want to make it more accessible.
Extended Care & Follow-ups
Wellness is an actively pursued goal of being in a state of good health. We believe that compliance and discipline matter if you want to move towards wellbeing, and we get that it's not easy. We are here to handhold you and help you on this journey.
Commit to better skin today
Rejuv Under Eye Cream typically show effect in your dark circles fading away in 3-4 months
We’ve just made it super easy for you now to commit to better skin.

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REJUV Under Eye Cream
No, under eye creams only work with regular and religious use. For best results, use daily.
We'll highly recommend using a face moisturiser and serum. This not only would help with overall skin health but also help in diminishing under eye bags.
Man Matters REJUV Under Eye Cream is co-created by Dermatologists. It is meant be safe for all skin types. If you think your skin is very sensitive, we'd suggest doing a patch test before use.
We'd suggest using this product on a cleansed face before applying a moisturiser and after applying a serum.
Yes. Our Under Eye cream is suitable for all skin types
You should use the Under Eye Cream regularly for minimum 4 weeks to feel any difference. Continuous use for 8 weeks will show visible results.
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Dark Circle Removal with Niacinamide
Dark Circle Under Eye Cream for Men
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