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Why supplement for nutrition?
Optimum Development
It's hard to get essential nutrients like proteins and amino acids through our daily diet - over 70% of men in India don't get enough protein daily, for example. This is especially true when we have increased needs for these nutrients, such as following an exercise routine or under stress. Getting easily absorbable nutrients consistently is key to making sustainable progress with our fitness goals.
Solving Deficiencies
Most Indian men have vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to a lack of exercise and nutrition. Vitamins like D and B12 are vital for maintaining optimum health, immunity and brain function. It's essential to identify and address these deficiencies early on so that your body has the fundamental required for improving health in place.
Increasing Longevity
When we're surrounded by an increasing amount of bodily stressors - such as free radicals due to pollution and increased workloads, our body ages faster than what is ideal. For slowing down the natural ageing process, it's important to consistently follow a rounded diet that nourishes the body and provides it with the trace minerals and antioxidants required to maintain peak performance.
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Essential Nutrition
Muscle Development
We’ve got answers
Taking Man Matters Supplements is a healthy choice; just like exercising daily and consistently is essential for better health, we'd recommend making these supplements a part of your lifestyle.
Each body is made differently and thus reacts differently to things. For most people, these supplements won't cause any reaction. If you experience issues, please get in touch with a professional and until you resolve the issue, discontinue use.
With the recent shift in people's choices to go Vegan and Vegetarian - our products are free from Gluten and Gelatin. This makes our formulas 100% Vegetarian and Vegan. Suitable for all kinds of diet.
Our supplements are FSSAI-approved and are made keeping in mind the permissible limit, i.e. the daily consumption limit. Until you use the product as recommended, you shouldn't face any problems.
We'd recommend booking a Doctor's Consultation to know which product do you need the most.
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