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Fact: 38% people reported unintentionally falling asleep during the day.
We don’t realize when sleep deprivation affects every other aspect of our life. We think of it as 'only one sleepless night' and unknowingly, it becomes a series of sleepless nights.
Take care of that one sleepless night before it becomes several sleepless nights.
Fact: 3-5% of obesity in adults could be caused by lack of sleep.
The root cause of poor sleep is an unhealthy lifestyle.
A bedtime routine like drinking caffeine-free tea signals your body to transition into a state of sleep.
Fact: Continued stress and anxiety increase the risk of mental illnesses.
The ‘Sleep Culture’ is changing. People lose sleep to stress, anxiety, a busy day, too much energy at the end of the day, etc.
Ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, and lavender induce sleep naturally.
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Here’s what our products can’t do
Make you successful
By regulating your sleep cycle, you will have energy to take on the day. You still need to work hard and take risks to be successful.
Vanish dark circles
Though dark circles are a consequence of lack of sleep, they are also caused by overexposure to the sun.
Turn you into a sloth
These regimens won't make you lazy or groggy. It will naturally calm your body so you sleep better.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some tips on sleeping well at night:
1) Go to sleep at the same time every night.
2) Have a sleep tea or any calming tea before going to bed.
3) Put away all digital devices at least an hour before sleeping.
Sleep apnea is a medical condition that will require a doctor to consult you. Sleep Apnea is not necessarily the same as snoring, it's a condition where breathing gets obstructed during sleep and snoring is only a symptom of it. It's important to speak to a doctor immediately if you feel you may have sleep apnea.
One of the most effective ways to stop snoring is raising your head at an higher angle with the help of a pillow. There are also nasal strips available that will help you breathe better and snore less when you sleep. For a full understanding of how you can sleep better, it's important to consult a doctor who can evaluate why you are snoring before prescribing you a solution.
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