Strength Gain Combo

Strength Gain Combo

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► Safe Beginner Friendly Pre Workout

80 mg of 100% natural caffeine which gives explosive energy without any side effects.

L-carnitine and L-tartrate in these gummies help reduce muscle soreness and recovery post workouts.

2.2 mcg of Vitamin B12 help improve metabolism and help enhance fat loss.Be ready in 10 mins!

Safe formulation designed for intense energy, maximum focus, amplified pumps, explosive power, support cognitive function, expand muscle endurance and help delay fatigue.

60 Gummies | No side effects | 100% Safe Formulation
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Gives Good Boost Of Energy

It gives excellent boost and energy to your body before workout, I liked the taste. Thanks for bringing this product in the market
Saurav Sverified mark



Don't feel tired anymore in the gym now

Showing up at the Gym used to be as task after a long day. I found about Pre Workout Gummies and got hooked to them. They give me instant boost and make my workouts last longer. They are my absolute favourite now. I love the taste, and the results have been great.
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Question & Answers

Safe and Effective


Gluten Free


Gelatin Free


Trans Fat Free


Preservative Free


Soy Free


Artificial Flavor Free


Artificial Colour Free


100% Vegetarian and Vegan


Certified by Nutritionists

How does it do it

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Natural Caffeine
Coffee is a gym-goer's best friend, but synthetic coffee can soon become a villain! Too much coffee or synthetic coffee can cause jitters, insomnia or indigestion
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L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative and nitric oxide booster
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Shudh Shilajit (200mg)
Shilajit is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine sourced from the higher altitudes of the Himalayan mountains

How to use

What does the kit do

Improved energy and alertnessStep 1

Improved energy and alertness

2 gummies = 1 shot of espresso Sugary drinks or synthetic caffeine give you a boost that extends longer than needed and doesn't let you recover. Man Matters Pre-Workout Gummies contain 80 mg of natural caffeine. It redirects your brain, enabling you to have extra focus, stamina and energy during your workouts. A perfect pick-me-up when you feel you are too tired for a workout (We mean, is that even a thing?)
Promotes metabolismStep 2

Promotes metabolism

These gummies contain 2.2 mcg of Vitamin B12, which help boost this process. Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to an increase in body fat percentage in your body.
Faster muscle recoveryStep 3

Faster muscle recovery

While working out, muscles use up amino acids which causes muscle soreness. Consuming through a pre-workout gummy helps reduce muscle soreness by pumping in amino acids in the muscles, relieving muscle soreness.
Longer Workout SessionsStep 4

Longer Workout Sessions

These gummies contain 100 mg RDA-free L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate adds extra doses of amino acids and acts as a nitric oxide booster, replenishing the amino acids you lose while working out.
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Are these gummies gluten free?

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Are these gummies gelatin free?

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What it won't do

Doesn't give unfathomable energy

All good things take time, as does our Ashwagandha gummies. It helps improve health bit by bit everyday.

Replace Your Diet

Intake of healthy nutritional food is crucial for weight loss.

Transform You Overnight

All good things take time, as does our Ashwagandha gummies. It helps improve health bit by bit everyday.

Help You Avoid The Treadmill

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health.

Make You Popular

People who truly matter don't care about how you look.

how to use

Have 2 Pre-Workout Gummies 10 minutes before you start your workout
Post-workout, mix the protein powder in water and shake vigorously before consumption.
Take 2 TOSTERO Capsules. Either first thing in the morning or in between your meals.

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