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Active Fungal Control

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Powerful combination of our revolutionary SAPIEN inner wear with silver nano technology and SWASH Intimate Wash. SAPIEN is anti-microbial, anti-fungal preventing infections and rashes. SWASH is specially designed for the Intimate area of men with a pH balanced formulation that gently yet effectively cleans the intimate area. This combo will give active protection from sweat, infections and unwanted odour in the intimate area.
This hygiene wash for men kills the harmful bacteria and keeps your intimate area fresh all day long. It relieves the genital area from skin inflammation, and its sensitive foam cleanses thoroughly. It is a pH balancing foaming soap for your private part that makes it more comfortable and easier for you to go through your day.
Man’s life has changed a lot, but not his underwear. We wanted to change that- with SAPIEN. An evolved line of innerwear that combines silver nano-tech & cutting-edge materials like micro-modal to provide comfort, hygiene, and style. This means lesser chances of infections & rashes. Say hello to a whole new class of innerwear with SAPIEN.
Thoughtfully chosen ingredients to give you the best invigorating feel and cleanse
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera moisturises the skin and leaves a cooling sensation.


Tea Tree
Tea Tree Defends against rashes and redness.


Olive Oil
Works like an energy drink. Hydrates the skin and strengthens tissues.


Heals redness and blemishes, and protects from free radical damage. No wonder it’s also known as the ‘Water of Youth’.


Paraben Free
Neutral pH-Balanced
SLS Free
Anti Itch
Anti Odor
Anti Bacterial
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Ratings & Reviews
5 Very Helpful
My days have always been stressful and I have always gone towards ordering desserts. This started showing on my body. The stress definately wasn't getting less but I had to find an alternative to fattening sweets. I saw this product through an advertisment and the mix of Ayurveda and chocolate was unique! I love these tasty snacks and knowing that is it good for my body, I'm on my 3rd box and I'm loving it!
Amir Sohail Sachdev
0 0
5 Loved the chocolate and its beneficial
I am always into exploring natural ways of improving stamina and food is one of them. Chocolate is a famous aphrodisiac but it's also fattening. When I came across these chocolates, the fact that it was Ayurvedic and had chocolate had me stunned. Upon trying this regularly, I got to know that it is not only does what it says, but also tastes pretty good! Can't wait to finish another box.
Tanay Prasad Mehta
0 0
5 Keeps me energised
I'm someone who is able to crunch in very less exercise and loses energy very quickly. I didn't to have any pills and the natural options were just hard to make and not that great to taste. Enter these chocolates, I just pop one and it acts like a dessert plus has highly helped my energy levels!
Pranay Gara
0 0
5 Effective Product
I'm on a strict diet but I love chocolates, while energy bars were an good option, this was only one of the chocolate which are Ayurvedic in nature. Once tried, I couldn't just stop. After a month, it improved my energy at the gym and I didn't feel 'oh-so-tired' afterwards.
Arun Chakraborty
0 0
5 Good Product
Like smoothness and softness of fabric. Good elasticity and overall good fabric.
Sirish Pratap Anand
0 0
4 Using Man Matters Products Since Long Time Now
Good quality
Bishnu Raj Apte
0 0
4 Good Products
Intiamte wash is amazing and underwear is good too
Umar Ram
0 0
5 Fitting Is Comfortable
It's as per the expectation and is great
Jack Singh Reddy
0 0
5 Good Fitting
Very cool underwear good for testicle especially in summer as it doesn't allow them to hang.but if it's to hot and you go outside and sweat it will start smelling.
Wafa Panchal
0 0
4 Amazing Products
Comfort fit
Ajay Pratap Ramakrishnan
0 0
5 Value For Money
Perfect fit as per the size chart. The fabric is smooth. Elastic tight enough to hold on to your waist.
Mitesh Baral
0 0
5 Good Investment
Fitting as described and as expected, its worth the price,
Srinivasan Kibe
0 0
4 Good Product
Good quality
Chinmay Raj Rattan
0 0
4 Amazin Product
Comfort fit
Virat Gaurav Ghosh
0 0
5 Worth The Money
They are of very good quality and comfort
Jawahar Prabhat Ben
0 0
5 Better Than Jockey And CK
Excellent product, right fit and right colour delivered.
Elias Dugar
0 0
4 Had Itching Problem Feel Better In This
Love it!!
Umesh Ram Ghosh
0 0
4 Best Intimate Wash
Good quality
Chirag Raj Ramnarine
0 0
5 Better Than Jockey Any Day
Good quality products, soft & comfortable. Valu for money
Qabeel Prasad Halder
0 0
5 Love It
Good quality, soft even after wash, nice fit.
Amrit Prabhakar
0 0
Questions & Answers
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Why Intimate Wash?
On average, men tend to sweat more. And if left unwashed, the odour, the itchiness and sometimes even the infections can spoil the fun. That’s where our SWASH comes in.
Made for men, with love. Contrary to popular belief, men are sensitive; and their privates, even more so. That is why SWASH is designed to provide the most gentle yet effective cleansing.
Using a normal soap or body wash, can easily dry up the skin. SWASH is specially designed for the intimate areas and provides good care of the region without making them dry and itchy afterwards.
SAPIEN adapts to any situation
Get comfortable at work
Take it for a swim
Include it in your travel baggage
Must-have for play-time
What difference does it make?
Normal Innerwear
Made of simple cotton material.
No antibacterial properties
Silver-nano-treated for antibacterial action
3X more hygienic
Absorbs sweat but retains it.
Causing odor
Made with moisture-wicking Micro-modal fabric.
3X more breathable
Gets rougher with use & irritates skin
Micro-modal is skin-friendly
3X more softer
Waistband digs into skin, leaving marks
Micro-nylon waistband for a gentle, no-marks fit
Uses a lot of water while washing
Has a thinner fabric & uses less water per wash
(Because the wellness of the environment also matters)
A ‘brief’ look at the science
Silver Nano Treated
Silver-nano-treated cloth has proven to reduce bacteria buildup by 85-94%.
Read more
Micro Modal Fabric
Micro-modal fabric absorbs 50% more water than regular cotton.
Read more
While having a bath
Take a few dabs of the rich foam onto the palm.

Apply on the intimate area and massage gently.

Leave on for 25-35 seconds.

Then rinse it off and you’re done.
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Here's what our kit doesn't do
Become a One time solution
Intimate hygiene can be improved if made into a habit and used regularly, just like bathing.
Replace your laundry
It is important to still keep doing laundry at the same pace as always.
Find true love
We can only make you feel more fresh and confident through out the day. Use that power wisely.
Make you very popular
People who truly matter wont care about how you look. They will care about how you smell though, so maybe a little popular.
Got Questions?
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Most soaps and body washes for men have a pH level of 8 -9 which is alkaline in nature and dries up the skin around the intimate area for men. Dry skin results in itching around the groin area, which can result in jock itch or other infections.

The Intimate Wash for men by Man Matters is designed to control the pH level of the intimate area in men at 3.7, such that it is ideal for men's intimate hygiene. It will reduce discomfort and remove infections.
Yes, you can use this daily as it is very gentle on your skin.
Intimate Wash for men is used to prevent infections and itching, but is not a medication to treat or cure existing infections. In case of Jock itch, consult a doctor or physician immediately for the best treatment.
Yes. The Tea tree oil in the Intimate wash for men ensures that there will not be bad odour in your intimate area. Bad odor usually signifies unhealthy intimate hygiene.
Man Matter's Intimate wash has been formulated using very selective ingredients that are meant to be gentle and does not cause irritation. Therefore, there are usually no side effects that are known to be prominent.

If you do have a history of skin allergies, you may want to do a patch test before using the intimate wash to stay on the safe side.
Men and women have different requirements in their intimate regions for optimial hygiene. Intimate washes designed for women, such as V Wash, contain lactic acid as the active ingredient, while the focus on men's intimate wash is to maintain the right pH levels to avoid microbial and fungal infections and bad odor.
We've created a helpful size guide just for you! Check it out here.
You can choose either based on your comfort. If you're someone who prefers wearing underwear that's a little longer, then Trunks are for you.
Unfortunately, no. Once the product is dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.
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Active Fungal Control
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